Measure B

  • Porn Studio Digitally Removing Condoms

    There are condoms in this picture, therefore it is relevant to the blog post and not just a gratuitous sharing of a sexy butt

    There are condoms in this picture, therefore it is relevant to the blog post and not just a gratuitous sharing of a sexy amateur’s butt

    Falcon Studios may have just saved the porn industry from the oppression of condoms. But it’s not going to be easy.

    For their latest release, California Dreamin’ 1Falcon Studios is planning to digitally remove condoms in post-production so that the movie looks as though the performers were bareback the entire time.

    Anyone who has done any post-production, digital doctoring of images knows that this task won’t be easy but if it works, the porn industry could be saved!  Continue Reading

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  • Protective Eye-Wear Required In Porn?


    Are you ready for goggle porn?

    Remember Measure B? The L.A. County by-law that requires condoms on all porn productions?

    Well, Measure B has made its way to the California Senate, which if passed would require condoms in all porn produced in the state of California. Currently, the bill is stalled and the latest draft not only requires pornstars to wear condoms but also protective gogglesContinue Reading

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  • Adult Perfomer Tests Positive for HIV

    Sometimes even condoms can't save you...

    Sometimes even condoms can’t save you…

    The following statement was issued by the Adult Production Health & Safety Services on June 14th, 2013:

    “An adult performer has tested positive for HIV. This performer worked exclusively on condom-only sets. As a precautionary measure, APHSS is providing retests for the small number of performers with which the infected individual had performed. All retests have come back negative and there is no indication that any transmission — including that of the positive performer — happened on set.”


    Terrible news.

    The worst part of this story? The performer that contracted HIV is said to have only worked on condom-only porn movies.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Veruca James Loves Getting Naked In Public

    Veruca James porn actress

    Veruca James

    A few weeks ago, I saw an email in my inbox from Veruca James. Naturally, I thought someone was trying to prank me because why would Veruca James, one of the sexiest porn actresses in the world, be emailing me?

    So with extreme skepticism, I replied simply with, “Is this really Veruca James?” To my surprise, it was. It turns out that Veruca James isn’t only one of the sexiest porn actresses in the world, she’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    She was happy to answer a few questions I had about her relationship with Damon James, being from Chicago, and her show Naked In Public. So without further ado, let’s get to the Veruca James interview.   Continue Reading

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  • Measure B Debate on HuffPost Live

    Babe with condom


    If you check this blog often, you should know quite a bit about Measure B.

    If not, Measure B is the L.A. County ordinance introduced last November to make all condoms mandatory for adult performers.

    It’s a controversial issue to say the least.

    Policy makers and health officials who are for Measure B believe that making condoms mandatory will promote safe-sex and diminish the risk of disease among adult performers.

    People working in the adult industry think that condoms will be bad for business, that it’s a waste of tax-payer money, and that shooting with condoms can be logistically complicated.

    Now you have a very basic understanding of the Measure B issue. So let’s watch as Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition; adult performers Danny Wylde and Steven St. Croix; Michael Fattorosi, an adult entertainment attorney; and Mark McGrath, policy and research analyst of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation go at it on a (recorded) live stream via The Huffington Post. Continue Reading

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  • Measure B has Killed Porn Scenes in LA

    Measure B

    Unintentional Durex Product Placement

    Last November, the people of Los Angeles county voted to make condoms mandatory in all porn scenes filmed in their jurisdiction.

    Almost the entire porn industry was against the mandate because condoms can be impractical while filming porn scenes and also production companies would be forced to pay lots of money and jump through hoops to get the necessary film permits.

    As usual, the public wasn’t sympathetic to the plight of their local pornographers. They thought, “Well, porn studios would have to pay more…but to enforce this law, the county will have to make condom inspector jobs and we’ll be promoting safe sex at the same time…What could possibly go wrong?”

    Let me tell you, a lot could go wrong… Continue Reading

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  • Porn’s future: L.A. or Vegas?


    Email me if you’re selling tickets to Cirque de Soleil

    Last week, the entire adult industry made its annual trip to Las Vegas to hand out some awards and put the wheels in motion for new business deals. Why I was “banned” from the “event” is beyond me. If my friend’s future brother-in-law Alan didn’t roofie us by accident, we would have found my friend Doug on the roof of the hotel a lot sooner…but that’s a story for another time.

    This year’s trip to Las Vegas had a different connotation. Since Measure B passed in November, people have questioned whether or not the core of the industry will move from Southern California to Las Vegas. After all, the industry’s biggest conventions and award ceremonies are held in Las Vegas. It would be like moving out of your regular house to live at your beach house.

    Industry heads are currently trying to appeal Measure B. If a move were to happen, it wouldn’t happen until the appeal was rejected. That didn’t stop the Las Vegas Sun from weighing the pros and cons of moving the multi-million dollar industry to Las Vegas.

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  • Origami Condoms

    So long latex!

    So long latex!

    The adult industry is ready to take on Measure B, the L.A. county mandate forcing all adult performers to wear condoms. It’s going to be a long, hard fight. Luckily, the adult industry is well equipped to handle things long and hard.

    One of the reasons that the industry is fighting Measure B is because latex condoms can be hazardous to performers. I know, it’s confusing. Condoms do “protect” performers from all the regular sex-related hazards (infection & pregnancy) but they aren’t practical for comfort. Think about the worst your skin has ever been chafed and then put it on your labia.

    Doesn’t sound like fun, right?

    But the problem isn’t just Measure B, it’s the latex condom itself. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks like “ribbed for her pleasure” or “banana flavored”, there have been too few developments in condom-design in recent years. They’ve been pretty much the same since the 1920’s. I mean, how come I can Google the closest gas station to buy condoms on my goddamn phone but I can’t even get the damn things on!?

    Condoms need a breakthrough. The good news? It may have already happened with Origami Condoms.

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  • 8 Reasons to buy Measure B parody


    In November, LA County voters passed Measure B which will force all porn performers to wear condoms. The whole industry fought against it but voters were intent on meddling in an industry they couldn’t possibly understand. Instead of chaffing themselves to death by wearing condoms all the time or bailing on LA, the porn industry is continuing the fight against Measure B.

    Zero Tolerance Entertainment just finished production on a new parody called Measure X that spoofs the ridiculous consequence of Measure B. Though it won’t be released until February, here are our Top 8 reasons to buy Measure X (the Measure B parody):

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  • Measure B passes & we don’t like it.

    Jessica Drake and James Deen abide by the new law

    As you may have heard, there was an election last night and it was pretty exciting. Here are a few things that you need to know:

    • Barack Obama will be the President of the United States for another four years.
    • Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado.
    • Measure B passed in Los Angeles County

    The first two bits of news might make you real happy or real sad, either way it doesn’t matter because Measure B passing effects us all in the worst possible way. Measure B requires porn actors to wear condoms on movie sets!

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