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  • Sex.com PSA: Don’t Upload The Leaked Celebrity Pictures To Our Site

    Now that the dust is settling on the leaked celebrity pictures scandal, we have something to request of our users: STOP UPLOADING THE LEAKED CELEBRITY PICTURES.

    Initially, we were swept up in the excitement, like all of you. Can you blame us? We’re all voyeurs at heart. And did you ever really think that you’d see the personal nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and more? We certainly didn’t. As time passes and the leaked celebrity pictures keep popping up on our site, we need to ask you to stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to Sex.com.

    Why should you stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to Sex.com? Isn’t Sex.com the place where all the best site on the internet to see nude pictures? Well it is. But there’s so much porn on the internet that you could just as easily look at some other nude pictures that aren’t leaked celebrity pictures.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and more nudes leaked on Reddit


    Why am I so happy to be working on a Sunday night of a long weekend? It’s because we are currently experiencing the biggest celebrity leaked nudes bonanza of all time!

    Move over Weekend Free Porn Playlist! We’ve got something else to fap to now!

    A 4chan user claims to have released nude photos of several female celebrities in what seems like the biggest heist of celebrity nude pictures of all time. The hacker has leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, McKayla Maroney and more.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s representation has confirmed that the leaked nude images of JLaw, that were once safely stored on her iCloud account, are in fact the real deal.

    “This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” the spokesperson told HuffPost Entertainment. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”


    Oh shit…


    Ok. Well, I can only imagine how good Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers are. She’s the most bankable female star in Hollywood right now. Her lawyers must be rabid dogs when it comes to litigation.

    Normally I’d do everything in my power to share these leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and McKayla Maroney with you, but this time I’m going to save my own ass.

    Lame, I know. But what’s more important than you having something to masturbate to? Me staying out of jail. I feel like my knowledge of how to give great blowjobs would really work against me if I were to go to jail. Just a funny feeling I have…

    But you never know. Maybe someone’s already pinned Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes as well as Kirsten Dunst’s leaked nudes and Kate Upton’s leaked nudes and Victoria Justice’s leaked nudes and McKayla Maroney’s leaked nudes and a bunch of other hot celebrity leaked nudes?

    Why not check the main site to find out?

    - Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures on Sex.com

    - Kirsten Dunst nude pictures on Sex.com

    - Kate Upton nude pictures on Sex.com

    - Victoria Justice nude pictures on Sex.com

    - McKayla Maroney’s nude pictures on Sex.com

    - All celebrity nude pictures on Sex.com

    You might also have some luck on Reddit. Click here to get your magic pin buttons ready.

    Look, I’m sorry I had to chicken out about sharing all these leaked nudes but I really do not want to go to jail. Some brave soul certainly has the balls (or the lack of foresight) to share all the leaked nudes! Just keep scrolling!

    The hacker claims to have plenty more celebrity nude pictures and videos. He’s just waiting for someone to pony up with some cash rather than release them for free and go to jail for it.

    Here’s the list of celebrities we can maybe expect to see nude in the near future:

    celebgate Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and more nudes leaked on Reddit

    via the Daily Dot

    “This might be the best but also the saddest day in /b/’s history,” commented one random 4chan user in one of the threads. “We’ve been teased with all of these glorious pics. BUT there’s lot’s of videos out there, and I have a feeling that we will never get our hands on them because the dude is a hero but simultaneously a greedy hero. Think about it.. There’s 60~ [Lawrence] vids out there that you might or might not see. It’s going to haunt you forever.”

    Good thing tomorrow’s a holiday because no one would get any work done tomorrow anyway. Everyone would just be scrambling for a chance to see Jennifer Lawrence nude, Kate Upton nude, Kirsten Dunst nude, Olivia Munn nude, Selena Gomez nude and the list just keeps going on and on and on.


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  • The Best Sex Links!

    I know that you’re probably busy watching the World Cup, but if you could just spare a few minutes from lying to yourself (that lie of course being that soccer is something watchable) then you’ll be better off because what follows is the BEST SEX ON THE INTERNET!

    Any Ariana Grande fans on the Sex.com Blog today? I sure hope so because our friends from TAXI DRIVER MOVIE just some very hot Ariana Grande upskirt pictures. So if you think Ariana Grande is sexy, or you just love a good ol’ fashioned upskirt pic, then you’ll love these pics. ARIANA GRANDE UPSKIRT PICTURES.

