Miranda Kerr

  • Advertising 101: Put A Topless Miranda Kerr In Your Commercial

    Advertising is a cutthroat business. At least it seems to be in Mad Men. And honestly, the only thing I know about the advertising industry comes from Mad Men. Which not only means my understanding of the advertising industry is totally anachronistic, it’s also polluted with melodramatic subplots.

    That said, I do have some advertising advice for young entrepreneurs trying to establish a brand that gets people talking: book a topless Miranda Kerr and put her in your commercial.

    Seriously, it really doesn’t matter what your product is. As long as you have topless Miranda Kerr, people will share the crap out of your commercial and everyone will be talking about that topless Miranda Kerr video they saw online the other day.

    To see this “topless Miranda Kerr = automatically good advertising” theory in action, all we need to do is watch topless Miranda Kerr’s new commercial for 7 Obsessions Jeans. In it, we find Miranda Kerr topless and out of breath, presumably because her new jeans are so cool that they’ve given her orgasm after orgasm. If only there was a for her to wear two pairs of jeans at once because then she’s be able to achieve complete and utter ecstasy in her jeans. Or something like that…

    Let’s watch topless Miranda Kerr love her jeans:

    Do you see now why this is fool proof advertising?

    So now you know. All you need to be good at advertising is film Miranda Kerr with no top for 30 seconds and everyone will be talking about your brand. The only problem is you’re going to need a dump-truck full of hundred dollar bills to get Miranda Kerr topless for your ad.

    I already gave you the idea of shooting a topless Miranda Kerr to promote your product, now it’s up to you to figure out how to pay for it.

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  • Billionaires Brawl Over Miranda Kerr

    Two Australian billionaires started punching each other in broad daylight last week when one confronted the other about dating the incredibly babely Miranda Kerr after leaving his family last year.

    According to reports, Australian media moguls David Gygnell and James Packer ended up rolling around on the sidewalk last Sunday when Gyngell confronted Packer outside his home.

    The two billionaires are childhood friends. Gygnell even served as Packer’s best man in 2007. And being a billionaire, Gyngell decided to take justice into his own hands when he felt his old friend wasn’t treating his estranged family ever since allegedly starting to date Miranda Kerr.

    “He fully accepts that he was the instigator of the incident,” a spokesman for Gyngell told the Daily News. “Clearly, had he not turned up at Packer’s premises in an angry mood then the confrontation would never have occurred.”

    Here now are pictures from the fight:

    Though they’re still friends and were fined $500, I just think it’s hilarious that a couple of Australian billionaires and old friends would start grappling each other over Miranda Kerr.

    I’ve always wanted to be a billionaire for the money, but I never realized that billionaires got to do cool stuff like maybe date Miranda Kerr, become estranged from their families and assault their old friends.

    The only thing that sucks about this story is that Miranda Kerr might be dating a billionaire. How are we supposed to compete with that?

    So we might not ever get a chance to date Miranda Kerr, but at least we can look at nude pictures of her:

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  • Has Miranda Kerr Forgotten How To Wear Clothes?

    It’s not uncommon for people who have been in relationships for a long time to forget how to be single.

    You forget how to spend time alone when you’ve been in a longterm relationship. You forget how to take up the entire bed after you’ve been in a longterm relationship. And when the time comes, people that have been in longterm relationships have absolutely no idea how to date anyone. It’s a freaking miracle they ever landed anyone in the first place.

    Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were together for almost seven years, ending their relationship earlier this year. Or maybe late last year? I don’t know. No one should really care that much.

    Since becoming single, it seems that the thing newly single Miranda Kerr has forgotten is how to wear clothes.

    It seems like every week, Miranda Kerr is posing semi-nude for someone. I couldn’t possibly think of a better way for Miranda Kerr to cope with being dumped than getting undressed. So let’s celebrate Miranda Kerr’s singleness and inability to ever get dressed with her latest nude photos:

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: drunkenstepfather.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Well done Miranda.

    I truly hope that you never relearn how to cover up that stunning body.

    You can start dating again, just please stay as nude as possible.

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  • Miranda Kerr Topless in GQ UK


    Miranda Kerr

    Miranda Kerr is totally winning her divorce with Orlando Bloom.

    While Orlando Bloom toils in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien-themed, New Zealand dungeon, Miranda Kerr is out on the town, posing topless, and considering having lesbian sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr Strips In New Reebok Ad


    Miranda Kerr

    If I could have a Freaky Friday-esque body swap with anyone in the world, I would swap bodies with Miranda Kerr.

