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  • The Jessie Andrews Interview

    jessie andrews 10 The Jessie Andrews Interview

    Jessie Andrews, y’all

    Jessie Andrews is not just one of the prettiest girls to ever do porn, she’s a porn star completely on her own terms. She’s got an independence and a drive that very few people have, which almost guarantees success for whatever she tries. Which is good because she’s got a million other projects she’s working on.

    For some reason, Jessie was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for us. Yes, she’s that cool. She answered all the unsolicited questions I had for her and was very sweet about it. Without further ado, let’s talk to Jessie Andrews

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  • pursuing Miley Cyrus for lesbian softcore video

    156190 r3 pursuing Miley Cyrus for lesbian softcore video

    World’s best site teaming up with world’s best singer?

    We had a real special project planned for all of you but unfortunately, we were outed by TMZ. We weren’t going to tell you anything until it was for sure but since it’s already out there, we might as well tell you. wants to re-shoot the music video “Decisions” as a soft-core lesbian romp instead of a real cheesy music video style party. Our idea is to get Miley Cyrus naked with Jessie Andrews and have them make-out a bunch or more if Miley is feeling up for it.

    Since it was already posted on TMZ, let’s all look at the letter we sent to Miley’s management:
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  • Miley Cyrus earns’s respect by working with Jessie Andrews

    jessie andrews 061 300x300 Miley Cyrus earns Sex.coms respect by working with Jessie Andrews

    This is Jessie Andrews, she’s a porn star. She’s too cute to be a porn star. Call her and thank her, you ingrates.

    For most of us, the party in the USA ended in 2010. However, most of us aren’t Miley Cyrus who has kept her own personal party in the USA alive and well since summer 2009.

    She’s been smoking weed salvia, giving people lapdances, dating super hunky Australians, cutting off her hair, bleaching her hair, making guest appearances on Two and a Half Men. Yes, the girl we knew as a tween idol has really gone off the rails by acting like any ordinary teenager with millions of dollars. Who could have possibly guessed that she would try to get edgier with age? (Everyone. Everyone should have guessed it)

    Today was the last straw for Miley. The internet gasped at the prospect of three wedding ceremonies for her and fiancee Liam Hemsworth, only to be floored by the news that Miley had cast a porn star Jessie Andrews in her upcoming music video! Oh no!

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