    If you ask me, Sports Illustrated has always been one of the trashiest rags a man (or woman) can read. That is of course excluding the Bikini Issue. Without the Bikini Issue, they’d be unforgivably bad. As it turns out, the Sports Illustrated Bikini Issue is also super trashy because PEEPERZ noticed that they posted pictures of Kate Upton’s pussy. LOL. Awesome. SEE KATE UPTON’S PUSSY.

    As time goes on and her history of plastic surgery becomes more and more apparent, it’s easy to forget that Madonna was once the hottest babe alive. Thankfully, THE NIP SLIP has a new Madonna topless photos to remind us that she’s actually still hot. This is the best Madonna has looked in years. Thank you Photoshop! MADONNA TOPLESS PICTURES.

    Watching porn is tough sometimes. You’re all like, “Ughh…How am I supposed to know whether I want to watch a MILF get fucked or a teen get fucked?” Well you’re in luck because IMAGEPOST has a hot new gallery and video that features super sexy MILF Kendra Lust and super sexy teen Sara Luvv getting down and dirty in a threesome. It’s awesome. KENDRA LUST AND SARA LUVV THREESOME PICTURES AND VIDEO.

    Any Dillion Harper fans in the house? I sure hope so, otherwise that’s a shame. Dillion Harper is one of the hottest pornstars in the business today and it’d be a real shame if you guys weren’t Dillion fans. Either way, FLESHBOT sat down with Dillion Harper to get to know her a little better. GET TO KNOW DILLION HARPER.

    BIG TITS ON BOOBIE BLOG. I couldn’t narrow it down to a single post, so just review that for a while. BIG TITS ON BOOBIE BLOG.

    Who uses a calendar anymore? I mean the kind of calendar that hangs on your wall. You have calendars on phones and computers now. Though the wall calendar is obsolete, I’m very happy that Joanna Krupa decided to pose for her own calendar that’s all kinds of sexy and also a little bit nude. JOANNA KRUPA CALENDAR PICS.

    And that’s it for the Best Sex Links. Hope you liked them. If not, watch this LESBIAN THREESOME MASSAGE. Something tells me you’ll like that.

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Well, well, well…what have we here? A collection of the best sex on the internet besides what can already be found on the mainpage of Sex.com? Why yes! We do! So strap yourself in and get ready to see some hot sex because this is THE BEST SEX LINKS!

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has a picture of Kate Middleton’s, that is to say future Queen of England Kate Middleton, bare bottom. Wait. Will Kate Middleton be the future Queen of England? Or is she just like a duchess? Regardless of her future title may or may not be, there’s no questioning Kate Middleton’s hotness. SEE KATE MIDDLETON’S ASS ON TAXI DRIVER MOVIE.

    Question: “What are you doing for the next 23 minutes?” Answer: “Listening to Aaliyah Love’s new interview on Peeperz Radio because I can’t get enough of that petite blonde pornstar.” LISTEN TO AALYIAH LOVE ON PEEPERZ RADIO.

    You know who’s a very hot celebrity? Ashley Greene. Too bad she’s only really been in the Twilight movies. The good news is that THE NIP SLIP has candid pictures of Ashley Greene showing a lot of nipple. ASHLEY GREENE ON THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER found pictures of Gisele Bundchen posing completely nude for Lui Magazine. I like Gisele, she’s good looking, but the fact that she’s married to Tom Brady really grosses me out. Maybe if you have no contempt for everything New England, then you’ll like these pictures. GISELE BUNDCHEN NUDE ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    Hey, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to 2008 when Dita Von Teese posed for a seriously hot Playboy set. DITA VON TEESE PLAYBOY PICTURES VIA CELEBS EMPIRE.

    Mellisa Clarke fans! YOUR DAILY GIRL has Mellisa Clarke’s new Page 3 photos with her posing topless in a pool. Ain’t nothing better. MELLISA CLARKE TOPLESS IN A POOL VIA YOUR DAILY GIRL.

    Summer is upon us. What better way to celebrate the return of summer than by watching busty pornstar Siri hose down her massive tits? SIRI WITH A WATER HOSE VIA BOOBIE BLOG.

    IMAGE POST has a preview video and a gallery from X-Art featuring two of the sexiest lesbian pornstars you’ll ever see. You’re going to love it. TWO HOT LESBIANS VIA IMAGEPOST.

    FLESHBOT sat down with Asian anal queen and popular pornstar Asa Akira to ask her five quick questions. You can’t not check it out. ASA AKIRA INTERVIEW ON FLESHBOT.

    SINN & SKINN an hour long compilation of hot nude babes gyrating to house music. If that sounds like your kind of thing, here’s the link: ONE HOUR OF NUDE BABES DANCING VIA SINN AND SKINN.