    Why Miranda Kerr? Because I feel like I am as good-looking, if not better looking, than Miranda Kerr. Of course, it’s very hard to compare the attractiveness of man to the attractiveness of a woman, but I’ve followed her for a while and I know that she’s exactly as good-looking as me.

    So why swap bodies with someone who is just as attractive as me? Well because Miranda Kerr has an amazing life thanks to her looks, where as people go out of their way to disrespect me because I’m so handsome. So the way I see it, the transition would be easy for me. I’d be just as good looking but I’d also have a beautiful New York City brownstone and all the free Reebok shoes.

    Speaking of Miranda Kerr’s beautiful New York City brownstone and free Reebok shoes, there’s a new Reebok commercial that features Miranda Kerr getting undressed. Let’s watch it now:

    Those shoes look stupid. At least we got to see Miranda Kerr walking around in her panties.

    Now if anyone can help me swap bodies with Miranda Kerr, I’ll repay you with free sex (either with my original body or Miranda’s body, the choice is yours).

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  • Babes Wearing Towels Top 10


    Miranda Kerr wears a towel

    Fashion photographer Mario Testino has been taking behind the scenes pictures of the world’s top models on his Instagram for a while now and spawned the “Towel Series”. As the name might suggest, the “Towel Series” features some of the world’s top models wearing nothing but robes and towels. Following it has made me realize that a towel is one of the hottest things a woman can wear.

    While I still have a lot of love for women who wear lingerie, crop-tops, comfortable clothes, and fur coats, the simplicity of the towel look is quickly becoming another favorite look of mine.

    Fashion Gone Rogue has a review of Mario Testino’s Towel Series, featuring beauties like Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and more so check it out here: Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

    But those are some of the hottest women in the world. Anything they wear immediately becomes super hot.

    To really show you how hot just wearing a towel is, I’ve created this Babes Wearing Towels Top 10 for you to truly understand the sex appeal of just wearing a towel.  Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr’s Nipples By Terry Richardson


    Terry Richardson + Miranda Kerr celebrating Miranda’s perky nipples

    Just a few weeks ago, we were treated to topless Miranda Kerr pictures courtesy of Terry Richardson.

    Now Terry and Miranda have teamed up once again for a little belated Christmas present…

    Miranda Kerr posed for Terry Richardson again but instead of going fully topless, Miranda Kerr has decided to tease us with some see-through lingerie, letting us see her nipples and not much more. But just seeing Miranda Kerr’s nipples through see-through lingerie is just as good as seeing her topless. Maybe even better? I don’t know. Maybe you really like see-through lingerie.

    Anyways, take a look at these sexy pics of Miranda Kerr as a little appetizer





    So while Orlando Bloom is stinking it up in The Hobbit, Miranda Kerr is getting nude for all the internet to enjoy. I think we all know who is winning that break-up.

    Pics via Terry’s Diary.

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  • Miranda Kerr Topless in Harper’s Bazaar


    Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar

    Nothing says, “I’m totally fine with our break-up” like posing nude in a magazine.

    Thankfully, Miranda Kerr knows this and she enlisted the help of master nude photographer Terry Richardson to take some sexy pictures for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

    What do you I say I save you a trip to an Australian magazine store and show you Miranda Kerr’s latest topless photos? Here you go:

    Miranda_Kerr_for_Harper_s_Bazaar_Australia_February_2014_Promo Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr Nude For Chris Colls

    Remember how I told you that Miranda Kerr is now single? Well, it’s possible that I may have jumped the gun because everyone is speculating that Miranda Kerr is now dating photographer Chris Colls.

    Why do people think Miranda Kerr is dating Chris Colls? Because he uploaded this nude picture of Miranda Kerr:


    Miranda Kerr nude for Chris Colls

    Now I don’t like the idea of Miranda Kerr dating anyone but myself. However, I could warm up to the idea of her dating Chris Colls if he continues to share nude pictures of Miranda Kerr.

    So Chris, I’ll stop trying to snake your girl Miranda Kerr as long as you keep sharing nude pictures of her. Does that sound fair?

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  • Miranda Kerr is Single!

    miranda kerr single

    Miranda Kerr: Single and ready to mingle

    After three years of marriage, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have decided to call it quits.

    The two most attractive people to ever come out of Commonwealth countries have apparently been separated for the past few months and now they have decided to formalize their separation.

    So Miranda Kerr is now single. What does this mean for you?

    Well, if you’re the luckiest man (or woman) in the whole wide world, you might just be able to date Miranda Kerr!

