• McKayla Maroney Is 18, So It’s OK To Follow Her On Instagram


    McKayla Maroney

    You may remember McKayla Maroney from the 2012 London Olympiad, where her dissatisfied expression upon winning silver in the vault finals sparked an Internet sensation known as “McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed“.

    Lately, McKayla Maroney’s hasn’t been “not impressed”. Instead, she’s been Instagramming lots of sexy selfies. Is it to show that she is not that unimpressed? Is this just what hot teens do on a regular basis? Is it to show us all that she’s actually super hot?  Continue Reading

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  • CzechCasting.com Pledges $50,000 To Sexy Olympians


    Eva Samkova (left) & Gabriela Soukalova (right) are two Czech Olympians that stand to benefit from CzechCasting.com

    CzechCasting.com is so much more than an amateur porn site featuring sexy amateur Czech babes. It’s an outlet for any Czech woman’s sexual expression. Right? That’s one way of looking at it.

    Well, CzechCasting.com is hoping to do much more than promote the beauty and sexual expression of Czech women.

    Ever since two beautiful Czech Olympians, Eva Samkova and Gabriela Soukalova, won medals at the Sochi Winter Games (Samkova won gold in snowboard cross and Soukalova won silver in biathlonCzechCasting.com is pledging $50,000, or 989,400.00 Czech Koruna, to Czech athletic programs to support the development of future sexy Czech Olympians.  Continue Reading

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  • Lebanese Olympian Jackie Chamoun’s Nude Scandal

    Jackie Chamoun

    Jackie Chamoun

    Jackie Chamoun is one of two Olympians representing Lebanon at the Sochi Olympics. She’s participating in slalom and giant slalom. On top of skiing and representing Lebanon, Jackie Chamoun is also embroiled in a NUDITY SCANDALContinue Reading

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  • Russian Olympians Posing in Lingerie

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    In what feels like an attempt to make everyone forget about how unprepared Sochi is to host the Winter Olympics and the effort kill all those adorable stray dogs running around the host town, Russia’s Olympic team has released photos of their most photogenic (meaning sexiest) athletes posing in lingerie.

    The Russian Olympic team felt that their own athletes was the “best campaign for our team in Sochi.” Yeah totally. The best way to get people excited about the games are to know who’s competing. The Russian Olympic team also wanted to refute the stereotype that female athletes are “a mountain of muscle and manly figure.”

    However, by getting the female athletes competing in the Sochi Olympics to pose in lingerie just reinforces that even women who are world-class athletes are sexual objects. Did no one from the Russian Olympic team pick up on this?

    But hey, the damage is done. Let’s just get to know the hot babes of the Russian Olympic team.  Continue Reading

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  • From Russia With Love Of Gay Porn

    The Sochi Winter Olympics are set to open on Friday, February 7th 2014. Unless you only get your news from this blog, which you should stop doing because there’s so much more important news that you’re missing out on, you might have heard that Russia hates gay people.

    That last statement might be a little harsh. It’s important to note that being gay isn’t against the law in Russia, nor is engaging in homosexual acts in private. However, it is illegal to “propagate non-traditional sexual relations”. This is what we call doublespeak. These laws, while not explicitly condoning physical violence against the LGBT community, amplify the preexisting homophobia prevalent amongst many Russians.

    There has been international backlash against these laws because the Olympics are supposed to be a summit celebrating camaraderie, peace, and sportsmanship.

    In the spirit of the games, we decided to get to know the host country’s porn habits a little bit better. Sex.com receives approximately 30 million visits per month. In terms of visits per country, Russia ranks sixth almost a million monthly visitors.

    We took a look at the most commonly searched terms and the results were shocking…RUSSIA LOVES GAY PORN.    Continue Reading

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  • Sexting the key to victory?

    Yeah bro

    Yeah bro

    Could sexting really be the secret to winning gold medals and breaking world records? If there’s any truth to what junior athlete Megan Edwards is saying then the answer is absolutely.

    Allegedly, Megan sent Usain Bolt a picture of her butt with the message, “Think of my bum at the finish line, lol.” So Usain broke the world record and won the gold medal. He then responded to Megan with, “I was thinking of ur ass.”

    Usain Bolt, known mostly for his speed, is also a smooth dude. Total pimp.

    He then asked for new pictures for the 200 meter and the 4 x 100 meter relay. The photos were Bolt’s motivation to go fast.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you, the key to winning is sexting.

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  • Sex.com vs the Games of the XXX Olympiad

    Olympic sex-symbol Federica Pellegrini

    Can you believe that the 2012 Summer Olympiad are only two days away? I can almost hear the angry sighs of the whole world as we all gather in front of our TVs to be bored by some track and field event. What can be done to make the games more interesting? They can start by embracing the debauchery of the Olympics. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get to this sooner because the London Games are the thirtieth Olympiad making their official name the Games of the XXX Olympiad*.

    It can’t be a surprise that when you get hundreds of beautiful people in peek physical condition living in close quarters that things will turn crazy (see Federica Pellegrini as an example of hotness to the left of this text)? They’ve been training sometimes their whole lives for a 30 second event. They’re going to party afterwards but to what extent is still sort of hidden from the general public. Continue Reading

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