• LSSW: Femme Fatales

    This week’s lesbian sex scene comes from a show called “Femme Fatales” that I literally just liked because of how strange and different it was. What makes it strange and different is both it’s “Twilight Zone” style and the fact that it’s centered around sexy and dangerous women having lots of sex and pulling off a whole bunch of crimes.

    I don’t know about you, but that’s strange and different to me because mostly every mysteriously sexy criminal in every other crime shows are men. It has an appropriate title too, as Femme Fatales literally just means “dangerous women” in French.

    I’m going to cheap out right now and just give you the Femme Fatales IMDB summary because whoever “Jacob” was that wrote that thing described it so well I couldn’t find a way to top it:

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  • 3 Sexy Movie Scene Montages


    What more could you ask for?

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me I love movies. If it were up to me, I would give movies two thumbs up, a fresh rating, five bags of popcorn, and three and a half stars because I just like movies that much.

    But you know what I like best about movies? The occasional sexually explicit scenes that make you go, “WOAH.” But unfortunately, most movies don’t contain sexy scenes. Thank goodness for Mr. Skin, otherwise we wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping track of the best sex scenes in movies.

    With that said, a very dedicated man who goes by the name of TheLeopard81 on Vimeo compiled all his favorite sexy movie scenes into three wonderful montages. It’s made me realize that I haven’t really seen enough Hollywood movies with sex in them. After all, I can find hardcore sex so much easier than brief Hollywood nudity.

    Regardless, these montages are worth watching. It’s way more convenient than watching every movie ever made in hopes of seeing some nudity or something sexy. So enjoy!

    And if you could all name some of these movies in the comments, that would be great.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #1

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 1 (Uncensored) from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #2

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 2 from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #3

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 3 from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

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  • Sex Robots & The Sexiest Robots of All Time

    Sexy Robot

    Sexy Robot?

    A recent study by The Huffington Post and YouGov shows that nearly 1 in 10 Americans would have sex with a robot.

    The study also revealed that 80% of Americans believe that sex robots would be available by 2030. But of course, the idea of sex robots raise an interesting ethical debate: would having sex with a sex robot be cheating? Continue Reading

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  • We saw your boobs at the Oscars

    I only saw one boob on Oscar night and his name was Seth MacFarlane.

    I only saw one boob on Oscar night and his name was Seth MacFarlane.


    Is there any other pluralized name in the world that could be possibly more exciting than “Oscars”?

    For three hours and thirty-five minutes, we sat in suspenseful boredom to see some celebrities sing, dance, and win awards for movies we did not see.

    Of course, the big story from Oscar night has nothing to do with any of the nominees or winners (other than Jennifer Lawrence because J-Law is so hot like Hansel right now). The only thing people are talking about from Oscar night is seeing boobs. Specifically, “We Saw Your Boobs”. Continue Reading

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