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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Hey, hey, hey. What’s up hotdogs? Are y’all ready to see the best sex on the internet? Of course you are. That’s why you always check THE BEST SEX LINKS. Or maybe you just like my little write-ups about what our favourite sites have been posting. I’m sure that’s not the case but regardless, I’m very flattered. ANYWAYS, on to the links!

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has pictures of a Kylie Minogue upskirt. Musically, Kylie Minogue will always be second to Madonna, but in terms of sex appeal, I have to go with my girl Kylie over Madonna. It’s really too bad she’s Australian. KYLIE MINOGUE UPSKIRT PICTURES.

    PEEPERZ has a new interview with Holly Michaels. I like Holly Michaels. She seems cool, and she has a nice rack and no gag reflex. What’s not to like about her? Get to know Holly Michaels a little bit better with this interview. HOLLY MICHAELS INTERVIEW.

    THE NIP SLIP has a quick little video of supermodel Emily DiDonato topless for Armani perfume. I can’t explain why mainstream fashion has these hot models getting topless so often and so readily available for all to see, but I LIKE IT. EMILY DIDONATO TOPLESS.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER stepping on our toes a little bit here. The next girl to be featured in BABES ON INSTAGRAM was going to be Bryana Holly, but they beat us to the punch. Oh well! Doesn’t matter who’s posting about Bryanna Holly, as long as someone is fapping to her. BRYANA HOLLY INSTAGRAM MODEL.

    Hey, you guys like babes with big tits right? Of course you do. Here’s a gallery of Holly Peers showing off her glorious big tits that everyone who likes big tits is sure to love. HOLLY PEERS SHOWS OFF HER BIG TITS.

    For a while, Nicole Neal was my absolute favorite babe. I’m still a fan of hers but I’m not totally obsessed. Well, until YOUR DAILY GIRL posted Nicole Neal’s new Page 3 photos. Now, I’m happy to say that my obsession with Nicole Neal is back in full swing! NICOLE NEAL PAGE 3 PICTURES.

    Bad news for everyone that watches Game Of Thrones. They’re taking a week off. So that means no new episode tonight. The good news is BOOBIE BLOG has a gallery of MILF pornstar Brandi Love as Cersei. So while you won’t get to see Emilia Clarke nude this week, at least your Game Of Thrones cosplay fetish can be satisfied with Brandi Love. BRANDI LOVE AS CERSEI IN GAME OF THRONES PORN PARODY.

    IMAGE POST has a video and a gallery of Caprice and Carrie fucking their boyfriends in pool via X-Art. It’s truly awesome. The only thing that would have made it better than it already is if it was me having sex with Caprice and Carrie in a pool. Maybe next time. CAPRICE AND CARRIE GO TWO BY TWO.

    FLESHBOT asks yet another tough question: Which MILF pornstar do you like better? This time, they’re asking you to choose between two of the best MILFs in the biz, Julia Ann and India Summer. I don’t know how you good choose one or the other, but watch the videos they’ve provided for you and see if you can make a decision. JULIA ANN VS. INDIA SUMMER.

    MORAZZIA has a sexy striptease gallery featuring gorgeous brunette Anastasia Harris. She’s the kind of sexy that doesn’t need to take her clothes off, but thank God she does! ANASTASIA HARRIS STRIPTEASE.

    I can’t say that I’m familiar with the work of Giselle Avendano, but SINN & SKINN just shared some of her sexy twitpics on their blog. Once you check them out, you’ll want to see more from this super hot Colombian pornstar. HOT PORNSTAR TWEET GISELLE AVENDANO.

    Do you guys like Michelle Rodriguez? She’s good looking, for sure. However, she’s always been too tomboyish for me to crack that upper echelon of favorite sexy celebrity. But for those of you that love Michelle Rodriguez, PRETTY HOT AND SEXY has a collection of Michelle Rodriguez bikini candids in Cannes. In the pictures, she’s getting up close and personal with a dude. I guess she’s not dating Cara Delevingne anymore? Either way, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ BIKINI CANDIDS.

    Hey speaking of bikini candids, THE FEEDING TUBE has found some Helen Flanagan bikini candids. If you like boobs and minor British celebrities, then you’ll love this. HELEN FLANAGAN BIKINI CANDIDS.

