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  • Top 10 Best Jules Jordan Videos of 2015 So Far

    Today we turn the Blog’s premature Best of 2015 coverage to its most hardcore setting by counting down the Top 10 Best Jules Jordan Videos of 2015 So Far.

    These porn videos are not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like hard anal drillings, creampies and multiple cocks in a scene, then this ain’t for you. But if you think you can handle the best hardcore sex the internet has to offer, then prepare to be dazzled by the hardcore stylings of Jules Jordan.

    If you like what you see, head over to and treat yourself to unlimited access with a membership of your very own!

    10. Latina Isabella De Santos’ Big Wet Ass Gets Penetrated

    Isabella De Santos is one sexy Latina. We love her in everything she’s in. That said, seeing her big ass get oiled up for a rough anal fuck is our favorite thing to see Isabella in.

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  • Watch The Trailer For “Jesse: Alpha Female” Now!

    When Jules Jordan Video announced they had signed Jesse (formerly known as Jesse Jane) to an exclusive contract, we were stunned. We fully expect Jesse to retire from porn, not get even more hardcore. Not that we’re complaining.

    The trailer for Jesse’s Jules Jordan debut Jesse: Alpha Female was released today and we’re super excited to see that we were right in predicting that Jesse would be badder than ever before. But mostly, we’re super excited to see Jesse dominating big cocks and hot chicks and retake her seat on the Queen of Porn throne.

    Watch the 8 minutes (!!!) trailer for Jesse: Alpha Female courtesy of Jules Jordan below and get hyped.  Continue Reading

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  • What Would Your Favorite Pornstars Do If They Weren’t Doing Porn?

    Do you ever reminisce about the past and wonder what life would had been like if you didn’t fail math in high school, which subsequently led you to dropping out and getting a career in the porn industry?  Continue Reading

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  • What Signing with Jules Jordan Could Mean for Jesse Jane’s Career

    As we reported yesterday, the pornstar formerly known as Jesse Jane (now just Jesse) has signed an exclusive performance contract with Jules Jordan Video.

    While that guarantees at least 16 Jules Jordan porn movies starring Jesse Jane Jesse I found myself thinking about the larger implications for this next stage of Jesse Jane Jesse’s career.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Formerly Known as Jesse Jane Signs with Jules Jordan

    Adult superstar Jesse, previously known as Jesse Jane, has signed an exclusive performance contract with Jules Jordan Video. Under the two-year exclusive deal, Jesse will perform in eight movies per year for the studio, the first of which will released in February.  Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Pornstars Who Can Get You Off Only With Dirty Talk

    Before we get to this list of Pornstars Who Can Get You Off Only With Dirty Talk, I’d like to start with a mini-sex tip.


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  • Nerdy Jesse Jane Dresses Up And Strips Down

    You know what really bothers me? How some girls think it’s cute to slap on a pair of thick glasses and all of a sudden become nerds. Sorry babes, though you do look great in those thick glasses, you’re not a nerd. To be a nerd you need to be able to tell me what quadrant of space the crew of the USS Voyager gets lost in in Star Trek: Voyager.

    However, hot girls pretending to be nerds isn’t nearly as bad as the hot girls that pretend to love nerds. I think comedian Chelsea Peretti said it best when she said:

    chelsea peretti hot

    Yes babes, the handsome guy that used to read comics as a teenager is not a nerd. That handsome guy with an astigmatism is not a nerd, he just wears corrective lenses.

    But in spite of this nuisance, there are some babes that always get a pass. Actions, outfits, labels, doesn’t matter. Whatever they do, we can’t complain about it because it’s touches us on such an erotic level that we can’t even be bothered by it.

    That’s why when Jesse Jane puts on some glasses and declares herself a nerd, it’s really not that bad because IT’S JESSE-FUCKING-JANE.

    If you like girls that pretend to be sexy nerds or you just like blondes with big tits or you’re just a diehard Jesse Jane fan, you’re going to like STRIPLV‘s latest offering.

    STRIPLV presents: Jesse Jane, Nerd.

    Jesse Jane – Nerd from Santodonato on Vimeo.

