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  • The Truth Behind Porn For Women

    Playboy’s SFW Kinja site just posted a very interesting article about a day on a porn set with Jessica Drake and how porn is marketed to women.

    In the article, they claim that about one-in-three visitors to porn sites are women, and almost 13 million American women look at porn at least once a month. Throughout Jessica Drake’s 15-year tenure in the porn industry, she’s seen more and more women as openly active porn fans. Nowadays, porn companies are trying to capitalize on this new demographic of fans by putting more emphasis on “porn for women”.

    “Porn for women” is a term that gets tossed around rather freely because porn for women has yet to be defined. I mean, do you know what porn for women is? Is it softcore videos? Is it lesbian sex? Is it high-definition erotica? What exactly is porn for women?

    Well, I hate to break it to you but “porn for women” is not a real genre of porn. It’s a marketing campaign.

    “It’s important that we don’t generalize about the type of sex women want to see on screen,” Jessica Drake observed in the article.  “Women want, need and deserve just as much porn as men.”

    While it’s true that women deserve porn for women, porn for women will never become anything more than a tag to confuse/excite people because women aren’t paying for porn. According to the authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, women don’t pay for porn. Authors Ogas and Gaddam write:

    “According to CCBill, the billing service most commonly used by the online adult industry, only 2 percent of all subscriptions to pornography sites are made on credit cards with women’s names. In fact, CCBill even flags female names as potential fraud, since so many of these charges result in an angry wife or mother demanding a refund for the misuse of her card.”

    Does anyone else think it’s hilarious that so few women pay for porn that they just assume there’s fraud afoot if a woman’s name is entered with the credit card? That’s a serious problem.

    Therefore, the so-called “porn for women” that we see online, with lots of slow-motion, eye-contact, wider shots, and extensive foreplay, is actually porn for men that they will hopefully share or watch with the women in their lives.

    Amanda Hess, sex writer for the Slate, surmised the majority of porn directors’ attitudes on porn for women with, “I don’t care if women watch my porn because men buy my porn, and I’m making porn for the people who are paying for it.”

    The adult industry is being crippled by piracy. Porn is no longer the lucrative business people assume it is. After all, if porn can be streamed or downloaded for free, why pay for it?

    So in other words, if you’re confused by the “porn for women” tag that gets randomly associated with certain porn videos, it’s because porn studios are just guessing that this is the porn women want to watch.

    If “porn for women” is to become a real thing, then it’s up to the sex positive and pro-porn women of the world to start support the porn they like not just by watching but by buying it. Ladies, your clicks are a good endorsement but the only way to convey your tastes to producers of porn movies is to throw money at them.

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  • CNBC’s Dirty Dozen 2013


    “Dirty Dozen” is a lazy and overused alliteration

    Every year CNBC compiles a list of their Top 12 favorite pornstars.

    Well, not exactly. They make a list of the Top 12 pornstars with the most Xbiz and AVN award nominations to determine who are currently the biggest stars. CNBC feels that though these nominations are an acknowledgement of on-screen performances, they also reflect the strongest drawing power in the industry.

    Is that true? Maybe. I think it’s more likely that reporting on financial markets 24/7 is so boring and frustrating that they need to watch porn to blow off steam. And when you’re watching a lot of porn, why not write about it? That’s how I feel at least because I’m paid to do both.

    Regardless of how CNBC determines the best pornstars of the year, this year they definitely made some great picks.

    Are you ready to see the CNBC’s Top 12 pornstars of 2013?  Continue Reading

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  • Protective Eye-Wear Required In Porn?


    Are you ready for goggle porn?

    Remember Measure B? The L.A. County by-law that requires condoms on all porn productions?

    Well, Measure B has made its way to the California Senate, which if passed would require condoms in all porn produced in the state of California. Currently, the bill is stalled and the latest draft not only requires pornstars to wear condoms but also protective gogglesContinue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Continues To Lie About Sex Tape

    Farrah Abraham sex tape

    Farrah Abraham

    Do you guys remember when Dana Dearmond (@danadearmond) tweeted:

    The hashtags and the time should be a dead giveaway that Dana Dearmond wasn’t being self-deprecating, she was taking a shot at Farrah Abraham.

    Why would Dana Dearmond go after Farrah Abraham? Because Dana Dearmond is a pornstar and pornstars don’t like celebrities who make sex tapes.

    Think about it. What if some pseudo-celebrity walked in to your place of work, did your job worse than you, but got tons of attention from everyone because they were doing your job and they got paid more than you. That would piss you off right? Well, that’s what happens when a celebrity makes a “sex tape”.

    I empathize with the frustration over celebrity sex tapes because I too am fed up with celebrity sex tapes. Not because they devalue the jobs of hardworking pornstars, what gets me is the public deception and blatant lies that come with celebrity sex tapes.

    Check out this excerpt from Farrah Abraham’s latest interview with Michael Musto:               Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars On Election 2012

    Jenna Jameson, Republican.

    Jenna Jameson was the Queen of Pornography through the 90s and early 2000s, as I’m sure all of you know.

    Nowadays, she’s a bit of a loose canon. First there was the DUI she plead not guilty to. Now she’s publicly endorsing Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

    Yesterday, Jenna Jameson told CBS while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in San Francisco, “When you?re rich, you want a Republican in office.” This reasoning is somewhat irresponsible because what if Jenna is not rich in two years.

    The Daily Beast spoke with eight current porn stars to see if Jenna’s position reflected the rest of the porn community. Here’s a quick summary of their thoughts:

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