• 4 Reasons Why Fucking Your Boss Might Be A Good Idea

    Office relationships are a lot like long-distance relationships in that everyone agrees that they should be avoided at all costs.

    Office relationships between co-workers can usually work out. But there’s no question that any office relationship between a boss and his/her subordinate is definitely a bad idea.

    Why? Because your co-workers will eventually find out and resent you, believing you are getting preferential treatment thanks to your awesome blowjob skills. If one of you believes it to be just a fling and the other is looking for something more, the awkwardness will be a distraction at work, and much weirder than your average break-up. You’ll never know if your performance evaluation is an honest assessment of your work or a tongue-and-cheek critique of your fucking ability.

    These are just three reasons why you should avoid fucking your boss…but by not fucking your boss…you’re, presumably, not fucking anyone, which is totally unacceptable. Rather than have you endure a dry spell, here are 4 reasons why fucking your boss might be a good idea!  Continue Reading

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  • 7 Reasons To Celebrate Catalina Cruz’s Birthday with Dana DeArmond Live On Cam

    OMG YOU GUYS! Catalina Cruz, the sexy Slovenian babe that’s often been mistaken for a lovely Latina (though it really doesn’t matter because Catalina Cruz is smolderingly sexy no matter what her ethnicity is), is having a birthday party tonight!

    That said, Catalina Cruz isn’t having your average birthday party. She’ll be celebrating her birthday tonight with a wild live show, free for members of her website, that you can’t miss.

    Why can’t you miss Catalina Cruz’s live birthday cam show? Here are 7 reasons whyContinue Reading

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  • The Fourteen Times Sex Has Really Screwed You Over

    “The 1st Class Lifestyle” recently posted an article about the “Ten Times Sex Has Ruined Your Life” and while I have to agree with most of these,  I feel like there are just a couple missing. So let’s do some tweaking a la here, starting with renaming this title to “The Fourteen Times Sex Has Really Screwed You Over” so that it’s punny.

    According to “The 1st Class Lifestyle”, these are the 10 times sex has ruined your life:  Continue Reading

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  • Brooklyn Chase on the Perception of Pornstars

    Yesterday, the blog Empire Eyes had the pleasure of sharing a guest post penned by none other than the stunning and lovely Brooklyn Chase.

    Due to Brooklyn Chase’s line of work (she’s a pornstar), she’s often faced with criticism and negativity. Though she’s supported by her fans, the negativity has taken centre stage as of late after Christy Mack’s brutal brush with domestic violenceContinue Reading

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  • Sexiest Presley’s

    Today would have been Elvis Presley’s 78th birthday had he not died on a toilet in Graceland. While they cut a piece of birthday cake and pour it out on the curb for the fallen homie in his town Memphis, Tennessee we’d like to take this opportunity to take care of business and remember our Top 10 Sexiest Presley’s.

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