• Dutch Girl Group ADAM Tries to Sing While Orgasming

    The Dutch.

    I don’t have much experience with the Dutch, but they seem like nice, weed-smoking, red light district having people.  Sex and sexual expression doesn’t seem like a big deal for most Dutch people.   Take, for example, Goldmember, from the vastly inferior third film in the Austin Powers series:

    Goldmember: Dr. Evil, can I paint his yoo-hoo gold? It’s kind of my thing, you know.

    Dr. Evil: [comes over to Goldmember] How ’bout no, you crazy Dutch bastard?

    I could go on and on for hours about Austin Powers theory, and how Goldmember is clearly the worst in the series, but I won’t bother.  It may seem obvious that Goldmember is the worst, but I once had a 2 hour argument with someone who claimed it was the best one in the series because it distilled all of the best jokes in the series into one movie.  That guy was a moron, and totally incorrect.

    Well, those crazy Dutch bastards are at it again.

    ADAM is a Dutch girl group that sings catchy electronic pop.  To promote their new song, they decided to make waves by uploading a decidedly NSFW music video.  In the video, they sing their new song while being stimulated off-camera by vibrators.  Of course, since we can’t actually see the vibrator, there’s always a possibility that this is a fake/staged publicity stunt.  Watching the video leads me to believe that that isn’t the case, however: these orgasms look pretty real to me.

    However, since I am so horrible at sex that I have never given a woman an orgasm before or even come close, maybe I’m not the authority on the subject.*

    You be the judge.  Here’s the video:

    The song itself kinda breaks down after a little while, since the women are overtaken with orgasm feelings and are pretty much unable to focus on the task at hand.  So ultimately, great video, but not a great representation of the song itself.  I’m not complaining though, because the girls in ADAM all seem like huge babes, and who doesn’t love seeing pseudo-celebrity euro pop stars orgasming on camera?

    I know this much, the group ADAM is now on my radar.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of sexy video ADAM puts out next.

    *Disclaimer:  I am actually the greatest sex genius in the world and have given millions and millions of women orgasms, I only said that I couldn’t for the sake of making a joke.  So fuck y’all haters.

    Also, here’s some more pictures of potentially Dutch girls.  I say potentially because I’m not a racist and have no idea how to distinguish Dutch girls from any other women:

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  • Viewing Porn Out of Context “Makes Women Feel Sick”

    A study conducted by the Groningen University in the Netherlands has found that when women are shown porn without any context, they experience the same physical revulsion as when viewing pictures designed to induce nausea.

    Dr Charmaine Borg and her colleagues observed twenty healthy women with the use of an fMRI-scanner. While in the scanner, the women were shown a variety of neutral images, nausea-inducing images, and hardcore pornography. All the pictures had almost no contextual information and there were no faces shown.

    Though this may sound more like a realization of A Clockwork Orange‘s Ludovico Technique than university research, they found an overlap in the areas of the brain became active when the women were shown the nauseating pictures and the hardcore porn. “It’s just like when you see disgusting food. The emotion that is triggered by for example the smell, ensures that you don’t want to eat it, ” Dr Borg said. According to the researcher, a woman’s body “immediately goes on the defensive” when seeing porn out of context.

    So is that why women don’t watch porn? Because it’s nauseating to them? I don’t think so.

    As you all know, I like porn. I work for a porn site. Not just a porn site, the world’s best porn site. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through’s main page, I come across a prolapsed asshole or a veiny dick very narrowly ripping a vagina and I feel nauseous. Now, I know that I still like porn after seeing these gnarly pics. But my first reaction is always nausea because it’s flat out gross. Even with context, some porn is just gross. Sure, some of you might be into it, but that’s the beauty of sexuality. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

    The conclusion the researchers came to was basically that human sexual behaviour is complex, and that many psychological and societal factors contribute to a person’s attitudes towards hardcore porn.

    That’s not a bad conclusion, but I feel like viewing hardcore porn in the claustrophobic setting of an fMRI-scanner while juxtaposed with images designed to induce nausea has unfairly stacked the results to associate porn with nausea. Who wouldn’t feel nauseous after seeing a plate of rotten food and then a giant dick going into an ass?

    So while it’s definitely good click-bait to say that the average woman’s reaction to porn is nausea, I think the study’s structure is flawed. Ultimately, the only thing they’ve proved is that women prefer porn with wide shots that include faces. However, we’ve known that for a while thanks to our extensive research on porn for women.

    [h/t: The Independent]

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  • Porn stars in space

    Coco Brown, porn-astronaut

    Coco Brown, porn-astronaut

    Mark your calendars, porn fans. March 2014 is going to monumental because Coco Brown (aka, Honey Love) will be the first porn star ever to be launched into space.

    She is currently training in the Netherlands with SpaceXC, a private Dutch company that hopes to make space tourism a sustainable reality.

    “I was at a luncheon in Berlin and I was specially invited and they were talking about going into space,” Brown told The Huffington Post.

    SpaceXC told The Huffington Post that they see no problems with sending a porn star into space because it fits with the company’s ethos that space should accessible to everyone, even porn stars. However, Coco is paying SpaceXC $100,000 for the opportunity.

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  • Team BJ NBA


    On June 21st, the dreaded Miami Heat and Lebron James took home the NBA Championship. While I wanted to see Oklahoma City Thunder upset the favorites, they couldn’t overcome the three game deficit. It’s in the history books now, but there is a consolation prize.

    Last month, Miami pornstars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay promised on their twitters that if the Heat won the Championship they would give out free blowjobs to all their followers. Not bad right? Continue Reading

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