Natasha Starr

  • Natasha and Natalia Starr Want To Sell You Their Pussy Juice

    The Starr Sisters (Natasha Starr and Natalia Starr) have entered into the wonderful world of branded lubes thanks to a new deal with Pussy Juicy Lube. The Polish porn duo have provided their very own, 100% natural, sexual secretions for the creation of the product, which is the first personal moisturizer of its kind.

    That’s right. Natasha and Natalia Starr have bottled their pussy juice and are selling it so that you can imagine that you’re actually having sex with the Starr sister of your choice while having sex with your significant other or just fapping alone.

    “I’m so proud to be representing such a sexy and amazing product,” says Natasha Starr. “It’s the easiest way for our fans to get close to us, because it’s made from my own vaginal juices. Now when you watch my scenes or enjoy my photo shoots, you can really feel how much I love you!”

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  • The Natasha Starr Interview

    Natasha Starr

    Natasha Starr

    The only thing we know about Poland is that their women are gorgeous and they love sex. And as far as stereotypes go, they could do a lot worse. Natasha Starr is a Polish porn star. She’s gorgeous and she loves sex, which only confirms the only thing we know about Poland and Polish women. Natasha was nice enough to take time out of her hectic to answer some questions about gangbangs, her porn star sister, and her new radio show.

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