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  • Custom Sex Tips for Fans: Blowjob Blues

    This is Custom Sex Tips for Fans (formerly known as Chico’s Sex Advice), a semi-regular column where I, Chico Dusty, apply my knowledge of all things sex to solve your sex problems, answer your sex questions and provide you with general sex advice specifically for you.

    If you need sex tips, feel free to send an email to cdusty@sex.com and I’ll solve all your problems.

    Today, Sex.com Blog reader “WieWie” wants to know… Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Sex Tips of the Year!

    We’ve had a lot of fun making year-end lists, recapping the Best of 2014, but our lists are always highlighting things other people created.

    Now, it’s time for us to give ourselves some shine by recapping the Best Sex Tips of 2014.

    We hope that our sex tips have helped improve your sex life (we know writing sex tips has improved our sex lives). Or, at the very least, you find them entertaining. No matter what you get out of the Sex.com Blog’s sex tips, we’d like to thank you for your continued support of the Sex.com Blog.

    With our thanks out of the way, let’s find out which sex tips are the Top 10 sex tips of 2014!  Continue Reading

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  • Why You Should Celebrate “National Sit On My Face Day” Instead Of “Talk Like A Pirate Day”

    OMG YOU GUYS! Today is National Sit On My Face Day. But it’s also Talk Like A Pirate Day! This is like if Christmas and Kwanzaa showed up to the same party wearing the same dress: a total disaster!

    In this fast-paced, workaday world, we only really have time to celebrate one made up holiday at a time, which is why I’ve decided it’s my responsibility to make you celebrate National Sit On My Face Day instead of celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Continue Reading

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  • Five Oral Sex Charts You Wish You Had Seen In High School

    Cause honestly, the stuff they teach you in high school sex ed nowadays is so inadequate, some people still think foreplay is optional.

    I have previously giving my own oral sex tips, which you can go back and look at here, but you can never know too much about oral sex, right? And anyway, I find that diagrams are both more fun and a hell of a lot more helpful than written sex tips. Some of these handy diagrams even gave me some ideas.  Continue Reading

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  • 5 Tips for Giving Oral Sex from a Lesbian

    The following is a featured post from our new weekly columnist.  This is important because, unlike Chico or I (Gil Powers!), she is a woman.  On top of being a woman, she’s also a lesbian.  So if you want some alternative advice to pleasure the woman in your life (beyond Chico’s excellent sex tips columns), this seems like a good place to start!

    – Gil

    Being a woman, being with women, and being friends with women has definitely given me the upper hand when it comes to sex. So here’s a couple tips to help out those of you who want to improve your oral sex game.

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  • Miley Cyrus Goes Full Porn, Gives Blowjob On Stage

    Miley Cyrus has out-done herself yet again.

    Last night, Miley Cyrus performed at London’s G-A-Y Heaven, where she made a suggestive comment about date rape that made it sounds ok.

    “You know, everyone’s a little bit gay,” she told the crowd. “It’s the truth. Everyone’s gay, all it takes is one cocktail. And if that doesn’t work, sprinkle something in their drink. That’s what I always do.”

    While I do agree with Miley that everyone is in fact a little bit gay because sexuality isn’t black and white. Sexuality is more like fifty shades of grey (see what I did there?). But date rape is seriously uncool.

    I was date raped once. The year was 2009. My friend Doug was about to marry a lovely young lady named Tracy, and right before the wedding my friends Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper decided to have a bachelor party for Doug in glamorous Las Vegas. We were all having a great time, until suddenly I blacked out and woke the next morning with Ken Jeong’s dick in my mouth. Not cool.

    Anyways, Miley Cyrus has made up for her deplorable date rape comment by going full porn on stage.

    There was the usual ass-flaunting:

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on Sex.com

    Source: blog.sinnandskinn.com via youngchop on Sex.com

    And there was some finger-banging:

    Source: blog.sinnandskinn.com via youngchop on Sex.com

    But Miley, being Miley, took it to a whole new level when she decided to ride a huge inflatable cock:

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on Sex.com

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on Sex.com

    And then things really went crazy when Miley Cyrus took a blow-up doll and started to suck him off:

    Source: blog.sinnandskinn.com via youngchop on Sex.com

    Source: blog.sinnandskinn.com via youngchop on Sex.com

    Source: blog.sinnandskinn.com via youngchop on Sex.com

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on Sex.com

    So while Miley Cyrus definitely loses points for her date rape comment, she also managed to gain a lot of points for showing London (and the world) that she’s got some serious blowjob skills and that she can ride a massive dick.

