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  • Miley Cyrus Showed 17 Million People Her Fisting Dildo

    miley cyrus hand dildo Miley Cyrus Showed 17 Million People Her Fisting Dildo


    As an internet-famous person, I can tell you first hand that fame has a way of has a way of turning you into a sex-crazed, attention-starved maniac.

    For proof of this, we need only to look to actual famous person Miley Cyrus, who already totally synonymous with sex-crazed, attention-starved manic already. But in typical Miley fashion, she’s taken it to a whole new level.

    On Tuesday night, Miley Cyrus tweeted a selfie that seemed innocuous, however upon closer examination it appears that her hand is actually THE HAND OF ADONIS, a 16 1/2 inch hand-shaped dildo.

    The Hand Of Adonis is designed specifically for fans of fisting. Nice Miley. Here’s the manufacturer’s description:

    NOT for the faint of heart, the Hand of Adonis is a unique tool for size enthusiasts, or anyone interested in fisting. The ultra realistic, 16 1/2 inch arm ends in a ‘duck bill’ positioned hand, with thick fingers for lots and lots of sensation. The realistic feeling, SilAgel filled rubber material is firm, yet quite flexible, and able to bend and twist for the perfect fit inside. It’s also anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and latex and cadmium free for safe enjoyment. The Hand tool is very large, quite heavy, and so not well suited to beginners, but if you’re experienced with large sized toys, you’ll love it. Check out the Fist of Adonis too!

    Some of you might be surprised to see Miley Cyrus using a 16 1/2 inch fist shaped dildo, but just to remind that Miley Cyrus is very famous. And though that might mean she gets to drink Fiji Water on a private jet, it also means that the average dildo can’t get her off anymore. :( . Poor little rich girl.

    Miley, my hands are very slender and unusually soft…so if you’re ready to take on a real fist, I’d like to nominate myself to do the honors. We can talk about what it’s like to famous and sexually depraved. It will be great.

    kdzgtrpmtjfgrwru5bxb Miley Cyrus Showed 17 Million People Her Fisting Dildo

    The Hand of Adonis reaches into Miley’s crotch

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  • Miley Cyrus Blows Bill Clinton

    mileycyrusbillclinton Miley Cyrus Blows Bill Clinton

    Miley Cyrus blows Bill Clinton for the Bangerz Tour

    Miley Cyrus can’t stop trying to be sexy in the weirdest possible ways.

    Wait. Did I say sexy? Sorry I got confused because usually when a celebrity simulates oral sex in front of thousands of fans, it’s sexy. Miley Cyrus simulating giving Bill Clinton a blowjob isn’t sexy. Maybe it is? I don’t know. I think it’s supposed to be shocking, just like the other parts of the Bangerz Tour  where Miley rubs her crotch, rides a hotdog, and wears a leotard made of weed leaves.

    However, Miley Cyrus pretending to give Bill Clinton isn’t shocking so much as it is confusing.

    During the “Party in the USA” portion of Miley’s Bangerz Tour, Miley dances with a a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty, two women in a Mount Rushmore headdresses and a little person wearing a Liberty Bell costume. Then Bill Clinton enters and Miley kneels in front of him and pretends to fellate him.

    Here’s a closer look at Miley Cyrus pretending to give Bill Clinton a blowjob.

    ku xlarge Miley Cyrus Blows Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton got a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky in 1998. Miley Cyrus was born in 1992. No one’s made a Bill Clinton blowjob joke since 2000. What the hell is Miley doing and why is she doing it?

    I guess pretending to blow a President of the United States is the only way to sell records these days.

    I’d like to conclude this post by pointing out Miley’s eyes in that photo. As you can see, she’s looking up at fake-Bill Clinton. She’s trying to establish eye contact while giving a blowjob. Eye contact is one of the hottest things a woman can do while giving a blowjob. It’s so simple yet very effective. Therefore, if Miley Cyrus is trying to establish eye contact during a fake, on-stage blowjob there’s only one conclusion that we can come to…Miley Cyrus gives really good blowjobs.

    If someone can hook me up with backstage passes to Miley’s Bangerz Tour, I’ll be able to either confirm or deny that Miley Cyrus gives really good blowjobs. Until I get those backstage passes, let’s continue to believe there’s nothing quite like a Miley blowjob.

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    tumblr lzwtm2fD1K1qkf70ao1 500 The Best Sex Links!

    Best Sex!

    It’s that time again! Time to see what hot sex our friends from around the internet have been sharing!  Continue Reading

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  • New Miley Cyrus Topless Photos

    mileycover New Miley Cyrus Topless Photos

    All you ever did was wreck me with your topless photos, Miley.

    I’ve been blessed with many advantages over other people. Advantages like being prettier than the average man and having hands so perfect that people will pay $5 to touch them for five minutes.

