• Net Neutrality Explained By Famous Pornstars

    By now, you’ve no doubt heard from your local bigot that President Barack Obama has come out in support of net neutrality.

    But what exactly is net neutrality besides the thing that your local bigot has incorrectly labeled, “Obama Care for the Internet”?

    Not many people understand net neutrality and how it might effect their lives, so to get people’s attention Funny Or Die enlisted the help of three famous pornstars, Nadia Styles, Alex Chance and Mercedes Carrera, to help explain why you should care about net neutrality.  Continue Reading

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  • What’s the Sexiest Career? Poll Results

    Our latest poll asked the question: What’s the Sexiest Career?

    We gave you a whole big list of possible selections.  The top ranked careers shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since they are careers that are very well-represented in the adult industry/porn fantasies/regular fantasies.

    Interestingly enough, the closing of the poll coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs the week of May 5th every year.   Either y’all voters are smart geniuses, or we happened to coincidentally close the poll during Teacher Appreciation week.  It was a total coincidence, I promise!

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  • Canada gets kinkier without hockey

    Traditional throwing of the dildos at hockey game

    Every now and then, we are forced to ask ourselves, “What’s going on in Canada?”

    Like drunkenly texting a girl at four in the morning that you promised yourself you would never see again because every time you hook it’s fine but there’s a sense of guilt that you just can’t shake because you know she wants to get serious and you’re just looking for a good time but you’re wasted and lonely so you do it anyways and learn to live with being a douchebag, we look north to Canada to say, “Sup? Want to meet up in like 20 minutes?”

    In other words, sorry but this blog has reached rock-bottom by talking about Canada.

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  • Documentary claims Obama’s mother was a pornstar in smear campaign

    Ann Dunham, pornstar?

    President Barack Obamacare just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his heritage. The birth certificate scandal was outrageous but now there’s a new can of worms that’s been opened to get him to slide in the swing states.

    This time, the target is not Obamacare himself but his mother. A filmmaker named Joel Gilbert has directed a documentary called Dreams of my Real Father (a twist on the title of President Barack Obamacare’s autobiography Dreams of my Father) where he claims that Obamacare’s mother, Ann Dunham, posed for fetish magazines in the 1950s.

    Here’s the clip that contains the alleged photos of Ms Dunham and the cover-up:

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