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  • Miss Colorado Runner-Up Has a New Porn Scene

    Do you guys remember Kristy Althaus? The Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up that had her title stripped after it was revealed she had shot a scene for

    Do you seriously not remember her? It happened like…only 5 months ago at the time I’m writing this (June 16th, 2014).

    Now we’re talking about Kristy Althaus of Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up. She is not to be confused with Melissa King, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA who lost her crown and title when she shot with

    Though Melissa King was the first teen beauty Queen to be busted for shooting porn and was the topic of more media coverage and controversy, Kristy Althaus was a straight up pornstar.

    Melissa King is a very pretty girl, however looks will only get you so far in porn. There’s an element of performance, a nuance to exaggerating the sex and the pleasure that’s derived from it that’s often lost on non-pornstar (and I can back that claim up with at least a billion different amateur porn videos). Melissa King was a very pretty girl but she just did not grasp the performance element of being in a porn video and her debut porn scene was ultimately a disappointment.

    Kristy Althaus had it, however. Or I guess I should say, “has it.”

    When Kristy Althaus’s porn scene dropped, it blew everyone away. Not only was this young, former beauty Queen smoking hot but she also knew how to sell it to the camera. I imagine that scouts for professional sports teams get a similar feeling when they see a blue chip prospect when I saw Kristy Althaus for the first time. You could just tell that she could be a star.

    “Too bad this is a one and done,” I said to myself five months ago. Oh how naive I was.

    You know who else recognized Kristy Althaus’s talent? The guys over at They must have because they just released a brand new scene featuring your future favorite pornstar, former Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up Kristy Althaus. Looking as hot as ever and banging better than ever, the teen beauty Queen turned pornstar is going to rock your world. Plus, they tease at a Kristy Althaus solo scene. New hardcore plus and an upcoming solo masturbation scene? Could this be a sign she’ll give being a pornstar a try? I truly hope so because she’s a natural.

    To watch Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up Kristy Althaus’s incredible new scene in full, visit

    Or watch the free preview here:

    If that’s not working, you can still watch the free preview on ImagePost:

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  • Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King sex video

    Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

    Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

    The pageant world was rocked today when Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King gave up her crown.

    Usually, people from Delaware are steady and boring just like the state they hail from. So why would Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King step down having only been crowned Miss Delaware in November?

    Well, it’s a simple case of porn discrimination. A porn video surfaced yesterday that allegedly features Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King.

    Instead of getting swept up in all the speculation, I thought it would be best for you to get the facts and watch the alleged scene yourself. Afterwards, you can make up your own goddamn mind.

    So let’s watch this video! Don’t worry, the video was filmed in November shortly after she turned 18.

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