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  • Nicki Minaj Dresses Up Like a Dominatrix For “Only”

    Nicki Minaj has started this weekend with a bang.

    Her new music video “Only” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown has Nicki Minaj in a sexy dominatrix outfit while torturing bloodied and handcuffed men. But more importantly, Nicki Minaj’s dominatrix outfit puts her big titties on a platter for your eyes to feast on. Nicki’s ass gets so much attention that we often forget that she’s got sexy curves everywhere.

    Watch Nicki Minaj dominate Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and a bunch of other lucky bastards below.  Continue Reading

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  • Supermodel Behati Prinsloo Fucks Her Stalker Adam Levine in New Maroon 5 Music Video “Animals”

    We’ve always wanted to see Victoria’s Secret Angel and Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo in some kind of sex scene and on September 29th, a Behati Prinsloo sex scene was unleashed upon the internet. Sadly, Behati Prinsloo’s nubile, nude body comes accompanied by a Maroon 5 song because her new sex scene is just a small portion of Adam Levine’s latest vanity music video project, “Animals”.  Continue Reading

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  • Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea Team Up For BOOTY

    Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Iggy Azalea and Hype Williams (whom you all know as the director of Belly starring DMX and Nas) for what might be the sexiest music video of 2014, BOOTY.

    What makes Jennifer Lopez’s BOOTY featuring Iggy Azalea the year’s sexiest music video?  Continue Reading

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  • Coolio’s New Song About Pornhub Is Just Sad

    Two months ago, my esteemed colleague Gil Powers reported that rapper Coolio was going to be mounting a comeback with a new song all about Pornhub and music video filled with pornstars.

    I know when I read Gil’s post about it, my reaction was, “Really?”

    To which Gil assured me that it was real.

    And of course I responded with, “No, really. Don’t jerk me around here fella. Coolio is going to make a comeback with a song about Pornhub and a music video filled with pornstars?”

    I guess my main problem with Coolio collaborating with Pornhub is that fact that people (who happened to be named Gil Powers) are calling it a comeback. A comeback, to me, implies a return to form in artistic circles. A Coolio comeback would mean that he had written and recorded a track on par with the Keena & Kel theme song.

    But this is not the case.

    Instead, Coolio’s collaboration with Pornhub is just sad. I’m sure that Coolio’s royalty checks for “Gangsters Paradise” have been steadily dwindling in size since 1995. And so when a few Pornhub employees saw Coolio standing on the street corner with a piece of cardboard that read, “WILL RAP FOR FOOD“, they couldn’t resist throwing some money at him in exchange for a song that’s nothing more than shameless promotion.

    That said, I can’t see how Coolio and Pornhub’s “Take It To The Hub” benefits anyone. Coolio mumbles his way through his verses, with MindGeek properties being the only words properly articulate (meaning that there was a clause in his contract that these were the only lyrics he had to enunciate), thus confirming that Coolio is as washed up as everyone thought he was.

    Meanwhile, I don’t see how Pornhub benefits from the song because it is terrible. “Take It To The Hub” might be Pornhub jumping the shark (which of course is an expression to describe that moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity). If I were I diehard Pornhub user and I saw this video, I would say to myself, “If this is what they’re doing now, I need to find a new free porn site to fap to.” It’s that embarrassing.

    Despite the song being one of the worst songs I’ve heard all year, I will say that the video is able to redeem itself with shots of Phoenix Marie, Skin Diamond, Alexa Aimes and other hot pornstars shaking their big wet titties and asses.

    But that’s just how I feel. Watch the video for Coolio and Pornhub’s “Take It To The Hub” courtesy of Vice below:

    Oh man…

    Wasn’t that just the worst?

    Well, it wasn’t all bad. Got to see Phoenix Marie’s ass in action. Too bad it was accompanied by that terrible, terrible song.

    Let’s all cleanse our palettes of this awful music with the hottest GIFs of Phoenix Marie’s ass found on

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    Ah that’s better.

    ReminderL Every time you hear a shitty rap song that puts you in a really shitty mood, looking at Phoenix Marie’s ass will always make you feel better.

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  • Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Is Basically Softcore Porn

    Nicki Minaj and her huge ass dumped the new music video for “Anaconda” quietly onto the internet last night. If you haven’t heard the song yet, it’s basically Nicki Minaj begging for an anaconda-sized cock while also reminding everyone that she has one of the biggest, most fabulous asses in the world today.

