• Study: Have More Sex, Make More Money

    What are two things that everyone wants to get? Paid and laid.

    According to a new study from Anglia Rusking University, getting laid might help you get paid.  Continue Reading

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  • Rich Women Have The Best Sex


    Is this what a rich woman looks like? Covered in jewels and fur?

    Are you a woman looking to improve your sex life?

    There are a lot of different things you can do to improve it, but according to a new study, the best way women can improve their sex lives is to GET RICH (or die trying)Continue Reading

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  • More Sex = More Money, Study

    sex on big pile of money

    I really hope to have sex on a big pile of money someday.

    A new study from the Institute of Labor in Germany has revealed that people who have more sex also make more money.

    Employees who have sex more than four times a week make on average 5% more than employees that aren’t getting any. The study’s author, Nick Drydakis, also said that people who have sex at least four times a week have more, “…emotional stability, more extraversion and less health limitations such as diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis.”

    Essentially, people who have a lot of sex have been known to be happier and healthier. Happy and healthy translates to a positive performance at work.

    While having more sex may not necessarily score you a raise right away, it also couldn’t hurt.

    One thing that the authors of this study were quick to point out was the fact that making more money could lead to more sex. “Higher wages may encourage some to adopt more sexually active lives,” researchers wrote. “For instance, higher wages may increase the value and attractiveness of a person on the dating market; higher wages may increase purchase of gifts that are thanked for via sex.”

    So in other words, it’s a complete Catch-22. How do you make more money? Have more sex. How do you have a lot of sex? Make more money.


    All I need to know is…

    If sex makes me a better employee, can I start claiming escort visits as a business expense?

    It’s only fair.

    For the full study, click here.

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  • Student-Stripper Shuts Everyone Up

    Carmen Electra Striptease

    Stripping: the easy way to get attention

    When a stripper says she’s only stripping to help pay her way through college, 90% of us just politely nod while refusing to believe it at all.

    The stripper might as well have told us that her dog at her homework, that she can’t sleep with us because she has a headache, and that it’s her not us. We’ve heard that excuse before and we’re not having it.

    However, I think it might be time for us to reconsider the stripper’s oldest excuse for stripping. The other day, a student/stripper from Atlanta (home of the hottest and biggest bootied strippers) took to reddit to prove once and for all that being a stripper to put yourself through school was legit.

    How did she prove it? She posted a picture of $3,345 cash from a single day’s work. Damn. That’s a lot of money. Let’s look at it in one organized pile: Continue Reading

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  • Bill Gates’s Condom Challenge

    Condoms  laying over a pile of us dollars bills

    The essentials: Condoms and money

    Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates has finally come to the realization that we here at the Blog figured out a long time ago…

    Macs are way cooler

    Condoms need a makeover. He believes that a new type of condom will increase health benefits world wide. And Bill Gates is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Bill Gates is prepared to give away a $100,000 grant to whoever can create the next generation condom.

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  • Vaginas cost $218 on Valentine’s Day


    International sign for Sugar Daddies

    How much is a vagina worth?

    Be careful when and where you ask that question because it could be misinterpreted as objectifying women, which you don’t want to do.

    A few months ago, Jezebel calculated that the average woman spends approximately $2,663.02 on vaginal maintenance in a year. That includes birth control, pubic grooming, toilet paper, tampons, pads, etc.

    $2,663.02 is a lot of money to spend on one area of your body. I wonder how much men spend on their penises? You can get condoms for free. Hand moisturizer can be substituted with literally any liquid. Without any investigation at all, I’m going to guess that the average man spends anywhere from $0 to $300 annually on his penis.

    But the real question is, how much money does your average man spend on a vagina?

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