• 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

    On Friday, the New York Times featured a first-person essay penned by none other than superstar adult performer Kayden Kross, chronicling her journey from a 21-year old stripper to present day where Kross is now a mother and engaged to male pornstar Manuel Ferrara.

    Anyone who knows Kayden Kross knows that she’s an exceptionally talented writer. Her firsthand account of coming up in the porn industry in the interest of “securing her security” only to find love and family is fascinating and eloquent. And it’s her eloquence that allows her to be didactic without being heavy-handed. There are lessons to be learned from Kayden Kross’ New York Times piece, titled “For Kayden Kross, the Family Business Happens to Be Porn“, and to make sure you’ve spotted her lessons, we’ve highlighted them below

    8. Got loans to pay off? Start stripping!

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    7. Despite the submissive and subservient roles women play, women usually make more money than the men (unlike any other industry).

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    6. Even pornstars can fall in love with a kiss.

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    5. Even pornstars get jealous when their partner shoots with someone else

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    4. Even pornstars want to settle down.

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    3. Family = compromise.

    For Kayden Kross that means opting out of her lucrative contract, working exlcusively with Manuel Ferrara and other women (whereas Manuel gets to work with tons of other women), working less and caring primarily for their daughter.

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    2. It doesn’t matter if you lose your lover’s attention on a porn shoot to a fellow pornstar.

    It’s no different than any other kind of cheating. Relationships unravel in mysterious ways when you’re not looking…even in you’re a pornstar.

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    1. Maintaining your love is all you can hope to do, no matter what life throws your way.

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    If you have a minute, I really do recommend you read Kayden Kross’ piece in the New York Times.

    Kayden Kross for The New York Times.

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  • How To Handle A Break-Up



    Break-ups aren’t easy. The trick to handling a break-up is allowing yourself to grieve and then find closure.

    How does one find closure post-break-up? Well, you could always get together with your ex once the wounds aren’t as fresh and talk about what went wrong. You could start seeing someone new. You could go on a trip or take a vacation. You could write a letter expressing all your frustration and never send. You could drink yourself blind.

    These are all viable options to get closure from a relationship. However, we should all try to handle a break-up like Detroit strip club mogul Alan Markovitz. He bought the house next to his ex-wife’s house and placed a gigantic middle finger on the patio as a constant reminder to his ex-wife that he hates her.

    Watch this report on how Alan Markovitz is handling his break-up:

    Good for you, Alan!

    Sure, if my ex-wife did this to me I would be super upset. However, whatever allows for closure in the relationship post-break-up is a good thing.

    The statue is quite beautiful to be fair. He could have chosen a much more obscene statue…


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  • Chico’s Sex Advice – Girls For Friendship and Love


    This girl is perfect for friendship and love

    Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

    Today’s question comes from a loyal Blog pawn by the name of Millie.

    Mille asks,

    “Hi Chico. First I have to tell you I like u so much. And I want to know how can I have a girl for friendship and love?”

    First I have to tell you that I like you so much Millie!

    Now, how can you get a girl for friendship and love?  Continue Reading

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  • The Babes of 138 Water

    Nicole Aniston bikini

    Nicole Aniston for 138 Water

    What is 138 Water?

    The company that makes it claims that 138 Water is water that will change your life.

    Will it? I don’t know. It’s just electrolyte enhanced purified water. So maybe if you’re dehydrated and you drink 138 Water, your dehydrated life will be changed for the better.

    Some of you may already know that 138 is slang for “I Love You”. One Meaning, Three Words, Eight Letters.

    1 is Unity. 3 is Trinity. 8 is Infinity.

    I’m not making any of this up. It’s all on their website if you don’t believe me.

    Saying that electrolyte enhanced purified water is love is pretty damn lame if you ask me. 138 Water does have a saving grace though. They have excellent taste in babes!

    It’s like they knew how heavy-handed and stupid it is to say that their special water is life-changing love juice, so to make up for it they got super babes like Nicole AnistonNikki Leigh, Kendra Perez, Amanda Cerny, and Jessa Hinton posing in bikinis with bottles of 138 Water.

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 1) – Sex Art Kit

    But anyone who has tried to go shopping for their special someone on Valentine’s day knows that Valentine’s Day is really a holiday where you walk around the mall developing an ulcer and then you go to dinner empty-handed and your wife hands you divorce papers.

    Finding that perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mistress, crush, or favorite prostitute is never easy. The same is true for finding that perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, boy toy, man-crush, or favorite gigolo (no sexism on this blog). Since we made sure you had the perfect Christmas with our Christmas Gift Guide, we knew we would have to bail you out again for Valentine’s Day.

    So let’s rip open this big heart shaped box of chocolates that is’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 1) and shovel it down our throats.

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