    Here at the Blog, we’ve always been fans of Madelyn Monroe. Especially when she was a redhead. But now she’s blonde and SEXYBLOCK has a collection of Madelyn Monroe sexy selfies that’s worth looking at for several hours. MADELYN MONROE IS SEXY BEYOND BELIEF.

    SEE EMILY BORN’S BIG TITS VIA BUSTY BLOOM. That one just kind of speaks for itself.

    Petite babes can be so naughty. Add Mandy Kay to your list of hottest, naughty petites because she’s hot and naughty and petite. MANDY KAY NAUGHTY PETITE VIA TOPBABESBLOG.

    I CAN LICK IT found a video of a blowjob mistress giving the most perfect blowjob ever. WATCH IT. BLOWJOB MISTRESS SHOWS YOU A PROPER BLOWJOB.

    I CAN LICK IT also made a cool T-shirt in celebration of May being masturbation month. Though May is almost over, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t advertise #maYsturbation month all year round. GET THE #MAYSTURBATION T-SHIRT.


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  • Warm Up With Nicole Neal

    nicole nealcover Warm Up With Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal

    Oh baby it’s cold outside.

    That’s why you’re much better off staying inside with your eyes glued to the screen you’re reading this off of so that Nicole Neal can keep you warm.



    December 24, 2013 • BABES • Views: 950

  • Sex Butter: A Review

    Screen Shot 2013 11 12 at 9.51.01 AM Sex Butter: A Review

    Sex Butter, For Everlasting Pleasure

    About a month ago, I received a product called “Sex Butter” in the mail. Normally, I’m a little skeptical about trying strange sexual lubricants that I get in the mail. But I thought, “I like butter. And I like sex. I should probably try this.”

    After putting off trying Sex Butter for a month, I finally tried Sex Butter and I’m glad I did because it’s the best thing you’ll ever apply to your genitals!  Continue Reading

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  • Hot And Sexy Links

    3652774 dani daniels Hot And Sexy Links

    Dani Daniels shows her cleavage for the Monday Links

    Hot and sexy links for you to start your week off right!

    Pornstars Without Makeup! – Peeperz

    Anikka Albrite’s First Anal Sex Scene is Coming  – Fleshbot

    Don’t Mess With Miss Kansas – SINN & SKINN

    More Nicole Neal Nude – TopBabesBlog

    Playboy Beauty April Summers – LAXTime

    Band Sluts Photo Gallery – Tattle XXX

    16 Best Movie Sex Scenes – Refinery 29

    Best Celebrity Nude GIFs – Blog

    Hot Lesbian Asks: Why Does Every Guy Think He Can Turn Me Straight – BroBible

    Dita Von Teese Bondage Gallery - Club Glamour

    47 Sexy Selfies - The Chive

    Capri Cavanni Strips Out Of Her Neon Bikini – Twisty’s

    Ariel Rebel and Lola Reve Lesbian Sex – Ariel Rebel Unplugged

    Patrice Hollis Nude – Playboy Plus

    3459286 Hot And Sexy Links

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    3444455 nice blonde Hot And Sexy Links

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  • Nicole Neal Nude Outtakes

    Nicole Neal cover Nicole Neal Nude Outtakes

    Nicole Neal

    Life is full of mysteries.

    One thing that I know for sure is that Nicole Neal nude is the cure to whatever ails you.

    Whether you just got dumped or you’re suffering from chronic back pain, I promise that looking at pictures of Nicole Neal nude will make you feel better:


    I’m not sure why they labelled these “Nicole Neal nude outtakes”. Seems to me like they’re all totally usable.

    Now I’m not a religious person, but whenever I see Nicole Neal nude I want to get down on my knees and pray. Because if there is a God, we need to thank Him (or Her) for making a woman this beautiful.

    Correction. We need to thank Him (or Her) for making a woman this beautiful who is so willing to bare her perfect breasts and have her picture taken.

    As I’ve said many times before, Nicole Neal has my vote for Babe of the Year.

    Let’s pretend for a minute that the voting for Babe of the Year opened right now. Would Nicole Neal have your vote?

