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  • Internet porn ruins memory? We say, “No!”

    The internet is the greatest innovation since the domestication of the dog. It provides us with so much information and allows us to communicate with so many people in a way that the common house-dog could ever understand. As you know, the best part of the internet is the convenience of pornography.

    This is your brain on internet porn

    In a world without internet, the only way to see pornography was to buy a nudie magazine or find a discarded home-made VHS of someone’s favorite scenes or go to a porno-theater wearing your hat real low and your trench-coat real high. How uncivilized…

    With the internet, porn is at our fingertips all the time (unless there’s no Wi-Fi, which is another problem altogether). But if you’re like me, then you know that whenever something good happens (like easy access to pornography at all times) something a hundred times worse is about to happen.

    But what could be possible wrong with easy access to pornography? Well, a group of German researchers are now reporting that watching pornography could be wiping our memories.

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    December 19, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 3508

  • Porn stars are happy. More women watch porn. Everybody’s a winner!

    Unfortunately, the amount of women who enjoy putting on sexy lingerie to watch porn is stagnant

    In 1992, when women were polled about their pornography habits, only 23% admitted to watching it. That number went up to 73% in 2006.

    A study by the French Institute of Public Opinion polled 1,101 people over 18 to see where porn stood with women today. Of the 579 women surveyed, 80% watch porn. The progress we’ve made in ten years…it’s great, isn’t it?

    Men are still porn’s main consumers, obviously. 99% of men who participated said that they watch porn (Great job, guys!). But still, everyone in the porno biz pat yourself on the back on a job well done. No one thought it could be done!

    So how did us lecherous pervs finally convince more women to watch porn?

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    November 27, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1746