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  • Clippers Owner David Sterling Is a Racist, Obviously, but Also a Weird Sex Freak!

    The NBA is in a bit of a rough spot right now.

    With the playoffs in full swing, and with the Raptors no doubt on their way to winning their first NBA title after continuing to dominate the Brooklyn Nets (as a wise man once said, fuck Brooklyn), the spotlight has shifted away from the sport and onto the beleaguered owner of the L.A Clippers.

    Yup, the video evidence is conclusive.  David Sterling is a huge racist.  This should not come as a surprise, since he’s always been a huge racist. But on top of being a huge racist, were you aware that David Sterling is also a huge womanizer? In 2003 he was involved in a big sex scandal where he admitted to paying for prostitutes, or, as he called them in his testimony, ‘freaks,’ who he then banged all over his Beverly Hills Apartment.

    Here’s a funny quote from David Sterling’s testimony in 2003:

    David Sterling. You’re rich as a motherfucker. You may be old as dirty and look like a melting marshmallow covered in dust, but you still manage to have sex with young, attractive women. As an aside, isn’t it weird that Sterling is dating a non-white person? Freaky. Anyways, you also happen to own one of the most popular and coolest NBA teams around right now, and you’re willing to throw all of that away so you can huff and puff and try to act like a big shot about these delusional ideals that guide your morals?

    Fuck that guy. Huge loser. I’m only posting about him because of that funny sex scandal excerpt I found. Dude is a waste of a human, otherwise. Let’s all laugh at him, take some time to consider the segregation and discrimination that still exists in our world, watch as he flails around hurling this and that lawsuit, and then wait until he gets forgotten about and bites the dust.

    In the mean time, here’s a bunch of pictures of interracial scenes. Can’t we all get along? TAKE THIS, YOU SCUMBAG:

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    Why can’t we all just get along and not cheat on our wives and have sex with people of every race and live in a happy peaceful world? We are sexual beings.  We all have to live on this fucking rock until it explodes or gets taken over by aliens or gravitates into the sun, so fuck racism and fuck David Sterling.

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  • Measure B has Killed Porn Scenes in LA

    Measure B

    Unintentional Durex Product Placement

    Last November, the people of Los Angeles county voted to make condoms mandatory in all porn scenes filmed in their jurisdiction.

    Almost the entire porn industry was against the mandate because condoms can be impractical while filming porn scenes and also production companies would be forced to pay lots of money and jump through hoops to get the necessary film permits.

    As usual, the public wasn’t sympathetic to the plight of their local pornographers. They thought, “Well, porn studios would have to pay more…but to enforce this law, the county will have to make condom inspector jobs and we’ll be promoting safe sex at the same time…What could possibly go wrong?”

    Let me tell you, a lot could go wrong… Continue Reading

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  • Porn’s future: L.A. or Vegas?


    Email me if you’re selling tickets to Cirque de Soleil

    Last week, the entire adult industry made its annual trip to Las Vegas to hand out some awards and put the wheels in motion for new business deals. Why I was “banned” from the “event” is beyond me. If my friend’s future brother-in-law Alan didn’t roofie us by accident, we would have found my friend Doug on the roof of the hotel a lot sooner…but that’s a story for another time.

    This year’s trip to Las Vegas had a different connotation. Since Measure B passed in November, people have questioned whether or not the core of the industry will move from Southern California to Las Vegas. After all, the industry’s biggest conventions and award ceremonies are held in Las Vegas. It would be like moving out of your regular house to live at your beach house.

    Industry heads are currently trying to appeal Measure B. If a move were to happen, it wouldn’t happen until the appeal was rejected. That didn’t stop the Las Vegas Sun from weighing the pros and cons of moving the multi-million dollar industry to Las Vegas.

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  • Measure B passes & we don’t like it.

    Jessica Drake and James Deen abide by the new law

    As you may have heard, there was an election last night and it was pretty exciting. Here are a few things that you need to know:

    • Barack Obama will be the President of the United States for another four years.
    • Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado.
    • Measure B passed in Los Angeles County

    The first two bits of news might make you real happy or real sad, either way it doesn’t matter because Measure B passing effects us all in the worst possible way. Measure B requires porn actors to wear condoms on movie sets!

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  • NO on Measure B

    No on Measure B

    Measure B is a proposed mandate that would force all adult performers to wear condoms in their films. Despite the syphilis scare that happened this summer, the adult industry is very serious about blood tests for performers. Why should city health officials be sent to sets throughout Los Angeles to make sure performers are wearing condoms? Is it not the responsibility of the industry and the performers to ensure their health and safety?

    Give the kids and seniors their goddamn flu shots and stay off the set.

    Mind you, it’s never a bad idea to wear a condom when you’re having sex in your personal life. Sex in your personal life doesn’t require monthly blood-tests so it’s best to be safe.

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  • Mulder and Scully Together In Real Life

    Based on their on-screen sexual tensions, is it any surprise that they got together?

    Alright nerds, prepare to have your minds blown.

    Gillian Anderson is reportedly living with X-Files co-star David Duchovny in Los Angeles.

    Now there is no hard evidence that these two are romantically connected. However, Gillian Anderson did just leave her boyfriend of six years, Mark Griffiths.

    Though this is not relevant information, she did come out as being bi-sexual recently. Awesome.

    Meanwhile Duchovny split up with wife Tea Leoni in 2008, when he went to sex rehab.

    Keep in mind that these “sources” could be huge X-Files fans who have been waiting for these two actors to be single for years. Since 1993, the public has wanted these two to actually form a relationship (and with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart breaking up it might be time to give the people what they want).

    All I know is that if a recently single bi-sexual, British sexpot is staying with her sex addicted former co-star, combined with nineteen years of public pressure to bang, something is likely to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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