    According to Power FM (some radio station in Australia), the way to Miranda Kerr’s heart is through a romantic dinner. But as a Nichiren Buddhist and supermodel, Miranda Kerr maintains a strict diet of steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, fish, and coconut oil on everything. So if you don’t like steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, fish, or coconut oil and you want to date Miranda Kerr, you better start acquiring a taste for all of that crap. Otherwise, you’re screwed.

    Whatever you do, don’t refer to Miranda Kerr as “Baby” or be rude to her. That’s an immediate turn-off for her.

    And as far as seduction goes, she told The Daily telegraph ‘You know, to unbutton one button at a time …’ So, take it slow!

    Unfortunately, that’s all the tips I have for dating Miranda Kerr.

    To further motivate you to woo Miranda Kerr, here are some pictures to remind you just how beautiful and sexy this single lady is:


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  • World’s Highest Paid Models

    Candice Swanepoel sexy

    Candice Swanepoel

    Forbes just released its list of the Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World.

    The magazine determines the model’s wealth by drawing from, “editorial shoots, independent licensing ventures, spokesperson gigs and contracts from beauty and fashion companies from June 2012 to June 2013.”

    Sadly, the combined earnings of the Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World has dropped this year from $92.5 million to a mere $82.8 million.

    If knowing that our supermodels are making less money doesn’t get you worried about the economy, then…

    One thing’s for sure, even though these Top 10 Highest Paid Models don’t make as much as money as they used to, they are as sexy as ever!

    So let’s see which models are the Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World!  Continue Reading

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  • How To Hook-Up At A Wedding

    Candice Swanepoel sexy bride

    Unless you’re getting married to Candice Swanepoel, pay attention

    At a wedding, there’s always a sex-guarantee…for the bride and the groom…

    But did you know that 63% of wedding guests have had a hook-up at a wedding? There is no social event that is more conducive to sex or hooking than weddings. Not even an aphrodisiac party can get you action like a wedding can. Love is in the air, everyone is dressed to the nines and by the end of the night (or during the ceremony) people just want to have as much fun as possible.

    What could be more fun than hooking-up at a wedding? NOTHING.

    With wedding season in full-swing, I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t help you get into that 63% of people who have had hooking-up at a wedding. So let’s see how you’re going to hook-up at a wedding this summer.   Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr’s Topless Photoshoot

    Miranda Kerry sexy ass

    Miranda Kerr’s nude ass for symmetry

    Miranda Kerr is so sexy that anything she does is newsworthy (at least for this blog).

    However, I can’t do blog posts about Miranda Kerr going grocery shopping while wearing a grey sweatsuit. This is the Sex.com Blog not People Magazine. Unlike People Magazine, we have enough self-respect not to bore the crap out of you (or at least we’re not trying to).

    Thankfully, Miranda Kerr was spotted topless and some hero was able to get a few pictures. Well, Miranda Kerr wasn’t topless so much as her tits were poking out of what can only be considered a “reverse crop top”. As you know, we love crop tops. And we love Miranda Kerr! This really is the greatest blog post ever.

    Alright, that’s enough preamble. Let’s look at these new Miranda Kerr topless photos: Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr, Lingerie Sex Pot

    Babe of the Day: Miranda Kerr

    Babe of the Day: Miranda Kerr

    Yesterday, it was announced that Miranda Kerr‘s wings had been clipped. Not literally, of course. Her Victoria’s Secret wings.

    According to several sources, Victoria’s Secret chose not to renew Miranda Kerr‘s contract as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

    Seeing that Miranda Kerr is now a free agent, it was only natural to make her… Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Kate Upton Nude in Bed

    Not to be out done by veteran model Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton has come out with her sexiest photo shoot yet in Contributor magazine. No one quite knows why these smoking hot models have been so keen to be shot in the nude but let’s not think about it and just enjoy it:

    Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr Poses Nude for Harper’s Bazaar

    Miranda Kerr

    On Monday, nude photos of supermodel Miranda Kerr were leaked onto the internet. However, she didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

    It didn’t spoil her vacation that’s for sure. When the photos leaked, she tweeted:

    So what if nude photos leaked? Nude photos were going to be released this week anyways. Miranda Kerr just did a photo-shoot with Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar. Terry Richardson is especially good at photographing people with their clothes off. One way or another, we were going to get a nude Miranda Kerr.

    Though this latest set isn’t as explicit as the last one, let’s feast our eyes on a second helping of nude Miranda Kerr. This campaign is for boots or something, I think:

    Continue Reading

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