    Are you obsessed with Bar Refaeli? Then PRETTY HOT AND SEXY has you covered with the Bar Refaeli topless issue of Elle Spain. Enjoy! BAR REFAELI TOPLESS.


    SEXY BLOCK hooked us up with one of the best twerk videos of all time. Damn that Russian girl’s got ass! RUSSIAN BABES TWERK VIDEO VIA SEXY BLOCK.

    Leanna Decker’s back, showing off those amazing big tits, looking damn fine with that red hair. Everything about this gallery from BUSTY BLOOM is dope. LEANNA DECKER STRIPTEASE VIA BUSTY BLOOM.

    A sexy Hungarian babe named Andrea taking off her clothes for Playboy? YES PLEASE. ANDREA’S STRIPTEASE VIA TOPBABESBLOG.

    Can you handle 48 minutes of Juelz Ventura having anal sex? I don’t think you can but I CAN LICK IT believes in you. I think it’s too hot for you to handle. Prove me wrong, folks! JUELZ VENTURA ANAL SEX VIDEO VIA I CAN LICK IT. 

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  • What’s the Sexiest Career? Poll Results

    Our latest poll asked the question: What’s the Sexiest Career?

    We gave you a whole big list of possible selections.  The top ranked careers shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since they are careers that are very well-represented in the adult industry/porn fantasies/regular fantasies.

    Interestingly enough, the closing of the poll coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs the week of May 5th every year.   Either y’all voters are smart geniuses, or we happened to coincidentally close the poll during Teacher Appreciation week.  It was a total coincidence, I promise!

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Hope you had a good Monday! Now it’s time for the BEST SEX LINKS. Trying out a new format so hopefully you like it!

    PEEPERZ has a hot babe by the name of Paula Bulczynska exposing her gorgeous tits in some artsy erotica photos. Check out Paula Bulczynska’s tits here.

    TAXIDRIVERMOVIE spotted none other than Barbadian beauty Rihanna braless at a basketball game. I assume it was the Nets-Raptors game. No word whether she was lint-rolling her pants on the sideline. SEE RIHANNA BRALESS AT THE BASKETBALL GAME.

    IMAGEPOST likes to keep track of all the hottest amateur babes trying porn for the first time. The latest girl trying porn for the first time is this sweet blonde with a banging body ringing in her 20th birthday with a hot fuck. HOT BLONDE GETS FUCKED FOR HER 20TH BIRTHDAY.

    DRUNKENSTEPFATHER has highlights of one of the GREATEST PORN TUMBLRS EVER. Ever heard of Stripper Locker Room? Well, as you might have guessed, it’s just a sweet collection of strippers taking selfies in their dressing rooms. THE BEST OF STRIPPER LOCKER ROOM VIA DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    THE NIP SLIP has Ireland Baldwin prancing around Coachella in a see through top. Is it any wonder that Kim Basinger’s daughter is totally smoking hot? If only she had any talent at all. IRELAND BALDWIN’S SEE-THROUGH TOP AT COACHELLA.

    BOOBIEBLOG‘s got an awesome gallery of hot Playboy Playmates Marketa Janska, Pamela Horton, Val Keil, and my personal favorite Alyssa Arce posing as flight attendants. I honestly wouldn’t mind flying if I was served by a nude Alyssa Arce. FLY WITH ALYSSA ARCE NUDE.

    FLESHBOT has a couple of sweet galleries of hot pornstars Tasha ReignJessa RhodesSummer Brielle, and Romi Rain. Tasha’s putting out a new movie called Daddy’s Little Groupie, presumably about a support group for single fathers. I don’t know. All I know is Tasha and Jessa are hot. DADDY’S LITTLE GROUPIE PREVIEW.

    YOUR DAILY GIRL found some pictures of a sexy lady posing with a gun. For some reason she uses the gun to cover up her bare tits, but what’s the point of that? I mean, a gun is basically just a massive dick that kills people, right? So if she’s going to pose topless with a massive gun that kills people, why cover her tits with it? Just saying. SEXY GIRL POSES WITH GUN.

    MORAZZIA got a gallery of Jada Stevens stripping in a kitchen. I can sum up my opinion on Jada Stevens in two words: DAT ASS! Jeez man, Jada’s ass is out of this world. JADA STEVENS DAT ASS.

    TOPBABESBLOG brings you a gallery featuring Danica Thrall and some other busty glamour models feeling up their big ol’ titties. DANICA THRALL & FRIENDS.

