Madelyn Monroe

  • Watch Madelyn Monroe Get DP’d For Financing

    Madelyn Monroe‘s new invention (a pleasure bud that uniquely adapts to please any woman who stuffs it in her pussy) needs financing, which is why she’s on the set of Brazzers‘ new reality TV show “Time to Prove Yourself” to pitch her project to potential investors.

    Watching the sexy Madelyn Monroe hike up her skirt and demonstrate how her pleasure bud can make any woman cum, Ramon and Tommy are ready to throw wads of cash at her to get her product on the market. But before the deal is finalized, they need to make sure that Madelyn Monroe is the super-slut she claims to be. Is letting the guys fuck her pussy and ass at the same time enough to seal the deal? Watch Madelyn Monroe get DP’d below.  Continue Reading

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  • Why Is Incest Porn So Damn Popular?

    Incest porn’s rise to prominence is something that I truly don’t understand because I hate my family. Why would I fuck them if I can’t even bare to spend a few minutes in their company?

    Despite my inability to see incest porn’s appeal, there’s no denying that it’s popularity is booming. According to a recent study conducted by GameLink, incest porn consumption went up a 178 percent between October 2014 and January 2015.

    But why? Why are so many people getting off to incest porn?  Continue Reading

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  • Has Evil Angel Gone Too Far with this New Porn Movie?

    I just received a press release from Evil Angel, makers of the best hardcore porn known to perverts worldwide, announcing their latest release: Mike Adriano’s Rectal Feeding.

    Upon reading the title of their latest porn movie, I had to step back for a moment and ask myself…has Evil Angel gone too far?  Continue Reading

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  • 8 Reasons to buy Measure B parody


    In November, LA County voters passed Measure B which will force all porn performers to wear condoms. The whole industry fought against it but voters were intent on meddling in an industry they couldn’t possibly understand. Instead of chaffing themselves to death by wearing condoms all the time or bailing on LA, the porn industry is continuing the fight against Measure B.

    Zero Tolerance Entertainment just finished production on a new parody called Measure X that spoofs the ridiculous consequence of Measure B. Though it won’t be released until February, here are our Top 8 reasons to buy Measure X (the Measure B parody):

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