    So how does the video stack up?

    The Highlights:

    • At times, it reminds me of a Worldstar Hip Hop babe video.
    • Tribe of hot jungle babes twerking in the jungle.
    • Light lesbian grinding.
    • Nicki Minaj doing aerobics = lots of gratuitous ass shots.
    • Nicki Minaj wearing only an apron and fishnet stockings while she eats whipped cream off her cleavage.
    • Nicki Minaj deepthroats a banana and then slices it in half. Friendly reminder that she’s the baddest bitch around.
    • Drake gets a lapdance from Nicki. When it’s over, it looks like Nicki Minaj’s ass made Drizzy jizz in his pants.

    The Lowlights:

    • No Kelly Divine. Can you imagine how much better this video would be if Nick Minaj’s ass went head-to-head against Kelly Divine’s ass?
    • The video is only like 90% ass. Why stop at 90%? Why not make it 100% ass?
    • The song is catchy as hell and will inevitably be stuck in your head all day.

    Watch Nicki Minaj’s music video for Anaconda below:

    And now time for some sexy Nicki Minaj GIFs!

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    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

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    Well done Nicki! Your music video is an instant hit and all you had to do is shove your massive ass in the faces of everyone in the world!

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  • There’s a NEW Worst Porn Star Music Project – Melanie Muller

    And it’s not even a new song by Farrah Abraham.

    Continue Reading

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  • Sexercize with Kylie Minogue


    Hot new track, Kylie Minogue.

    Kylie Minogue has just released her 12th studio album Kiss Me Once. Why should that be of any interest to you? Because her new single “Sexercize” has a music video that’s super hot.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I had totally written off Kylie Minogue. But this new music video has made me realize that Kylie’s still got it.  Continue Reading

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  • Jessie Andrews Sensual and Nude in New Music Video


    Jessie Andrews

    When you become a pornstar, you can’t expect that having sex on camera will launch you into your dream career. Believe it or not, but some people actually discriminate against active and former pornstars. Just look at the Belle Knox “controversy”.

    With that said, some girls are able to use porn as a stepping stone to greater things. Sasha Grey arguably did it the best, but Jessie Andrews is quickly catching up.

    When I interviewed Jessie Andrews, she had just started shooting only lesbian sex scenes because it gave her more time to focus on her music. Well, it looks like that was smart idea because Jessie Andrews’s music career is taking off and she doesn’t need to shoot porn at all any more.

    Her new track “You Won’t Forget Tonight”, made in collaboration with producers Comets We Fall and Neil Ormandy, was released last week and it’s pretty cool, I guess. Truthfully, the only song I’ve ever liked is “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite, but Jessie’s new song is good too.

    So if the song is not “Groove Is In The Heart“-good, then why am I talking about it?

    Well “You Won’t Forget Tonight” has a music video that features lots of slow, sensual shots of Jessie Andrews tastefully nude and she also gets involved in some simulated sex that’s almost as erotic as Bonnie Rotten simulating sexContinue Reading

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  • Iggy Azalea Is So Fancy and Clueless In New Music Video


    Iggy Azalea

    Yesterday when I heard that Iggy Azalea had a new music video out, I thought to myself, “Damn! It’s been a minute since I seen that girl’s ass, which is a real shame because Iggy’s ass is spectacular.”

    Then I watched the music video for “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and I was very disappointed because Iggy Azalea’s ass is hardly in the video! Normally music videos directed by Director X are decent, but eschewing gratuitous shots of Iggy Azalea’s ass is just plain wrong.

    The most ass we get is in this gif of Iggy Azalea rocking her hips:  Continue Reading

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  • New Timber Timbre Video Features Best Striptease Ever

    I don’t get down with strip clubs. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of nude women especially strippers. I just don’t ever want to pay $9.50 for a beer, even if it’s served to me by topless woman in a room full of topless women.

    Expensive drinks aside, the main thing I can’t stand about strip clubs is the music. Not even topless women can make me want to sit in a club with blaring EDM.

    That’s why I absoultely love Timber Timbre‘s video for “Hot Dreams”. Not only does it feature one of the best looking stripteases I’ve ever seen, it’s nice to finally see a striptease accompanied by a slow, sensual song that features a saxophone solo.

    Let’s watch the video!

