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  • Top 20 Brazzers Videos of 2015 So Far

    The Sex.com Blog’s premature Best of 2015 coverage continues with the crown jewel of premium internet porn productions: Brazzers.

    Brazzers puts out like 5 new scenes every day. It was a real shit-show trying to pick only 20 Brazzers videos to declare as the best of the year so far. We hope you like this list. If not, keep in mind that are too many Brazzers videos. If we had tried to watch all of them to ensure we didn’t miss a great one, we’d surely be dead before we finished all their January releases.

    So with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s see the top 20 Brazzers videos of 2015 so far!


    20. Amirah Adara in “Nympho”

    Though you won’t find it on Brazzers anymore, we got to give it up for this Amirah Adara scene. Not only does the Hungarian honey pull off the anal-obsessed, nymphomaniac schoolgirl to a tee but she also managed to spark some outrage among the people that live close to the vintage railway where this was shot. Nice work!

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  • Is Jynx Maze Retired? NO! Check Out These New Jynx Maze Videos!

    In our article The 9 Retired Pornstars of 2014 That We’re Going To Miss The Most, Jynx Maze (the big bootied Latina of your dreams) was one of the 9 retired pornstars that we were really going to miss. However, we’re here to issue a retraction because Jynx Maze’s reported retirement was more of a hiatus.

    That’s right, cutie with a booty Jynx Maze IS NOT RETIRED.

    We had an inclining that she was back when she appeared in a Valentine’s Day Brazzers video, but we didn’t know if that was just a hold-over. Now, there’s no doubting that Jynx Maze is still hard at work, using that big Latina ass to get guys like you and me off around the world. Just check out her latest videos:

    Jynx Maze in Latin Asses

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  • Marsha May vs Jynx Maze. Who Did It Better?

    At the end of March, Brazzers released a porn video called “Taste Marsha’s Treats” which featured super sexy newcomer Marsha May (whom you may remember from earlier this week in “How Marsha May Deals with Peeping Toms“) working at a busy hot dog stand. Of course, since it’s Brazzers, it wasn’t that simple. Not only was Marsha May serving hotdogs to hungry dudes as well as dudes with full stomachs trying to get a closer look at the super hot Marsha May, she was getting fingered and fucked!

    So then it became a little game. Marsha May did her best to keep a straight face. But how long until the dudes checking out Marsha May/trying to eat hotdogs figured out that their server’s pussy was getting ploughed by a big cock right in front of them?

    As far as public sex scenes go, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch a shortened version below.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Porn GIFs of the Week #8

    Porn GIFs! You love ’em. We love ’em.

    As we always do, it’s time to take a look at the Top 10 Porn GIFs that received the most love (i.e. views) this week on Sex.com.  Continue Reading

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  • Jynx Maze Shows You The Perfect Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Next Year)

    Saturday was Valentine’s Day and I hope you had a good time.

    I know I don’t remember a damn thing from Saturday. Everything from Friday evening to Sunday morning is just a blank space in my memory. Though, on Sunday morning I awoke to an arthritic aching in my hips so I think it’s safe to assume that I got laid.

    But I’m not here to brag about whether I may or may not have had sex while blackout drunk on Valentine’s Day. I’m here to share with you what you got to do next Valentine’s Day!

    For you see, Brazzers put out a porn video featuring Jynx Maze on Saturday and it is easily the best illustration of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Continue Reading

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  • The 9 Retired Pornstars of 2014 That We’re Going To Miss The Most

    Writing about retired pornstars is always tricky because there’s never an absolute certainty that the pornstars mentioned below are done for good.  Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: December 19th 2014

    Oh fuck yeah! It’s time for another Weekend Free Porn Playlist!

    You know the drill. Rather than have you spend your entire weekend browsing for the hottest free porn on Sex.com, the Sex.com Blog has found the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week for you!

    We’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping left to do this weekend, so we’re not wasting any time with this edition of your Weekend Free Porn Playlist.

    Sit back and enjoy the 7 hottest free porn videos of the week!  Continue Reading

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  • Bush, James Deen, and Pornstar Personalities – TIP TO NIP


    Bush, James Deen, and Jynx Maze

    This sex blog (or porn blog, depending on who you ask) can be a bit of a boy’s club. While it’s fun, it’s kind of boring. That’s why I spoke with female porn blogger and friend EMJA from HotMoviesForHer.com to get the female perspective on porn for a change. 

    So please enjoy our chat about trends in porn, male pornstars, and how having a personality can make a pornstar. 

    Chico: Lately I’ve been noticing more bush and tan-lines in my HOTMOVIES. I’m somewhat ambivalent to these old trends coming back. As a woman, what do you think is in vogue for male pornstars?

    Emja: First of all, I really hate boosh and lines. Like, hate. Cannot stand. In vogue for male pornstars? I honestly don’t see a trend at all.

    Chico: Woah, woah, woah. What don’t you like about bush and tanlines?

    Emja: Pubic hair is gross and smells bad and have you ever seen that movie Waiting?

    Chico: I’ve never seen it but I know of it because like everyone else in the world, I’m a HUGE Ryan Reynolds fan. It also popularized the game where if someone sees your balls, you get to punch them.

    Emja: Go to 1:21. You’ll understand.

    Chico: Yikes.

    Emja: It’s gross and that’s all I think of every time dani daniels sends out a vine of “daily boosh”. I can’t even look at it. Wanna yak.

    Chico: Do you ever worry that the steroid-monster look will return for male pornstars?  Continue Reading

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  • The Next Fleshlight Girl


    The Fleshlight Girls

    Last week, Joanna Angel became the latest pornstar with her own signature Fleshlight.

    The addition of Joanna Angel to Fleshlight Girls (which are the Fleshlights that are molded after actual pornstars’ body parts) secures their line-up of all-star pornstars that everyone wants to fuck.

    That made me wonder where Fleshlight can go from here? Surely they’re cleaning up with the roster of pornstars they already have. But it’s never a bad idea to have some prospects for the future. I decided that it was my responsibility to do a little focus group and find out which pornstar the people want in their bedside table on cold winter nights watching porn alone.

    To find out how they can make their all-star roster of pornstars even better, I asked you guys to nominate the one pornstar you’re just dying to have a Fleshlight of.

    Well, the nominations are in and now it’s time to narrow it down to one pornstar that should be the next Fleshlight Girl. Are you ready to see the nominees?  Continue Reading

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