• Cindy Crawford Nude Pics Have Resurfaced, Un-Edited.

    Cindy Crawford was probably the most iconic model of the 1990s. Back then, everywhere you turned, you saw her gracing the covers of magazines, ad campaigns, saw her on TV talk shows and every other available media outlet.

    Many of the big-time models and sex icons from the 1990s have since faded into obscurity, but Cindy Crawford remains relevant, largely due to her immense celebrity.  She still models to this day, and recently she did a risque photo shoot for W magazine.  The original photos, as is often (always) the case with mainstream publications, was heavily photoshopped to camouflage the normal signs of aging that everyone in the entire world experiences.

    Regardless, something happened recently that flies completely in the face of what normally happens in the modelling and fashion magazine world: the original, un-edited photographs were published online.

    So here they are, naked pictures of 48 year old Cindy Crawford, without any added bullshit.  It’s pretty refreshing to see actually, and Cindy Crawford still looks pretty great, especially for her age.  I truly wish that we could get more ‘behind-the-photoshop’ looks at models, because looking at visibly air-brushed photos all the time can get pretty bothersome, in my opinion.

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    What do you think?  Maybe it’s the vestiges of my former childhood crush coming back to haunt me, but I still totally think Cindy Crawford is a huge babe.  Though she has officially been ‘retired from modelling’ since 2000, that hasn’t stopped her from starring in editorials every once in awhile.

    Here’s hoping that she poses for a few more editorials, and of course, the more nudity the better!

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  • Clippers Owner David Sterling Is a Racist, Obviously, but Also a Weird Sex Freak!

    The NBA is in a bit of a rough spot right now.

    With the playoffs in full swing, and with the Raptors no doubt on their way to winning their first NBA title after continuing to dominate the Brooklyn Nets (as a wise man once said, fuck Brooklyn), the spotlight has shifted away from the sport and onto the beleaguered owner of the L.A Clippers.

    Yup, the video evidence is conclusive.  David Sterling is a huge racist.  This should not come as a surprise, since he’s always been a huge racist. But on top of being a huge racist, were you aware that David Sterling is also a huge womanizer? In 2003 he was involved in a big sex scandal where he admitted to paying for prostitutes, or, as he called them in his testimony, ‘freaks,’ who he then banged all over his Beverly Hills Apartment.

    Here’s a funny quote from David Sterling’s testimony in 2003:

    David Sterling. You’re rich as a motherfucker. You may be old as dirty and look like a melting marshmallow covered in dust, but you still manage to have sex with young, attractive women. As an aside, isn’t it weird that Sterling is dating a non-white person? Freaky. Anyways, you also happen to own one of the most popular and coolest NBA teams around right now, and you’re willing to throw all of that away so you can huff and puff and try to act like a big shot about these delusional ideals that guide your morals?

    Fuck that guy. Huge loser. I’m only posting about him because of that funny sex scandal excerpt I found. Dude is a waste of a human, otherwise. Let’s all laugh at him, take some time to consider the segregation and discrimination that still exists in our world, watch as he flails around hurling this and that lawsuit, and then wait until he gets forgotten about and bites the dust.

    In the mean time, here’s a bunch of pictures of interracial scenes. Can’t we all get along? TAKE THIS, YOU SCUMBAG:

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    Why can’t we all just get along and not cheat on our wives and have sex with people of every race and live in a happy peaceful world? We are sexual beings.  We all have to live on this fucking rock until it explodes or gets taken over by aliens or gravitates into the sun, so fuck racism and fuck David Sterling.

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  • Miley Cyrus Is A Naked and Sexy Alien

    Future and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a sad, sensual love ballad.

    In the music video for “True and Real”, they take us to the distant future where Miley Cyrus still has trouble keeping her clothes on. Some things never change…

    Is naked Miley Cyrus the sexiest alien of all time?


    I got to say, covering yourself in glitter is a good look.

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  • Miley Cyrus Naked In New Music Video

    Miley Cyrus naked

    Miley Cyrus is naked and I don’t care…

    Three months ago, if I read, “Miley Cyrus Naked” I used to freak out with excitement.

    Miley Cyrus Naked? Really?

    Those three words (Miley Cyrus Naked) had all the promise and excitement of Christmas morning, except so much better because I don’t know how you do Christmas but there are hardly any naked, 20-year-old celebrities when I celebrate Christmas.

    I never believed in the old axiom, “too much of a good thing”. How could excess be harmful? But Miley Cyrus has made me rethink my position on the matter. Miley Cyrus is naked or acting lewd so often that I’ve become totally desensitized to her sexy shenanigans.

    I just don’t care anymore. Before, naked Miley Cyrus was a novelty. It was something unexpected and shocking. Nowadays a naked Miley Cyrus is as sure as the sunrise.

    Now that you know how I feel, let’s watch Miley Cyrus ride a wrecking ball in the nude, lick a sledge-hammer, and touch her body in a white crop-top and panties:

    Miley Cyrus is trying to break the record for most Vevo views in one day, which is almost assured because she included her naked body in the video. She’s guaranteed to get views from two key demographics: Miley Cyrus fans and perverts, which accounts for 100% of Earth’s population.

    I hope that after this she can tone down the sex for my sake because I’m so bored of it.

    In my experience, people who are obsessed with sex and being sexy are that way because they aren’t getting any sex. If that’s the case, Miley, just let me know when you have two and a half minutes to spare. I could really help you out.

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