• Find Out Which State Produces The Most Pornstars

    Pornstars! Where the heck do they come from?

    Do they grow on trees? Do they sprout up from broken homes? Are they raised under oppressive, antiquated value systems?

    Curious to find out where the majority of American pornstars come from, combed through PornHub’s (never heard of them. Are they a porn site?) 200 most popular pornstars and crossed referenced it with said pornstars bio’s to determine which of these united states turns out the most adult talent.  Continue Reading

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  • This Map Highlights all of the Dirty-Named Places in the World

    Feeling depressed because it’s Monday morning and life sucks and you’re at work for another long-ass week?  Well turn that frown upside down, dummy!

    If you’ve watched every episode of the Simpsons (BEFORE SEASON 12, OBVIOUSLY) like I have, then perhaps you will remember this little exchange between Superintendent Chalmers, Principal Skinner, and El Barto himself:

    Bart Simpson: Hey, Chalmers, where are you from?

    Superintendent Chalmers: Well, I was born in Queens, went to Ball state, then made the move to Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Uh, why do you ask?

    Continue Reading

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  • Which States Have The Longest (and Shortest) Sex

    Call me a pessimist, but life nowadays is all about collecting data about yourself so companies can make infographics they can share to promote themselves and make everyone on the internet say, “Oh that’s cool,” before moving on to a different infographic. And yes, that includes your sex life.

    Spreadsheets is an app that uses your phone’s accelerometer and speakers to provide statistical feedback about your sex life by measuring duration, thrusts, and decibel peak. Personally, I don’t think measuring duration, thruts, and decibel peaks is indicative of the quality of sex, it’s just fun to know what your phone thinks.

    Spreadsheets has proven itself useful not by measuring your own sexual performance, but in collecting the average duration of sex in all 50 States (and 1 District). So let’s see which states are having the longest sex.   Continue Reading

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  • Utah’s Porn Problem


    Welcome to Utah!

    No matter where you choose to live, there are going to be problems.

    It’s only human nature to take something good and screw it up.

    Someone took the time to compile the worst problems in all 50 states and of course porn made the list. Just look at the map:  Continue Reading

    September 24, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 788

  • What porn is the world watching?



    Everybody is all excited about this new Pope, but frankly I don’t get it. So an old man took another old man’s job? The economy is tough everywhere.

    Thankfully, PornMD has violated the privacy of millions and created one of the most interesting sex/porn infographics we’ve ever seen. They broke down the fapping habits by U.S. state and country to show everyone the top 10 most common searches in the last six months. “Milf”, “teen”, “college”, and “asian” were the most common across the United States.

    For some reason Montana’s most searched category is “compilation”, which is not a real category. Get it together, Montana. Continue Reading

    March 13, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 1200