    Continue Reading

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  • Shakira and Rihanna Team Up For Ass-tastic Video


    Shakira + Rihanna

    Shakira and Rihanna are two very sexy pop stars and when I heard that they were releasing a duet, I was like, “DAMN! That video is going to have a lot of ass!”

    And of course, the video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You” delivers on the ass but these girls decided to include some sensual lesbian moments as well.

    So yeah, the video features a lot of quality ass and some sexy moments between Shakira and Rihanna, but the song is just terrible.

    If I were you, I would just look at those Shakira and Rihanna GIFs over and over again, but here’s the video for anyone that’s interested.

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  • Bonnie Rotten Stars In NSFW Music Video


    Bonnie Rotten!

    As a well-known pornography promoter, a question I get asked all the time is, “Do you know Bonnie Rotten?”

    Whenever someone asks me if I know Bonnie Rotten, I always reply, “Oh yeah. I know Bonnie Rotten.”

    Unfortunately, they don’t realize that what I meant to say was, “Yes, I am familiar with Bonnie Rotten’s pictures and movies and I’m big fan of hers.” I do get some sick pleasure from seeing their excited faces swiftly turn to ultimate devastation when I clarify that I don’t actually know Bonnie Rotten and I can’t give you her phone number.

    The point is, Bonnie Rotten is a lot of people’s dream woman. How could she not be? A hot girl, covered in cool tattoos that loves rough sex and the Oakland Raiders? Based on that description of Bonnie Rotten, she deserves to be in the Smithsonian as “American’s Most Desirable Woman Ever.”

    So yeah, I’m a disciple of Bonnie Rotten’s. The girl can do no wrong in my eyes. And that’s especially true after seeing Bonnie Rotten star in Piece By Piece‘s new NSFW music video for “Let’s Fuck”.

    The lead singer sees Bonnie Rotten eating burgers by herself at In-N-Out, which is amazing in itself. Why is the thought of Bonnie Rotten eating In-N-Out burgers making me rock hard? After some burgers, Bonnie Rotten takes the dude back to her place for some of the hottest simulated sex you’ll ever see.

    Just think, if this is how good fake sex with Bonnie Rotten is…the real thing must nuts. It probably makes all other sex irrelevant.

    I suggest putting the song on mute and just watching Bonnie Rotten’s seductive moves, but it’s up to you.

    Piece By Piece – Let’s Fuck (Official Video) from Nick Jett on Vimeo.

    If anyone knows Bonnie Rotten (like actually knows Bonnie and not like how I know her), would you please let her know that I’m down to go get In-N-Out burger with her whenever she wants. I could be in hospital with a stomach tumor, it doesn’t matter. Literally whenever she wants.

    Maybe some simulated sex afterwards too? If not that’s cool. The idea of eating burgers with Bonnie Rotten has filled my tiny penis with so much blood that simulated sex with Bonnie Rotten would probably cause me to die because there would be no more blood in my body, except in the dick.

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  • Miley Cyrus New Music Video Looks Like a Sex Tape


    Miley Cyrus music video / sex tape

    Miley Cyrus released her third single from BANGERZ on Boxing Day (yesterday). It’s called “Adore You” and once again Miley comes through with a sexy new music video.

    Rather than riding a wrecking ball in the nude, Miley takes a more low-key approach and just writhes around in bedsheets while playing with a videocamera and suggestively licking her fingers wearing only underwear. There’s also a bathtub scene that you can’t miss.

    When I was watching it I was like, “WOAH. This looks like a Miley Cyrus sex tape if it was made by X-Art.” Unfortunately, it never goes full sex tape. But Miley is still hot so enjoy this super softcore Miley Cyrus sex tape masquerading as a music video:

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  • Beyonce’s Sexy Secret Music Videos


    Bootilicious as always

    Just minutes before December 13th, Beyonce released her fifth album titled “Beyonce” exclusively on iTunes without any warning or press.

    Details are still emerging but Beyonce’s fifth studio album is being described as an “exclusive visual album”. That means each song on the album has its own music video, which can be purchased on iTunes.

    As always, Beyonce’s music videos feature her beautiful body moving all sexy. Unfortunately we can’t show you Beyonce’s sexy new music videos in their entirety because we don’t want to incur the wrath of RocNation, but I have watched all the 30-second previews on Youtube and I can show you the sexiest ones based on the previews.

