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  • Melissa Debling’s Laundry Day

    Melissa Debling

    Melissa Debling

    For lots of people, Sunday is laundry day. Including Melissa Debling.

    I know laundry is like the most boring thing ever, but Melissa makes it look very hot…


    Now go do your laundry, you perv!

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  • Melissa Debling Calendar Preview

    Melissa Debling hot

    Melissa Debling

    2014 is still a few months away but if the 2014 Melissa Debling Calendar is any indication, it’s going to be a very good year.

    You may remember Melissa Debling as the beautiful, busty blonde from’s Pool Sex Guide. And if you thought she looked good in those sexy pool pics, wait til you see what the Melissa Debling Calendar has in store for us:


    So as you can see, there are twelve pictures here…

    There are twelve months in a year…

    Does this mean this is the full Melissa Debling calendar?

    Probably not. We’ll just have to find out when we’re buying new calendars in December.

    You know what would be a good idea though? One of those calendars where each day has a new picture and you have to tear them away. You know the ones I mean? That way, instead of 12 pictures of Melissa Debling, we could look at 365 new pictures of Melissa Debling. A new Melissa Debling picture for every single day of the year.

    Now that would be a good way to spend 2014.

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  •’s Pool Sex Guide

    Melissa Debling pool sex

    Melissa Debling is ready for some pool sex

    No summer is complete without accomplishing a goal of some kind.

    Whether it’s hitting a home run in your beer league or pinning 1,000 pictures to a single board, summer is always better when you know you didn’t waste long days, warm weather, and vacation time just scratching your scrote.

    One goal you should all be looking to accomplish this summer is to have sex in a pool. Pool sex is just like regular sex but wetter and kind of out in the open (it depends on the pool), which means that it’s much more exciting than regular sex.

    Summer is your best chance to have pool sex because pools are open in the summer, you dunce. Good luck trying to have pool sex in the middle of January.

    However, before you jump in the water and start having sex, pool sex isn’t as simple as you might think. So let me break it down for you.

    Here’s Chico Dusty‘s guide to pool sex:  Continue Reading

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