    Who do you think deserves the illustrious title of Babe of the Year 2013?

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  • Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones’s Topless Holiday

    rosie jones   nicole 82 Nicole Neal and Rosie Joness Topless Holiday

    Nicole Neal (blonde) & Rosie Jones (brunette)

    Two of our favorite babes, Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones were “spotted” on a Topless Holiday not too long ago.

    I put spotted in quotation marks because they weren’t really spotted. It’s clearly an actual photo shoot in the style of paparazzi. Sorry to spoil the fun but it’s better that you hear it from me rather than some other that likes ruining things for you.

    Though summer isn’t quite over yet, these pictures of Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones having a sexy time in the sun will make you wish that we had summer all year round:


    I guess I’ll have to wait until next year before I can take a topless holiday with these two babes…

    Why does summer have to end?

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  • Give People The Porn They Want!

    Crowdfunding is great but I can’t help but feel that it’s been tainted by websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

    Before you write me off as a total idiot, please hear me out. While these sites have been good for certain projects, my main problem is that celebrities have noticed that it’s an effective way to get money for their projects.

    For example Zach Braff should not be asking you for money to finance another movie about The Shins. Zosia Mamet should not be asking you to pay for her studio time so that she can make an album.

    So maybe crowdfunding isn’t the problem. Maybe the problem is celebrities (as usual, am I right?).

    There is one crowdfunding platform that might prove to be extremely valuable…for the porn industry.

    It’s called OffBeatr and it’s the Kickstarter for all things adult.

    Before you write me off as a total idiot (again), please hear me out.   Continue Reading

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  • Nicole Neal (Babe of the Year?)

    Screen Shot 2013 07 02 at 10.38.03 AM Nicole Neal (Babe of the Year?)

    Nicole Neal

    Babe of the Day: Nicole Neal

    Place of Origin: Bournemouth, England


    Height:  5’7″

    Measurements: 34-25-35

    We have officially passed the halfway point of 2013, which means in a few months we’re going to have a poll to determine’s Babe of the Year. Basically, we’ll have you vote for your favorite Babe of the Day and the one with the most votes will be declared Babe of the Year.

    What does it mean to be Babe of the Year? It means that particular babe was the sexiest of 2013.

    I’ve already made up my mind for who should get Babe of the Year. Maybe it’s just me but for me no one has impressed me more with their sexiness than Nicole Neal.

    But I might be the only one with Nicole Neal fever and arbitrarily picking my favorite wouldn’t be fair to the babes, nor would it be fair to you the reader. That’s why we’re going to have a vote sometime in the Fall.

    However, in the months leading up to the vote, I will be unofficially campaigning for Nicole Neal by sharing every Nicole Neal picture I may find. My hope is that you will see so much Nicole Neal, you won’t know who else to vote for.

    Pretty devious but at least you know what I’m up to.

    With that said, Nicole Neal has some new pictures from that will hopefully convince you that she is Babe of the Year.


    If you’re still not convinced, please refer to the Nicole Neal Babe of the Day until further notice.

    Other than the title of Babe of the Year, what should the babe win? I was thinking she could win a gold chain that said “” in rubies and diamonds. That’d be so fly.

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  • People are more attractive if you shock your brain

    nicole1 People are more attractive if you shock your brain

    Nicole Neal, hottest girl of 2013 (so far)

    Wouldn’t life be much better if there weren’t so many ugly people?

    I don’t know about you but whenever I go anywhere, for every attractive person I see there’s always at least one ugly person nearby to spoil the fun.

    With all the technology that exists today, you’d think that finding a non-invasive way to make all the ugly people in the world to look like Nicole Neal (my choice for babe of the year 2013) would be a top priority.

    Well, it seems like science may have figured out a way to make everyone more attractive. All it takes to live in a world surrounded by Nicole Neal‘s is a mild shock of electricity to the brain.   Continue Reading

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  • Nicole Neal

    2192444 nicole neal dangerous yoga Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal

    Who is this spritely blonde beauty?

    It’s Nicole Neal and not only is she on the cover of the latest issue of Front Magazine, she’s also Babe of the Day!   Continue Reading

    May 29, 2013 • BABES • Views: 12481