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  • Did Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Make a Threesome Sex Tape?

    “I felt humiliated,” is how Kim Kardashian described the release of her world-famous sex tape to Oprah back in 2012.

    Well, it seems like Kim Kardashian is about to feel that humiliation all over again as a new sex tape could be leaked.  Continue Reading

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  • Ray J Offers Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Profits As A Wedding Gift

    You know, there was a time where I thought that Ray J was a total scumbag for making terrible music and becoming famous for starring in a sex tape that was orchestrated by his co-star’s mother, but that’s changed.

    I now think that Ray J is not a total scumbag but one of the internet’s best trolls. Why has my opinion changed?

    Because Ray J apparently wants to donate some of the profits from the Kim Kardashian sex tape to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as a wedding present.

    This is not only shocking because Ray J is showing off his huge balls by making them that offer, but the Kim Kardashian sex tape continues to make money seven years after its release!

    Here’s the breakdown of the wedding gift via TMZ.  Mind you, this is just Ray J’s cut:

    – January:  $6,135.60
    – February: $20,097.31
    – March: $9,674.76
    – April: $10,931.52
    – TOTAL:  $46,840.13

    Yes, even though it’s seven years old and it’s available for free nearly everywhere on the internet, the Kim Kardashian sex tape contines to generate revenue.

    According to Vivid (the distributor of the Kim Kardashian sex tape), Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has grossed over $50 million. $50 million over seven years? That’s not bad. I wonder how Farrah Abraham feels about Kim Kardashian’s lucrative sex tape.

    What’s even crazier to think is that while Ray J makes anywhere from 5 thousand dollars a month to 20 thousand dollars a month from the sex tape, Kim’s share is at least that much. If not more.

    TMZ reached out to Kim Kardashian to see if she’ll be accepting Ray J’s sex tape profit wedding gift, but no word so far. If Kim doesn’t take Ray J’s wedding gift, he plans to donate it to her favorite charity (which incidentally is the Kardashian family itself).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a celebrity to shoot a sex tape with because it sounds like a guaranteed way to get cash for life.

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  • Not Even A Naked Kim Kardashian Can Save This Kanye West Video


    Kim Kardashian in “Bound 2″

    Kanye West released the third music video from his album Yeezus today by appearing on Ellen Degeneres’s show. Wait what? Premiering a rap video on Ellen? That doesn’t seem right…

    Despite being the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), Kanye West’s new music video is garbage. It’s three and a half minutes of Kanye West on a motorcycle and stock footage of what I assume are supposed to be romantic things like horses running and landscapes. The “Bound 2″ video looks like it was made at the mall for 50 bucks. Remember those places that let you make a music video at the mall?

    Predictably, a naked Kim Kardashian makes an appearance. There’s some implied motorcycle sex between Kanye and Kim but even that can save “Bound 2″ from being one of the most boring music videos of all time.

    WARNING: “Bound 2″ might bore you to death. Watch at your own risk:

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

    OH MAN.

    I’m so sorry for making you watch that. I guess even Kanye West, the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), has to phone it in sometimes.

    Kanye, if you’re going to put a naked Kim Kardashian in your next music video, please use it properly. Something more along the lines of Kim Kardashian naked in this video:

    Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J brought to you by KeezMovies.com

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  • Kim Kardashian Caught Sexting Kanye

    Kim Kardashian Instagram


    All Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is privacy.

    At least that’s what they say.

    But if the world’s most hated couple wanted privacy, they wouldn’t continue living such public lives.

    Last night, Kim Kardashian put this photo on her Instagram:

    Kim Kardashian sexy selfie

    To which Kanye West replied:

    This is basically sexting.

    Except instead of doing this privately, they shared it with 10 million people.

    The way I see it, their private lives are none of our business. But they make it our business when they do stuff like this.

    If you want to see what happened when Kanye got home and found Kim Kardashian in that painted on bathing suit waiting for him, just imagine that Kim has blonde hair in this video:

    Kim Kardashian Fucking Rapper Ray J powered by YouPorn.


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  • Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian With…

    Leyla Ghobadi

    Leyla Ghobadi

    There’s nothing that makes me sadder than hearing about celebrity couples cheating.

    Celebrities are celebrities not just because they’re talented but they’re also better looking than you or me (non-celebrities). I remember one time I saw a woman that kind of looked like Rachel McAdams in a restaurant.

    She was totally gorgeous so I thought maybe it was Rachel McAdams. That’s when the real Rachel McAdams walked in. You see, the look-a-like was her sister (I’m assuming) and while she was attractive, she did not even compare to real McAdams. Rachel is clearly very beautiful in movies and pictures but words cannot describe how good-looking she is in real life.

    This is the point where Rachel McAdams made eye-contact with me (because I was staring). Coincidentally, it’s also the point of the story where I blacked out.

    If celebrities, the pinnacle of human attractiveness, can’t be satisfied fucking each other…what hope do we have?

    I’m sad to say that everyone’s favorite couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, might be on the rocks. Kanye West has been allegedly cheating on Kim Kardashian with a Canadian model.  Continue Reading

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  • New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…Song

    I Hit It First

    Ray J’s not so subtle cover

    Ray J just released a new song called “I Hit It First”. It’s a last ditch effort to remind everyone that he has sex with Kim Kardashian before any other celebrity.

    Let’s have a listen to “I Hit It First”
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  • Sex.com offers $1,000,000 for Kanye’s sex-tape

    Cool guy Kanye West

    Yeezy’s obsession with Kim Kardashian before they started dating has been well-documented. He apparently could not get off unless he was watching Kim’s famous sex-tape, no matter how many hot girls he was with at the time.

    Even after they got together, he’s been boasting about her sex-tape. In his new song “Clique”, Kanye raps, “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

    But today we found out just how obsessed with Kim he is/was. Radar Online has obtained a twenty-minute long sex-tape featuring Kanye West and an 18 year-old girl who apparently looks exactly like Kim Kardashian.

    Here’s what we know about the tape: they never kiss, they don’t interact any further than simply doing the deed, in various positions throughout, Kanye wears a condom, and the 18 year-old doppelganger says at one point, “My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!”

    Kanye is apparently freaking out about this video getting. And though we loved College Dropout, Sex.com couldn’t help but making an offer on the footage. A cool million, no questions asked is our offer.

    Check out the press release:

    Continue Reading

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