    Though I could go on forever about how much better I am than you or any regular person, I’ll just say that my biggest advantage is my memory. I never forget a thing. Sometimes I say to people, “I totally forgot, I’m sorry.” The truth, however, is that I didn’t forget and they were ignored.

    Today was the first time I’ve ever doubted my memory. A scan of Miley Cyrus’s Vogue Germany photos surfaced online and I genuinely can’t remember if I’ve posted them before. It’s just that Miley Cyrus is topless so often that I can’t differentiate the incidents of Miley Cyrus toplessness anymore. Normally celebrity nudity is the easiest thing to remember because it happens so sparingly. Miley Cyrus is topless so often that how can anyone keep up?

    So I apologize if I’ve already shared these pictures of Miley Cyrus’s boobs, but who cares? She’s hot, we like boobs.   Continue Reading

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  • Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody

    Miley Cyrus and Ron Jeremy Movie Poster Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody

    Miley and Ron Jeremy: World’s Best Couple?

    Our friends from have created something so shocking that it can’t be unseen: RON JEREMY IN A WRECKING BALL PARODY.

    Watch it right now:

    Well that was disgusting. You know how some people think that women age like milk and men age like a fine wine? Is it uncool of me to say that Ron Jeremy has aged like a hairy clump of unrefrigerated ground beef?

    Still, you got to admire that sense of humor. It almost makes me forget about his distended belly.


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  • Miley Cyrus New Music Video Looks Like a Sex Tape

    tumblr myg76t9zXP1t43v2fo1 500 Miley Cyrus New Music Video Looks Like a Sex Tape

    Miley Cyrus music video / sex tape

    Miley Cyrus released her third single from BANGERZ on Boxing Day (yesterday). It’s called “Adore You” and once again Miley comes through with a sexy new music video.

    Rather than riding a wrecking ball in the nude, Miley takes a more low-key approach and just writhes around in bedsheets while playing with a videocamera and suggestively licking her fingers wearing only underwear. There’s also a bathtub scene that you can’t miss.

    When I was watching it I was like, “WOAH. This looks like a Miley Cyrus sex tape if it was made by X-Art.” Unfortunately, it never goes full sex tape. But Miley is still hot so enjoy this super softcore Miley Cyrus sex tape masquerading as a music video:

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  • Miley Cyrus Frees Her Nipples For Christmas

    mileyflash Miley Cyrus Frees Her Nipples For Christmas

    Can’t wait to get another look at those wrecking balls

    Miley Cyrus is back again this week trying to save Christmas sex for the entire world.

    This time instead of twerking for Christmas, she’s taken to flashing her boobs to spread the spirit. On Saturday, Miley tweeted, “Merry Christmas THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple” and included this picture:

    BbeTPzIIUAA4zFK Miley Cyrus Frees Her Nipples For Christmas

    Free the Nipple is a cause very near and dear to both Miley and I. It’s an organization that aims to “decriminalize the female body.”

    Believe it or not, there are some crazy people who think that women should keep their bodies concealed by clothing. But thankfully with Miley Cyrus backing them, a Christmas miracle that lets women go topless wherever they go could be in the works.

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  • Miley Cyrus Christmas Twerking

    miley xmas cover Miley Cyrus Christmas Twerking

    Merry Christmas Miley!

    KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013 was last Friday (December 6th, 2013) and Miley Cyrus came through to slut-up the Holiday season.

    I’d like to thank Miley for her performance because I feel like she’s finally found a way to make Christmas sexy and hopefully these catch on as Christmas traditions.

    Instead of actual reindeer, why not have a bunch of scantily clad babes wearing prancing around in antlers?

    Instead of sitting on Santa’s lap, why not twerk on his junk?

    If this isn’t your idea of Christmas, take a look at the pictures and see if you won’t reconsider:



    Actually, Christmas is fine the way it is.

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  • Top 10 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Should Be Time’s “Person of the Year”

    miley large Top 10 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Should Be Times Person of the Year

    Miley “Person of the Year” Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus is currently leading the reader’s poll for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. Click here to see the poll results.

    If Miley wins “Person of the Year”, she’ll finally have something in common with Mahatma Gandhi, FDR, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Apollo 8 Austornauts besides smoking tons of weed.

    Of course, it’s not up to the readers. The editors of Time Magazine have final say. Plus it seems that the reader’s poll has been hacked, either to prevent Edward Snowden, the NSA surveillance leaker, from being “Person of the Year” or just to troll people because…well…you know…internet.

    Regardless of the hacking, I truly believe that Miley Cyrus should be Time’s “Person of the Year”. Miley should win not only because a woman hasn’t won the award since former President of the Philippines Corazon Aquino won in 1986, but because she fucking killed it this year. You might even say she came into 2013 like a wrecking ball…she never hit so hard in love…all she wanted was to break your walls…

    Ok that’s enough of that. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Should Be Time’s “Person of the Year”Continue Reading

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