    Rumor has it that Jesse Jane won’t be doing porn once her Digital Playground contract is up. And while I hope that’s not true for the sake of her loyal fans around the world, y’all better start appreciating this bombshell of a babe while you have the chance!

    …even though she’s not technically a nerd…

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  • Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker Get Sexy On A Beach

    Sometimes, good things just happen for absolutely no reason at all.

    Take these photos for example. Here we have the gorgeous and big breasted Leanna Decker, whom you know as Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Year 2012 (or more likely that hot red hot all over because no one in their right mind would never pass up an opportunity to pin pictures of a hottie like Leanna Decker) with adult superstar Jesse Jane (whom you definitely know already).

    For whatever reason, these two busty beauties decided to spend a day at the beach together. Were they doing anything besides realizing the sexual fantasies of millions? I know personally, I’ve always wanted to see these two together but I never thought I’d see the day.

    If they aren’t dating (which would really be the ideal scenario), I hope that the reason Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker decided to spend a topless day at the beach together was not just a one-time realization of our sexual fantasies but an effort by Jesse to pass the torch to Leanna Decker.

    The reigning Queen of Porn just happens to be hanging out on a beach with a nude model that is universally loved by all that have seen her?

    Here’s what I imagine went down in between pictures:

    JESSE JANE: “You know, nude modelling is cool and all but if you really want to hit the big time you should really consider trying porn.”

    LEANNA DECKER: “Do you think I could make it as a pornstar?”

    JESSE JANE: “No doubt about it. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Now let’s press our boobs together so that I can give you some of my power.”

    We can dream, can’t we?

    Anyways, that’s enough rambling. Time to check out Leanna Decker and Jesse Jane on the beach:

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Now that’s hot.

    So what do you guys think? Would you want to see Leanna Decker do hardcore porn or stick to glamor modelling?

    Thanks for voting! Now enjoy this video that illustrates the immense sex appeal of Leanna Decker:

    Killer (Model: Leanna Decker) from Jose Luis on Vimeo.

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  • What Gets Jesse Jane Off?


    Jesse Jane

    You’ve probably seen Jesse Jane “orgasm” hundreds of times already in her porn movies but I have bad news for you…in approximately 100% of her porn movies, she’s faking it.

    It’s easy to forget that pornstars are actually acting in their movies because once you see boobs nothing else matters.

    I’m sorry that I had to fuck with your perceptions of orgasms in porn movies. Would showing you what really gets Jesse Jane off make it up to you?

    I certainly hope so because Matt Blum was able to capture what gets Jesse Jane off. Why not watch it?

    Ah the old switcheroo.

    Jesse Jane, we’re the perverts? You’re the one with a full-blown mustard fetish.

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  • CNBC’s Dirty Dozen 2013


    “Dirty Dozen” is a lazy and overused alliteration

    Every year CNBC compiles a list of their Top 12 favorite pornstars.

    Well, not exactly. They make a list of the Top 12 pornstars with the most Xbiz and AVN award nominations to determine who are currently the biggest stars. CNBC feels that though these nominations are an acknowledgement of on-screen performances, they also reflect the strongest drawing power in the industry.

    Is that true? Maybe. I think it’s more likely that reporting on financial markets 24/7 is so boring and frustrating that they need to watch porn to blow off steam. And when you’re watching a lot of porn, why not write about it? That’s how I feel at least because I’m paid to do both.

    Regardless of how CNBC determines the best pornstars of the year, this year they definitely made some great picks.

    Are you ready to see the CNBC’s Top 12 pornstars of 2013?  Continue Reading

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  • Jesse Jane Can’t Resist Licking The Lollipop



    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen Jesse Jane star in a porn movie.

    Ye of little faith may have thought that the reigning Queen of Porn had turned her back on the business, but thank goodness she hadn’t because we wouldn’t have this super hot new movie from Digital Playground, Lollipop.

    In Lollipop, Jesse Jane plays a master of manipulation who uses her flawless body and animalistic sex appeal to absolutely destroy an innocent man. It truly is the role Jesse Jane was born to play!  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Jesse Jane GIFs


    Jesse Jane

    Digital Playground contract star Jesse Jane has just surpassed 1 million Likes on her official Facebook page.