    So…I guess everything cancels out and we can just continue on with our day while we eagerly await the day that Miley is so turnt up on molly that she finally has sex on stage. Simulating sex on stage is cool Miley, but if you really want to turn up you got to do the real deed on stage.

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  • Sex Advice From A Crazy Sorority Girl

    TotalSororityMove.com just shared a “leaked” email from a more or less deranged sorority girl who has some sex advice for her younger sorority sisters.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it since it’s pretty nuts. To read the full letter, check out TotalSororityMove.com.

    I’d like to focus on her first two pieces of sex advice. Crazy sorority girl writes,

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  • The States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophelia Is Not

    Yesterday, the Louisiana State House rejected an appeal of the state’s unconstitutional anti-sodomy law. According to the New York Times, the appeal lost 66 to 27. That means Louisianans are breaking the law every time they have anal sex or give/receive oral sex.

    Why would Louisiana subject itself to a pitiful existence where no one can legally give/receive a blowjob or experiment with anal sex? Because enjoying any kind of sex is immoral, especially fancy kinds of sex like oral sex and anal sex. If it’s not unpleasurable, missionary sex, then you better not be having it in Louisiana.

    Though if you want to have sex with a corpse, you can do that in Louisiana because necrophelia is legal!

    Yes, in Louisiana, if you want to dig up a corpse and literally fuck its brains out, you can. But if you want to give your husband a blowjob, that’s technically a felony.

    But that’s not the weirdest part. The weirdest part is that Louisiana isn’t the only state in the union that explicitly bans blowjobs and anal sex but allows necrophelia.

    North Carolina also has a ban on oral and anal sex, but you’re totally free to do a dead person.

    Oklahoma and Kansas don’t care if you want to do the deed with the recently deceased, but there’s a ban on oral intercourse between lesbian and gay couples.

    And for the record, several other states like Nebraska, New Mexico, and Vermont appear to allow necrophelia, but at least there’s no ban on oral or anal sex.

    I truly can’t imagine how these bans on blowjobs would ever be enforced, but it’s crazy to me that some states are holding on to their anti-sodomy laws. I mean, who cares what two or more consenting adults are doing to each other? No one should.

    So just a reminder, never move to these states in red because their priorities are all screwed up:


    If you live in one of these states, I’m sorry.

    My advice to you is to give/receive as many blowjobs as possible as a form of protest against these unjust laws.

    [h/t: Gawker]

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  • Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    Before I ever set foot in the Sex.com offices, I had always assumed that nobody knew anything about sex. Now, after writing sex tips and giving sex advice to the readers of the Sex.com Blog for nearly two years, I’ve realized that I was wrong.

    People actually do know a lot about sex. Unfortunately 99% of what people think they know about sex is wrong.

    Who is to blame for the perpetuation of misinformation? I blame the inadequate sex education most people receive in school. The only thing I remember from sex education in school was an animated short with a voiceover saying, “Penises are a lot like noses. They all come in different shapes and sizes.” And the only reason I remember that lesson is because it maybe me feel better about my own disfigured penis and while the voiceover was comparing penises to noses, a million different animated penises were flying across the screen all wearing the classic mustache and glasses disguise to make them more like noses? That image of millions of penises wearing that hilarious disguise still haunts me to this day.

    Anyways, to help you forget about all those penises wearing the mustache and glasses disguise to help you have more pleasurable, safer sex, I’d like to talk about the Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex. So if you’re ready to find out that you’ve been doing sex wrong all these years, continue reading.

    10. Men don’t fake orgasms


    Faking orgasms isn’t just for women. Men do it too. Of course, male fake orgasms are slightly trickier than their female counterpart because men discharge when they cum. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    If you’re wondering why men fake orgasms, it’s simple. Not being able to orgasm can make your partner feel inadequate and sad. So it’s better just to grunt and make a stupid face when they’re through thrusting to preserve their partner’s sexual confidence.


