• New App helps you have sex with co-workers

    In porn movies, the office is all about sex. No one does any work and they get to have sex on a desk. Wouldn’t it be great if real offices were like that? Believe it or not, the sex based office we know and love from pornography could be coming soon to real life with a new LinkedIn app called “BangWithProfessionals“.

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

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    February 1, 2013 • Polls, Sex News • Views: 2722

  • Olivia from “Pawn Stars” fired for doing porn

    With Olivia off the show, Chumlee reclaims his title as “Most Attractive Pawn Star”

    If you haven’t seen an episode of Pawn Stars, you will not understand this blog post. This would be a great time to get caught up because it’s a great show. It’s a reality show on the History Channel where people come in to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop with treasure or crap and try to make some money. It’s like Antiques Roadshow but with a rock n’ roll edge.

    One of the series highlights was when they hired the attractive alt-girlOlivia Black to work the night-shift in season 5. Though she was only a minor part of the show, she brought a real good energy to the shop as positive, petite, tattooed girls tend to do. Olivia was always a welcome change of pace from the fat old men and Chumlee’s incompetence that the show usually focuses on.

    But that’s all over. Olivia Black has been fired. Why? Because people found out about her porn-past.

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    December 21, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1676

  • Sex.com discusses Star Wars Episode VII

    It’s been an eventful week…

    Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the eastern United States. A new Kim Kardashian sex tape emerged and then was written off as a fake. Lady Gaga and Rhianna both dressed up in weed-related costumes for Halloween.

    But really, there was no bigger news story than Disney’s 4 billion dollar acquisition of Lucasfilm and the announcement that there will be a Star Wars Episode VII Continue Reading

    November 7, 2012 • Funny, Stuff • Views: 1026

  • Fill your G-Spot with a G-Shot

    Don’t worry, it’s just a little prick

    Since its discovery in the 1940s, straight men everywhere have been hopelessly trying to find the woman’s G-Spot. Most men can barely even find the clitoris, so trying to find a spot that people aren’t too sure exists is even more daunting.

    I got good news for all the sexually illiterate men and sexually dissatisfied women of the world. Hollywood gynecologist and surgeon Dr. David Matlock has the women of Los Angeles crowding his clinic, the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (this the real name of his clinic), to receive their “G-Shots”, a surgical procedure that injects filler into a woman’s G-Spot for an improved sex life.

    Totally insane, right? Well, let’s find out more about it!

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    October 30, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 546

  • Prime Time TV has more nudity than ever before!

    The Parents Television Council has just confirmed our worst fears:

    Family enjoying some nudity during prime time

    Nudity on prime time TV is rising.

    Since only a year ago, the PTC claims that nudity has gone up 407% in 2011 – 2012. What can explain this sudden decent into depravity? Are we so culturally bankrupt that the only way we can comfort ourselves between hollow Hollywood remakes is to see some pixelated tits on basic cable between 5pm and 9pm?

    Of course not, that’s why we have the internet. We don’t have to wait around for that window where nudity may pop onto the screen. You can look at Sex.com from your phone.

    Still, the PTC has crunched the numbers to prove the spike in television nudity. Here are the message as they appeared in the press release:

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    August 22, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1751