    SINN & SKINN has a sweet collection of Kate Upton modelling some Jenna Leigh lingerie. Kate Upton look good in whatever you dress her in, but this Jenna Leigh lingerie is especially good. KATE UPTON IN LINGERIE.


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  • Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Guys. I don’t want to live on this planet any more now that busty babe Kate Upton has gone on record saying that she doesn’t like her boobs and wishes that they were smaller.

    Here’s what Kate Upton had to say about her boobs in a recent interview with The Sun:

    I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs.

    Every single day, I’m like, ‘Oh, man, it would be so much easier,’ especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up.

    If only they were a little more like… earrings. If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons.

    That’s just a GD shame.

    Honestly, I don’t see why Kate Upton can’t wear spaghetti tops bareless or go for the smallest bikini designs. If Kate Upton should wear whatever she wants, especially clothing that has a high percentage of nip slip possibilities.

    That said, I totally understand why Kate Upton would start to hate her boobs if people are always constantly bringing them up. So if you like Kate Upton’s boobs, don’t bring them up to Kate Upton. Though I highly doubt you’ll ever get the opportunity, just as a rule don’t do it.

    All in all, it really sucks that Kate Upton wants her boobs to be smaller, but I don’t think she realizes that her boobs aren’t solely hers. They’re the world’s. Hell, without those massive boobs would Kate Upton be where she is today? Dating professional athletes, travelling all around the world, starring in movies, that lifestyle is courtesy of Kate Upton’s boobs. So the least Kate can do is respect what got her here in the first place.

    I say we just sit tight and hope that Kate Upton doesn’t do anything drastic like get a breast reduction surgery. In the meantime, let’s check out some Kate Upton boob GIFs:

    4677938 model breasts Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: Uploaded by user via farmer38 on Sex.com

    2775643 kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: Uploaded by user via cam hayes on Sex.com

    202728 kate upton cat daddy dance big tits small bikini Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: Uploaded by user via decepticonz on Sex.com

    1080078 kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: tumblr.com via mrlopez on Sex.com

    5009558 hot squeeze Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: gifs-planet.com via codename on Sex.com

    4731007 the hot godness kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: Uploaded by user via humberto987 on Sex.com

    968866 photo Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: nsfw-gifs.net via ilovehotgirls on Sex.com

    337763 kate upton i just wow Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: imgur.com via manwich on Sex.com

    4730994 penguins are fucking lucky animals loking at kate upton ass Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: Uploaded by user via humberto987 on Sex.com

    5009553 kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: pbh2.com via codename on Sex.com

    1308681 kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: break.com via woody5 on Sex.com

    3067268 kate upton sexy gif Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: pornsource.org via gdragon on Sex.com

    5009548 kate upton gif Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: google.be via codename on Sex.com

    5169534 kate upton Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: google.com via DonArchitek on Sex.com

    5105318 kate upton seethru wet shirt Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Source: rsvlts.com via RumbleBumpkins on Sex.com

    It would be a crime against nature if those boobs got smaller. C’mon, Kate. Don’t let the world down. At least that’s what I think…what do you think about Kate Upton’s boobs?

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    BWEC 013 The Best Sex Links!

    The Best Sex Links are badass

    It’s that time of the week again where we get caught up on what our sexy friends are up to! It’s the Best Sex Links! Enjoy!  Continue Reading

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  • Babes Wearing Towels Top 10

    640x640xmiranda towel.jpg.pagespeed.ic .dYaGmgWc6Y Babes Wearing Towels Top 10

    Miranda Kerr wears a towel

    Fashion photographer Mario Testino has been taking behind the scenes pictures of the world’s top models on his Instagram for a while now and spawned the “Towel Series”. As the name might suggest, the “Towel Series” features some of the world’s top models wearing nothing but robes and towels. Following it has made me realize that a towel is one of the hottest things a woman can wear.

    While I still have a lot of love for women who wear lingerie, crop-tops, comfortable clothes, and fur coats, the simplicity of the towel look is quickly becoming another favorite look of mine.

    Fashion Gone Rogue has a review of Mario Testino’s Towel Series, featuring beauties like Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and more so check it out here: Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

    But those are some of the hottest women in the world. Anything they wear immediately becomes super hot.

    To really show you how hot just wearing a towel is, I’ve created this Babes Wearing Towels Top 10 for you to truly understand the sex appeal of just wearing a towel.  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    tumblr mygto65aih1rv57fio1 1280 The Best Sex Links!

    Best Sex Links!

    It’s that time again! Let’s see what our sexy friends have been sharing in the best sex links!  Continue Reading

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