    9. Oral sex and anal sex are safer than vaginal sex.

    NOPE! Almost all STIs can be passed on through unprotected vaginal sex can also be passed on through unprotected oral and anal sex. Herpes, warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV can all be contracted orally or anally. Oral sex is certainly less risky compared to vaginal and anal sex, but just for your own safety wear a condom!


    8. Oral sex and anal sex don’t count as real sex.

    Some people seem to think that having oral sex or anal sex instead of vaginal sex is a way of circumventing losing their virginity and still being able to have sex. Absolutely not true. “Sex” is in the name, therefore if it’s in your mouth or your ass, you’re having sex.


    7. Vaginas all look a like

    I blame porn for this one, because porn rarely features any girls with large labias or anything. For whatever reason, almost all the vaginas you see in porn are the same, which is not indicative of vaginas around the world. This lack of vaginal variety in porn has led to more and more women getting labiaplasty surgery to make their vaginas look “normal” when in fact there’s nothing wrong with their vaginas.If penises come in all shapes and sizes like noses, then vaginas are like lips…THEY COME IN DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES.


    6. Two condoms are better than one.

    NO. I understand why people assume that two condoms are better than one, because two of everything is better than one almost always. Double the condom, double the protection. Well, you’re totally wrong if you think that.”Double-bagging” can increase the friction of the latex, making them more likely to rip or tear. One condom (male condom or female condom) is all you need.


    5. Pulling out is an effective method of birth control.

    According to this article, more and more people are pulling out as a means of contraception. THAT’S REAL STUPID.Withdrawal is significantly less effective at preventing pregnancy as compared to other methods. Now, if you’re pulling out because a lifetime of watching porn has given you an obsession with cumshots, then by all means do it. But don’t assume for one second that pulling is a substitute for condoms or the pill.


    4. Penis size is important.

     asked 50 women about their thoughts on penis size. Of the 50, only 6 said that bigger was better.

    Truth is, size only matters to people that let it matter. Motion, rapport, depth of intimacy, lovemaking skills, and/or positions often have more to do with partner satisfaction than size. But if you’re still concerned about your penis size, then you should read this: Satisfying Women with Your Tiny Penis.


    3. Women can achieve an orgasm from penetration alone.

    Most women don’t achieve an orgasm from vaginal sex alone. It’s possible for sure, but according to data from a 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, most women (about 2/3) have orgasms when they have sex, and this could be from vaginal, clitoral, breast or other kinds of stimulation.

    The key is diversity of stimulation. Women are sophisticated creatures and if you want to make one cum then you’re going to have to explore all of her erogenous zones.


    2. The clitoris is a fun button that will give women instant orgasms.

    This basically the same point as #3, but it’s worth stating again. You need to diversify your attention to all areas of a woman’s body. You can’t just go storming straight to the clitoris and hope for results. Though stimulating the clitoris is never a bad idea, but too much attention could be more painful than pleasurable.So diversify! Have some fun! Don’t be so simple minded when it comes to sex.


    1. Vaginas are not Fleshlights.

    What do I mean when I say, “Vaginas are not Fleshlights”?Well, though Fleshlights look and feel like vaginas, you should know that they aren’t the same. Fleshlights are a male masturbation toy. When you use a Fleshlight, you should feel totally free to fap yourself silly, pounding away at that fake vagina. However, you can’t just jackhammer a vagina. Women know when you’re using their bodies to masturbate and they don’t like.

    I know it’s tempting to do what that dude in the GIF above is doing to Stoya, but it’s not good sex. Simply pounding away, using a real live vagina as if it were a common Fleshlight is a surefire turnoff. There’s no nuance, no build-up, no feeling when you’re using a vagina like a masturbatory aid. It also signifies sexual inexperience or selfishness, which are not very attractive qualities. Rather than mindlessly thrusting away, you want to vary your speed throughout the sex. Gauge your partner’s response and let it inform your movements. If she asks you to go harder, then go harder. But if the moment calls for a slower approach, then slow it down.  After all, you’re not alone, you’re working together to have great sex.


