Kathy Griffin

  • Anderson Cooper denies Kathy Griffin’s BJs

    The Happy Couple

    If you don’t think New Year’s Eve isn’t one of the most magical eves of the year, then you have obviously never seen the Gary Marshall holiday classic New Year’s Eve. From what I remember, it’s about how different celebrities are able to find the magic in New Year’s Eve and fall in love with each other.

    And was there ever some celebrity magic this New Year’s Eve in Times Square. You had the ubiquitous and charming Anderson Cooper hosting the festivities live with Kathy “whatever” Griffin as they had done in previous years. But Kathy, drunk on New Year’s Eve magic and possibly alcohol,
    decided to spice-up the live broadcast by trying to simulate oral sex (AKA blowjob) on Anderson Cooper.

    Normally, there would be nothing wrong with that. Just two friends having a good time, pretending to pleasure each other orally. But unfortunately, they were on live TV with literally hundreds of people watching.

    Let’s check out Kathy’s fake-BJ highlight-reel:

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    January 2, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 389