    That’s a pretty incredible milestone for Jesse Jane to pass considering how much Facebook hates anything porn and sex related. As far as anyone can tell, this is the first time anyone affiliated with adult industry has surpassed 1 million Likes on Facebook.

    “I am so grateful to all my fans for their ongoing support and love,” said Jane who joined Facebook in August 2010. “Facebook provides a wonderful way for me to share my life experiences with them, and whether its feedback on a project or an appearance or even just a simple shout out, I value that connection.”

    To commemorate this tremendous achievement, we’re celebrating with the Top 10 Jesse Jane Porn GIFs! Are you ready to see why more than 1 million people like Jesse Jane? The answer is in these 10 GIFs:  Continue Reading

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  • Have Sex With Joanna Angel…


    Joanna Angel

    GREAT NEWS! You can now have sex with Joanna Angel!

    Ermm…Sorry…That’s not entirely true. You can now have sex with a replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy because Fleshlight just announced that she is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Continue Reading

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  • Busty Blonde Riley Steele is About To Break-Out

    Riley Steele Axel Braun

    Riley Steele in her new Axel Braun Productions top

    Former Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele has signed an exclusive two-year deal with Axel Braun Productions. What does that mean for Riley Steele? Continue Reading

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  • Stoya On The Cover of The Village Voice

    Stoya Village Voice


    There are approximately 4,251,715 women in New York City, but I’m inclined to agree with The Village Voice that Stoya is the prettiest girl in New York.  Continue Reading

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  • Plot-lines in Porn Movies

    Jack Horner films are the pornos with the best stories

    Jack Horner films are the pornos with the best stories

    South Africa’s TopTV is desperately trying to get three pay TV adult channels off the ground. Why? Because people like to watch porn. Well, almost everyone likes to watch porn.

    TopTV’s bid hit a snag when a morality group stepped in to put the kibosh on people enjoying their pornography via television.

    Porn on TV and not the internet? I’m just as confused as you are. I don’t even watch TV on TV anymore. The internet is where I watch all my TV. But hey, we’re not here to judge.

    TopTV CEO Eddie Mbablo issued a statement today that the proposed pornography channel would only feature porn with storylines.

    He went on to say, “If you check the dictionary definition of porn, you will realise that porn is content that has no artistic merit. What we’re promoting here is scripted narrative material that could be watched by couples.” Continue Reading

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  • Welcome back, Bibi Jones

    Bibi Jones

    Bibi Jones

    There’s a lot of in and out in the porno business.

    And no! That’s not a reference to vaginal, anal or oral penetration and thrusting motions…but there is a lot of that too…

    No, I’m talking about people coming in and out of the industry. For example, petite porn star Remy Lacroix announced  her retirement and then came back. Then alt glamor model Riley Jensen retired.

    Porn Gods giveth and they taketh away.

    They giveth us Remy Lacroix and taketh away Riley Jensen.

    But praise be to the Porn Gods for they have giveth us Bibi Jones again!

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  • 2013 AVN Awards Fan Vote!

    Jesse Jane, one of the lovely hosts of the AVN Awards this year.

    Maybe it’s just me but for me there’s nothing better than awards season. Finally, an excuse to wear some elegant, elaborate dresses and roll out the red carpet as I stuff my face with Chinese take-out and watch people better than me win awards.

    The Golden Globes are fine. The Oscars are glamorous. But the problem with these mainstream award shows is that they don’t let regular Joe’s have their say.

    That’s what’s great about the AVN Awards! They give the fans a chance to have their voices heard with four very important categories.

    • Favorite Body
    • Twitter Queen
    • Favorite Porn Star
    • Best Free Adult Site

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  • The Courtney Stodden bidding war explained

    Courtney Stodden

    Teenage-bride and tabloid star Courtney Stodden turned 18 today. As a result she’s been receiving offers from porn companies to do some hardcore scenes to keep her celebrity status alive.

    So far she’s received offers from:

    • Digital Playground

    Digital Playground even had contract star Jesse Jane record a recruitment video to entice her to sign with them: view it on YouTube here.

    What is it about Courtney Stodden that has all these different porn companies bidding for her image? WARNING SPOILERS!

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