• 32 Yoga Pants GIFs To Celebrate LuluLemon’s CEO Big Payday

    You might have heard by now that Chip Wilson, Lululemon’s founder, agreed to sell half of his stake in the yoga pants company for $845 million.

    Damn. That’s a lot of cash.

    Why did this happen? Are yoga pants and their ass-enhancing effects soon to be a thing of the past?

    NOPE! Chip Wilson sold half his shares because he’s been fighting to regain control of Lululemon since the board forced him to resign as chair after saying some stupid things in an interview. Wilson wanted to oust two members of the board of directors and threatened to lead a shareholder revolt, bolstered by his large stake in the company. To avoid this, equity firm Advent International dangled a $845 million cheque in his face and Chip decided that taking that massive sum of money was better than destroying the company he tried to build.

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  • Yoga Pant Wearing PAWGs Get Apology From Lululemon Founder

    pawg-yoga-pants-babe-sexy ? PAWGs in yoga pants

    Last week, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson blamed any problems with Lululemon yoga pants on women with big asses that wear yoga pants.

    Obviously a statement like that is bad for business, considering how many PAWGs wear yoga pants. So Mr. Chip Wilson issued this apology:  Continue Reading

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  • Asses In Yoga Pants


    Yoga Pants: an ass lover’s best friend.

    Remember when Lululemon had to recall a bunch a bunch of yoga pants for being too see-through?

    Well since then, things haven’t been going great. The company has lost money, they’ve tried to find a new CEO, and now they’re doing what every company does before they go totally bankrupt: blame their customers.

    In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson said, “There has always been pilling. The thing is that women will wear a seatbelt that don’t work or they’ll wear a purse that doesn’t work or, quite frankly, some women’s bodies don’t work for it.”

    Some women’s bodies don’t work for it? How freaking stupid are you, Chip?

    The poor guy tried to save himself by saying, “I don’t think that, because even our small sizes would fit an extra large. It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, and how much they use it….”

    But still, what was said before cannot be taken back. Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon, thinks that there’s nothing wrong with his yoga pants. The problem with his pants is the women wearing them.

    Well, Chip. I disagree. I think your pants are fucking stupid unless they are being worn by a woman (or perhaps a man with incredible muscle tone).

    To prove that women aren’t the problem with yoga pants, here now is a collection of the best asses in yoga pants:  Continue Reading

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  • See-through or not, yoga pants are sexy

    Lululemon has recalled their “Luon” yoga pants because they have deemed too see-through, but isn’t that the point of yoga pants?

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