    Obviously, there are more than 10 misconceptions about sex out there. In fact, it was tough to decide which 10 misconceptions about sex I would attempt to clear up for you today. Hopefully, you’ve learned something useful. But if you have a question about sex or you need some advice, you can always…

    Send an email to cdusty@sex.com


    Use the contact submission form.

    And I’ll be happy to answer your sex questions via blog post.

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  • Closing The Orgasm Gap: How To Make Women Cum During Casual Sex

    Now that women are having more casual sex, sex-scholars have discovered what they believe to be an “orgasm gap”.

    The orgasm gap theory basically states that women will enjoy about one orgasm for every three orgasms a man enjoys. According to a study by the Kinsey Institute, women are twice as likely to orgasm when they have sex with a sexual partner they’ve been in a long term relationship as opposed to a one night stand or casual sex. Meanwhile, men are twice as likely to orgasm during casual sex or a one night stand.

    So while we’re all having a lot of fun fucking whoever we want with no emotional connection or relationship to spoil the sex, the truth is that women are getting the short end of the dick stick. That ain’t right!

    But don’t worry ladies, you’re in luck. Social psychologist and sex educator Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Psychology of Human Sexuality fame collect 13,484 responses from college-aged women in an online survey to determine what makes women orgasm when they’re having casual sex. And lucky for us, Dr. Lehmiller compiled all his findings in this handy infographic.

    Pay close attention if you want to help close the orgasm gap, or at the very least help the woman you’re having casual sex orgasm for once:  Continue Reading

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  • Oral and Anal Sex Finally Legal In Virginia!


    Virginia is also for hustlers, cause hustlers get it back

    Since 1969, everyone’s known that Virginia is for lovers, which is strange because  blowjobs, cunnilingus, and anal sex were illegal up until yesterday.

    I guess the slogan should have been “Virginia is for boring lovers”.

    Virginia’s House of Delegates passed a bill yesterday that will eliminate a ban on oral and anal sex that’s been around since 1950.

    The old ban states:

    A. If any person carnally knows in any manner any brute animal, or carnally knows any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth, or voluntarily submits to such carnal knowledge, he or she shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony, except as provided in subsection B.

    B. Any person who performs or causes to be performed cunnilingus, fellatio, anilingus or anal intercourse upon or by his daughter or granddaughter, son or grandson, brother or sister, or father or mother is guilty of a Class 5 felony. However, if a parent or grandparent commits any such act with his child or grandchild and such child or grandchild is at least 13 but less than 18 years of age at the time of the offense, such parent or grandparent is guilty of a Class 3 felony.

    C. For the purposes of this section, parent includes step-parent, grandparent includes step-grandparent, child includes step-child and grandchild includes step-grandchild.

    A felony! Up until yesterday, blowjobs, cunnilingus, and anal sex were almost as bad as murder, kidnapping, and treason. It is  Even married couples couldn’t enjoy oral and anal sex.

    The law has been under fire since the 2003 Supreme Court ruling Lawrence v. Texaswhich held that any state could not ban private non-commercial sex between two consenting adults. But that didn’t stop Virginia’s legislators from killing any updates to the bill until yesterday.

    Though I’m happy for what this bill represents, I can’t imagine that the law had ever been enforced. Like did police ever burst into a bedroom to arrest a couple for anal sex when really the guy was just trying to find the pussy but poked the ass accidentally?

    So if you’re in Virginia, please celebrate your new found sexual freedom by going down on somebody or giving up the butt!

    Though since you’ve probably never had oral or anal sex because you’re a law-abiding Virginia, you might want to read these:

    How To Have Anal Sex

    Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob

    How To Give Women Better Head

    via The Washington Post

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  • How To Make 69ing More Fun – Chico’s Sex Advice



    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to chicodustyblog@gmail.com OR use the contact form and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

    Today’s question comes from Keegan. Keegan writes:

    “Hi Chico! I just 69’d with my girlfriend for the first time and we were sort of disappointed with it. If we could, we would nominate 69ing for the most overrated sex acts. Do you have any tips to make 69ing better?”  Continue Reading

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  • Build With Lego and Get a BJ From Christy Mack


    Christy Mack

    The world’s Lego supply will be at an all-time low for the next little while because your favorite pornstar Christy Mack has just announced via Twitter that the man who builds her the best Lego creation will receive a blowjob from Christy Mack!

