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  • Pornstars Weirdest Masturbation Fantasies

    Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed totally nude? The lights are dim to create a romantic ambience. Your hands start to explore your private regions. You try to connect to the internet but the wi-fi isn’t working. You’ve committed to masturbating, but you’re not sure how to proceed without free porn found online.

    So you close your eyes and try to replay your favorite porn scene (or porn GIF or porn pictures) in your mind. However, your memory of your favorite porn just doesn’t have the same arousing effect as watching porn so you decide to do something you never thought you’d be forced to do for the rest of your life: use your imagination to masturbate.

    And you’re lying there, desperately trying to think of something that will get you hard.

    All the classic scenarios are there…

    …Teacher and student…

    Boss and secretary

    Patient and nurse...

    Pizza delivery man and woman who ordered a pizza with no intention of eating it...

    But those classic masturbation fantasies do nothing for you, so you start to think of strange new masturbation fantasies for you to work with.

    Like for example, you’re in an elevator with an older woman when suddenly the elevator stops. In shock, the older woman keels over. She’s had a heart attack. You call for assistance right away but you’re both still trapped in the elevator. By the time emergency services arrive to release you from your mechanical grave, the older woman has died.

    Weeks later you find yourself in the same elevator but this time alone. Just as you’re thinking, “Imagine how much it would suck if this elevator got stuck again?”, the elevator screeches to a halt. The lights flicker.

    From out of nowhere, the older woman who died next to you in the same elevator emerges. She turns to you and says, “The last thing I wanted to do before I became a ghost was suck your dick to pass the time while we were in this elevator. I must fulfill this task if my spirit is to move on from this plain of existence.”

    So she drops to her knees, undoes your pants and you start to receive the best damn ghost blowjob of your life.

    Everyone resorts to weird masturbation fantasies at one point in their life. But wouldn’t it be great if we knew what weird masturbation fantasies our favorite pornstars had?

    Well, thanks to our friends over at PEEPERZ, we now know! They took the time to ask all our favorite pornstars (like Asa Akira, Kennedy Leigh, Brandy Aniston, Mischa Brooks, Bonnie RottenKendall Karson and more!) about their weirdest masturbation fantasies. Needless to say, it’s good fun to found out what gets off the girls that get off for a living.

    SPOILER ALERT: some of them are pretty weird. But it only serves to make our favorite pornstars hotter because it solidifies them as true freaks in the sheets.

    via PEEPERZ.

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Welcome back to another edition of THE BEST SEX LINKS! Shall we see what our sexy friends have been sharing this week? Yes, let’s.

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s ass cheeks via Vogue. As many of have probably already guessed, Rosie Huntington Whitely’s ass is out of this world. SEE ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELY’S ASS ON TAXI DRIVER MOVIE.

    PEEPERZ invites you to take a look at Vanessa Williams in Penthouse back before she was a botoxed freak. Man, was she ever fine. VANESSA WILLIAMS PENTHOUSE PICTURES FROM 1983 VIA PEEPERZ.

    THE NIP SLIP has more Rita Ora sexy candids. She might be tearing up the music charts, but we’ll always respect her first and foremost for her recent domination of porn blogs. RITA ORA SEXY CANDIDS ON THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER has pictures of Maite Perroni in a bikini. Maite Perroni is a Mexican singer and actress that you’ve probably never heard of. But if you like latinas with sexy curves, this is right up your alley. MAITE PERRONI BIKINI PICS ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    CELEBS EMPIRE is a great site, with one of the most comprehensive collections of nude celebrities. Today, I recommend you look at their selection of CARMEN ELECTRA PLAYBOY PICS.

    YOUR DAILY GIRL has Ashley Benson’s sexy photo shoot from Complex. So check it out. ASHLEY BENSON IS YOUR DAILY GIRL.

    Remind me…you guys like big tits right? Well, if so, then BOOBIE BLOG‘s free gallery of Jelena Jensen exposing her big tits will make your day. JELENA JENSEN STRIPS OUT OF A YELLOW DRESS ON BOOBIE BLOG.

    IMAGE POST has a preview video and a free gallery via X-Art of a new Czech hottie named Laura. She’s not unlike Caprice in terms of looks and sexual prowess. You’re going to love her because of that and she’s Czech, which immediately makes her super hot. LAURA’S X-ART DEBUT VIA IMAGE POST.

    FLESHBOT has an exclusive new interview with super sexy pornstar Sovereign Syre. If she’s not already one of your all-time favorites, she will be once you’re done the interview. SOVEREIGN SYRE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON FLESHBOT.

