Jessi June

  • Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014


    The toughest decision you’ll ever make…

    2013 was a great year for Twisty’s Treats. I remember thinking at the end of 2012, “Well, it’s too bad that Twisty’s has already made all the hottest girls Treats of the Month. I’m going to miss those monthly babes.” But somehow they pulled it together and out did themselves!

    Now it’s time to decide which one of these sexy Treats deserves to be Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014.

    Choosing the Treat of the Year is no easy task, which is why Twisty’s has decided to let the fans choose!

    To vote, you need to be a Twisty’s member. But the good news is that a Twisty’s membership is only 1 DOLLAR WHILE VOTING IS OPEN.

    Why should you vote for your favorite Twisty’s Treat? Because the Treat of the Year wins a Twisty’s contract, a trip to Costa Rica to shoot with the runner-up and last year’s winner (Mia Malkova), and a diamond Twisty’s necklace. So if you have a favorite Twisty’s Treat, you need to vote for her because we’re guaranteed more amazing pictures and videos of your favorite babe later in 2014.


    2 days of Twisty’s plus supporting your favorite Treat of the Month for $1? Now that’s a deal.

    If you’re ready to vote, you can do that right now: TREAT OF THE YEAR VOTE.

    But if you need help deciding which Treat to vote for, continue reading to get to know the contestants.   Continue Reading

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  • Dani Daniels & Jessi June Use Their Body Heat


    Dani Daniels & Jessi June

    What’s the best way to survive the cold weather? Get close to someone and share your body heat, ya dummy!

    Usually snuggling up and sharing body heat is something you do to survive when stranded in the winter wilderness. But as Dani Daniels and Jessi Juneare about to show you, there’s nothing wrong with getting close and sharing some body heat in front of a raging fire.

    Let’s all look at how these two sexy brunettes share their body heat in the cold…(body heat is a euphemism for lesbian sex, by the way).

    Photos courtesy of  Continue Reading

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  • Jessi June Shower Time = Playtime


    Jessi June

    It’s been a while since the last time we saw Jessi June.

    Jessi June’s so excited to see you again that she can’t wait until she’s out of the shower. Instead, she invites you in to the shower for a little show.

    What kind of show could she put on in the shower? Well why don’t you look at the pictures below to see for yourself? Here’s a hint. The show involves Jessi June’s beautiful, wet, naked body. Do I have your attention now? Good. Look at these new Jessi June pictures now!  Continue Reading

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  • Jessi June, Bonus Babe!

    Jessi June

    Jessi June!

    A weekend Babe of the Day post?

    Is this some horrible mirage or a real oasis in the middle of the internet desert that is the weekend?

    Trust me. It’s an oasis. And one of you’re favorite babes, Jessi June, is right here in this oasis waiting for you.

    Jessi June was Babe of the Day on Tuesday, August 6th and you guys went crazy for her! I don’t blame you. It’s not every day that we’re treated to nude photos of a babe this fine. Most days, but not every day.

    It’s especially nice to see a babe with fully natural curves.

    I don’t need to remind you that Jessi June is sexy.

    I do need to tell you that Jessi June has new nude photos. Not just any nude photos, nude photos shot by friend of the Blog and legendary lens-woman Holly Randall.

    So please enjoy this special weekend Babe of the Day and thank God (or possibly Playboy Plus) for pairing Jessi June with Holly Randall:


    Maybe it’s just me but don’t you think that an attractive woman is always more attractive when she’s naked on a motorcycle?

    Weird right?

    You should get on Twitter and tweet at @JessiJuneINC to tell her she’s your favorite babe.

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