• 7 Amateur Porn Stars You Need to Watch Fuck Right Now

    Every day, the Mofos offices are getting flooded with sex tape submissions from amateur porn stars trying to see if they’ve got the goods to make it big in the porn industry. While each amateur porn star’s submission to Mofos is worth at least one watch, we just finished vetting’s collection of free Mofos videos and there are 7 amateur porn stars you need to watch fuck right now.

    Some you may recognize, whether from previous amateur porn work or, hopefully, they’ve gone on to make professional porn videos. Either way, make sure you are alone, drop your pants and prepare to have your load blown over and over again by some spectacular amateur porn stars courtesy of Mofos.

    1. Sexy ebony teen Anya teases the camera

    Anya’s big tits are simply hypnotic. Enjoy. Thank goodness her amateur sex tape led her to a professional porn career. See more Anya.

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  • Jasmine Caro Can Even Make Sticky Notes Sexy

    Sticky notes, the small pieces of paper with re-adherable strips of glue on their backs, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces aren’t sexy, right? WRONG.

    This revelation may shock and confuse you because how can a mundane office supply such as sticky notes be sexy? For this, we turn to the Brazzers video below starring the effortlessly sexy Latina Jasmine Caro who does the impossible and makes sticky notes sexy.

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    October 6, 2015 • Porn • Views: 3359

  • We Should All Aspire to Have Sex Like Isabella de Santos

    While browsing through free Mofos videos on, we found an old amateur sex tape starring one of porn’s sexiest Latinas: the one and only Ms Isabella de Santos.

    Though she hadn’t adopted the “Isabella de Santos” moniker yet when the amateur sex tape was shot, one thing was immediately very clear: this chick can fuck. No wonder she’s found fame and acclaim starring in porn videos for a living. Isabella de Santos, even before she was the pornstar we know and love today, was having incredible sex. Sex we should all aspire to have. So please revisit Isabella de Santos’ old amateur sex tape below or watch the full video in HD when you visit and take notes because this is perfect sex.

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