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  • Nominate The Year’s Best Porn for the Awards!

    Ok guys. Award season is coming up and it’s high time that we, the Blog, honor our favorite things in sex and porn.

    Normally, I’d be arbitrarily selecting all the winners myself based on personal preference, but this year I thought it would be better to let you, the reader, nominate this year’s best porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Power Rankings: October 2014’s Top Pornstars

    Welcome to the Blog’s first-ever PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS!

    There are hundreds and hundreds of pornstars working hard to make hot new porn videos for you to fap to, thereby making the world a better place. But because there are so many girls putting out so much good stuff, it’s easy to miss or lose track of what some girls have been up to.

    That’s why every month, we’ll be publishing the PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS. It’s the best way we could think of to recap and rank the previous month’s top pornstars. And we take everything into consideration for the rankings including: new porn videos, sharing sexy personal pics on social media, making news, etc.

    So let’s see who the top pornstars were in October 2014.

    NOTE: Whether you love the rankings or hate them to death, please feel free to speak to us about it on Twitter @sexdotcomContinue Reading

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  • Lisa Ann Reveals Flyers Defenseman Michael Del Zotto Is Extremely Horny

    Lisa Ann, the 42 year-old MILF pornstar that’s captured the hearts of fappers since reemerging as the porn parody version of Sarah Palin, is back on the front page of the Sports section and not just because she’s been caught canoodling with Notre Dame’s freshman wide-receiver Justin Brent.

    Yesterday, Lisa Ann made news by revealing via Twitter that Philadelphia Flyer Michael Del Zotto is an extremely horny dude.  Continue Reading

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  • “NO PUNISHMENT” For Notre Dame WR Dating Pornstar Lisa Ann

    Last week, it came to light that legendary MILF pornstar Lisa Ann is currently dating Notre Dame’s freshman wide receiver Justin Brent.

    When their relationship was revealed, it was initially unclear whether there would be punitive measures taken against Brent, especially after ESPN’s Darren Rovell dug up Notre Dame’s official position on players’ sexual activity.  Continue Reading

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  • 3 Reasons Why Lisa Ann on a Date with Duke Wide Receiver Is No Surprise

    Guess who was spotted canoodling Wednesday at MSG while the New York Knicks were playing a preseason game against the Washington Wizards?

    Legendary MILF pornstar Lisa Ann and freshman Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent!

    Brent has even played a game for the Irish yet, but if he was at a Knicks game with Lisa Ann, dude’s got serious game.  Continue Reading

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  • What Are The Top Porn Searches Where You Live?

    So Pornhub’s year review included the top porn searches by country and honestly, is there really any better way to get to know what a place is like than to find out what kind of porn they as a general population like to watch? Alright, I’m kidding, but I was actually just generally greatly amused by their findings. is awesome and also made an interactive map for the fourth of July, but since Gil already talked about that one, I’m just going to link it for you here. (I wouldn’t want to steal his thunder, you know)

    Let’s start with the USA:

    Continue Reading

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  • Who Is The World Fapping To?

    Around this time last year, PornMD launched its “sex search” feature, which allows everyone to see what the Top 10 porn searches are for almost every country in the world.

    While PornMD’s sex search is enlightening, the problem I’ve always had with it is that we mostly only see categories and not specific babes that the world is searching for.

    Continue Reading

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  • CNBC’s Dirty Dozen 2013

    Porns Most Popular Cover CNBCs Dirty Dozen 2013

    “Dirty Dozen” is a lazy and overused alliteration

    Every year CNBC compiles a list of their Top 12 favorite pornstars.

    Well, not exactly. They make a list of the Top 12 pornstars with the most Xbiz and AVN award nominations to determine who are currently the biggest stars. CNBC feels that though these nominations are an acknowledgement of on-screen performances, they also reflect the strongest drawing power in the industry.

    Is that true? Maybe. I think it’s more likely that reporting on financial markets 24/7 is so boring and frustrating that they need to watch porn to blow off steam. And when you’re watching a lot of porn, why not write about it? That’s how I feel at least because I’m paid to do both.

    Regardless of how CNBC determines the best pornstars of the year, this year they definitely made some great picks.

    Are you ready to see the CNBC’s Top 12 pornstars of 2013?  Continue Reading

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  • How To Get A Date With Lisa Ann

    43822 02 How To Get A Date With Lisa Ann

    Lisa Ann

    A question I get asked a lot is, “How do I date a pornstar?”

    The way I see it, the key to dating a pornstar is to treat them like a normal human woman, not a sexual object, and live in the greater Los Angeles area.

    Unfortunately, I can’t help you treat a pornstar like a normal human woman and not a sexual object. That’s up to you.

    However, there is something you can do to date a pornstar if you don’t live in the Los Angeles area. Especially if the pornstar you’re hoping to go on a date with is the world’s favorite MILF Lisa Ann.

    All you have to do to date Lisa Ann is make a sign.  Continue Reading

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  • Have Sex With Joanna Angel…

    43253 07 Have Sex With Joanna Angel...

    Joanna Angel

    GREAT NEWS! You can now have sex with Joanna Angel!

    Ermm…Sorry…That’s not entirely true. You can now have sex with a replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy because Fleshlight just announced that she is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Continue Reading

    October 30, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 4420