    MORAZZIA is on top of the hottest free porn galleries. Today, they’ve got a gallery featuring the incredibly sexy Kendall Karson as a masseuse that gives very happy endings. Very, very happy endings. KENDALL KARSON’S HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE VIA MORAZZIA.

    SINN & SKINN has a very sexy, very sensual video of model Gigi Paris seducing some hunk on the beach. It’s not hardcore or anything, but Gigi Paris is topless and it’s very erotic. GIGI PARIS SEXY NUDE BEACH VIDEO VIA SINN & SKINN.

    Do you like looking at pictures of beautiful women wearing lingerie? Of course you do. Everyone does. Well, you’re going to need to see PRETTY HOT AND SEXY‘s gallery of the stunning Bregje Heinen in lingerie. BREGJE HEINEN IN LINGERIE VIA PRETTY HOT AND SEXY.

    THE FEEDING TUBE has gone above and beyond the call of duty by providing us with Alyssa Arce beach candids. Like us, the good people over at the Feeding Tube agree that Alyssa Arce is the perfect woman. One look at Alyssa Arce candid at the beach will have you agreeing with us. ALYSSA ARCE BEACH CANDIDS VIA THE FEEDING TUBE.

    TOP BABES BLOG has a gallery of the truly beautiful British model Rae in her Playboy debut. Watch out for Rae, because if she keeps putting out pictures this hot, she’s going to be a superstar. SEE RAE’S PLAYBOY PICS ON TOP BABES BLOG.

    I CAN LICK IT has a honeymoon sex video. Now, I’ve been in the adult industry long enough to tell you that this isn’t a real honeymoon sex video. It’s an X-Art video starring Silvie Delux. That said, it’s still worth watching because you can never have enough Silvie Delux and her long, sexy legs in your life. SILVIE DELUX’S HONEYMOON SEX VIDEO ON I CAN LICK IT.

    What better way to end the BEST SEX LINKS than with two of the world’s best black pornstars exploring each other’s bodies courtesy of BOOTY SOURCE. Jada Fire and Nyomi Banxxx strip together and it’s awesome. JADA FIRE AND NYOMI BANXXX LESBIAN GALLERY VIA BOOTY SOURCE.

    That’s it for now!

    And hey! To all webmasters that might be reading this, if you want to have your site included in THE BEST SEX LINKS, feel free to contact me here: YOUR SITE IN THE BEST SEX LINKS.

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  • KY’s Sexercise Program

    Super sex lubricant brand KY thinks that we’re not having enough sex because the stress of our daily routines and our obsession with technology is too distracting for us to have sex.

    To get people interested in sex again, they enlisted the help of sexologists, personal trainers and pornstars to develop a sexercise program that will solve all your sexual problems.

    The classes were supposedly offered at Buenos Ares’s largest gym complex, with over 5,000 participants hoping to spark an interest in sexual activity and build sexual stamina. However, I did some research on that and there’s no evidence that it actually happened.

    Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Links

    It’s that time again! Let’s check-in with the best sex from around the internet.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day

    BdY41a1CIAA4Qve Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day


    I’m not sure how but the internet has declared January 7th to be National Blowjob Day!

    Some of you might be wondering why we need a National Blowjob Day when we already have Steak and Blowjob Day on March 7th. Well, we need a National Blowjob Day because vegetarians like to get their dick sucked too. Why should they be excluded from celebrating oral sex just because they don’t eat meat?

    Makes sense to me.

    Anyways, in the spirit of my new favorite holiday, I’d like to give you the Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day. Celebrate the greatest holiday in the world the right way!  Continue Reading

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  • Kendall Karson Top 10

     Kendall Karson Top 10

    Kendall Karson

    For the most part, what a porn star does in their free time is a complete and utter mystery. But not Kendall Karson.

    The Best New Starlet nominee just attended a charity poker event in Florida to benefit the families of fallen police officers. Kendall Karson plans to continue doing charity work, specifically with an organization dedicated to helping women fight against domestic violence.

    Sadly, Kendall Karson was a victim of domestic abuse as well, which was recently revealed in an interview with AVN. We think it’s very admirable that Kendall Karson is able to open with her experience and using her star status to support to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). We would fully endorse her as a spokesperson for the NCADV. In hopes of spreading the word about Kendall Karson and her good cause, we went ahead and made a Kendall Karson Top 10. Continue Reading

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