Maddy O’reilly

  • This Hot Babe Will Be Elegant Angel’s Next Slutwoman

    We really hope we’re not putting anyone on blast here, but we think we know which hot pornstar will succeed Maddy O’Reilly as Elegant Angel’s next Slutwoman.

    The next hot pornstar to be dubbed Elegant Angel’s next Slutwoman is… Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Power Rankings: June 2015’s Top Pornstars

    There are hundreds of pornstars working hard to make hot new porn videos for you to fap to, thereby making the world a better place. But because there are so many girls putting out so much good stuff, it’s easy to miss or lose track of what some girls have been up to.

    That’s why every month, this free porn blog publishes the PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS, a monthly recap and ranking of the past month’s 15 top pornstars. We take everything into consideration for the rankings including: new porn videos, sharing sexy personal pics on social media, making news, etc.

    This list is highly subjective and is by no means scientific, so if you have a problem with it please discuss it with us on Twitter: @sexdotcom.

    So let’s see who the top pornstars were in June 2015!

    15. Skye West

    We first encountered Skye West in April 2015, but June 2015 is when she really blew up. With good reason too because she’s so dang cute! This past month, Skye starred in at least 7 new porn videos (possibly more), which is a solid output for a sexy newbie. And guess what? They were all great, especially her Team Skeet appearance at the very end of June which you can see a condensed version of her soaking wet blowjob scene below.

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  • Submissive Maddy O’Reilly is The Hottest Thing Ever

    We’ve got a little preview of Maddy O’Reilly‘s amazing new Doctor Adventures scene where she plays a naughty, submissive nurse that gets absolutely dominated by her boss’s big cock.

    You’ve no doubt come to expect great porn videos from Maddy O’Reilly because she combines cute and slutty so perfectly but the way she begs to be used and abused is absolutely incredible. So put your headphones on right now, turn the volume all the way up and be prepare to get off simply by listening to Maddy O’Reilly’s dirty talk.  Continue Reading

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