    Enjoy short clips of Beyonce’s sexy secret music videos!  Continue Reading

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  • Not Even A Naked Kim Kardashian Can Save This Kanye West Video


    Kim Kardashian in “Bound 2″

    Kanye West released the third music video from his album Yeezus today by appearing on Ellen Degeneres’s show. Wait what? Premiering a rap video on Ellen? That doesn’t seem right…

    Despite being the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), Kanye West’s new music video is garbage. It’s three and a half minutes of Kanye West on a motorcycle and stock footage of what I assume are supposed to be romantic things like horses running and landscapes. The “Bound 2″ video looks like it was made at the mall for 50 bucks. Remember those places that let you make a music video at the mall?

    Predictably, a naked Kim Kardashian makes an appearance. There’s some implied motorcycle sex between Kanye and Kim but even that can save “Bound 2″ from being one of the most boring music videos of all time.

    WARNING: “Bound 2″ might bore you to death. Watch at your own risk:

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

    OH MAN.

    I’m so sorry for making you watch that. I guess even Kanye West, the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), has to phone it in sometimes.

    Kanye, if you’re going to put a naked Kim Kardashian in your next music video, please use it properly. Something more along the lines of Kim Kardashian naked in this video:

    Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J brought to you by

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  • Miley Cyrus Is A Naked and Sexy Alien

    Future and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a sad, sensual love ballad.

    In the music video for “True and Real”, they take us to the distant future where Miley Cyrus still has trouble keeping her clothes on. Some things never change…

    Is naked Miley Cyrus the sexiest alien of all time?


    I got to say, covering yourself in glitter is a good look.

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  • Miley Cyrus Naked In New Music Video

    Miley Cyrus naked

    Miley Cyrus is naked and I don’t care…

    Three months ago, if I read, “Miley Cyrus Naked” I used to freak out with excitement.

    Miley Cyrus Naked? Really?

    Those three words (Miley Cyrus Naked) had all the promise and excitement of Christmas morning, except so much better because I don’t know how you do Christmas but there are hardly any naked, 20-year-old celebrities when I celebrate Christmas.

    I never believed in the old axiom, “too much of a good thing”. How could excess be harmful? But Miley Cyrus has made me rethink my position on the matter. Miley Cyrus is naked or acting lewd so often that I’ve become totally desensitized to her sexy shenanigans.

    I just don’t care anymore. Before, naked Miley Cyrus was a novelty. It was something unexpected and shocking. Nowadays a naked Miley Cyrus is as sure as the sunrise.

    Now that you know how I feel, let’s watch Miley Cyrus ride a wrecking ball in the nude, lick a sledge-hammer, and touch her body in a white crop-top and panties:

    Miley Cyrus is trying to break the record for most Vevo views in one day, which is almost assured because she included her naked body in the video. She’s guaranteed to get views from two key demographics: Miley Cyrus fans and perverts, which accounts for 100% of Earth’s population.

    I hope that after this she can tone down the sex for my sake because I’m so bored of it.

    In my experience, people who are obsessed with sex and being sexy are that way because they aren’t getting any sex. If that’s the case, Miley, just let me know when you have two and a half minutes to spare. I could really help you out.

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  • Boobs on Youtube by Justin Timberlake

    Remember a few months ago when Robin Thicke dropped “Blurred Lines” and everyone went crazy because you could see Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs on Youtube?

    “Blurred Lines” skyrocketed on the charts because the song is catchy but also it invokes the memory of Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs. However, the video that made the song a hit was removed from Youtube because it violated its terms of use.

    We all like boobs but for some crazy reason there are people who are offended by boobs. I know, it’s crazy. Who the heck doesn’t like boobs?

    Continue Reading

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  • Blurred Lines: Emily Ratajkowski (Nude Edit)

    Who’s that girl?

    Why it’s Emily Ratajkowski (do yourself a favor and click her name to see all of Emily’s pictures on

    You may recognize Emily Ratajkowski as the nude babe from Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines video.  Yes, Emily Ratajkowski is the babe so hot that Youtube had to ban that #1 single’s music video because she was prancing around naked.

    Just now, I was surfing the internet to find something to blog about for y’all and I read the headline: “Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ is the Best Song of the Summer.”

    Continue Reading

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  • Music Video or Lesbian Porn?

    Lesbian porn music video

    Music Video or Lesbian Porn?

    Look very carefully at these two women simulating doggystyle sex.

    Now ask yourself this question: Is this a music video or lesbian pornContinue Reading

    June 11, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 5532