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.32.37 PM

    I know this sounds too good to be true. Play with Lego and you might get a blowjob from Christy Mack?  Continue Reading

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  • Two Pornstars vs One Banana


    History’s luckiest banana

    Our friends from SINN & SKINN were in Las Vegas last week for the AVN Awards and while there they challenged two hot pornstars, Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor, to put a condom on a banana without using their hands.

    The girls had their own idea.

    Rather than just put a condom on a banana, they decided to put on a show with the banana!

    Honestly, watching this video is the most fun anyone has ever had with a banana.

    Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor have skyrocketed up my list of favorite pornstars. Way to go, girls!

    Does it mean that I’m obsessed with sex if I think that Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor going HAM (hard as a motherfucker) on this banana was a more effective healthy eating PSA than the one that Michelle Obama shot with the Miami Heat?

    Big thanks to SINN & SKINN for getting Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor together to destroy that lucky, lucky banana.

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  • Why Are You Trying To Choke Me With Your Dick? – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Today’s question comes from friends of the blog KenSexy and her College Roommates (whom you may remember from the Rough Sex and Sex On The First Date edition of Chico’s Sex Advice). She wants to know…

    What’s up with guys wanting us to choke on their dick? You know… Pushing our heads down ’til we awkwardly make that terrible sound.

    We’ve done our research and this is a very common (as in always) thing no matter the type of guy. What’s good about it? Is it the feeling or the idea and sight of us choking on it that you like?”  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day



    I’m not sure how but the internet has declared January 7th to be National Blowjob Day!

    Some of you might be wondering why we need a National Blowjob Day when we already have Steak and Blowjob Day on March 7th. Well, we need a National Blowjob Day because vegetarians like to get their dick sucked too. Why should they be excluded from celebrating oral sex just because they don’t eat meat?

    Makes sense to me.

    Anyways, in the spirit of my new favorite holiday, I’d like to give you the Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day. Celebrate the greatest holiday in the world the right way!  Continue Reading

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  • Ariel Rebel Gives The Gift of Blowjobs


    Ariel Rebel

    I’ve been recommending sexy Christmas presents all month long and while they’re all great gifts, Ariel Rebel knows that the best gift is always a blowjob.

    Ariel made her big blowjob debut in September and she’s back with another hot blowjob scene just in time for the holidays! So please, take as many pointers as you can from Ariel and give the gift of a mind-blowing blowjob this XXXmas. Continue Reading

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  • How To Give Women Better Head

    You already know what this is

    You already know what this is

    If you saw yesterday’s post Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn, you know that straight men aren’t totally opposed to giving women head, but they’re unwilling to perform oral sex on women because they’re afraid they’ll be bad at it.

    Classic men, so stupid.

    Obviously no one wants to be bad at sex in any of its forms, but the only way you’ll ever get good is through trial and error. You have to give lots of head and try new things if you want to be known for your pussy eating abilities. So when the opportunity arises, no matter how confident you are in your ability to give a woman head, you have to try.

    But before you start going down on any woman with enough patience to let you perfect your pussy eating skills, I’d like to get you started with a tip to giving women better head. Ready? To give women better head, all you need to do is have some variety.

    I think the most common mistake men make when giving a woman head is that they don’t lick with any creativity. Obviously licking an erogenous zone like the vagina is pleasurable, but if it’s just a straight up and down with the tongue it can get boring. Monotony and sex never works.

    So now that you know the importance of variety, here are some licking variations you can try to give women better head.  Continue Reading

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  • Evan Rachel Wood’s Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad


    Evan Rachel Wood

    Actress Evan Rachel Wood is furious at the MPAA because a sex scene from her upcoming movie Charlie Countryman was cut to avoid getting an NC-17 rating.

    Check out the Twitter rant ERW went on slamming Hollywood censors for promoting a double standard:  Continue Reading

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  • The MustachiO: The Mustache Vibrator


    The MustachiO

    Movember is underway and if your mustache isn’t coming all big and bristly, I have the perfect thing for you to give the best damn mustache rides ever.

    What you need is the MustachiO Vibrating Fun’stace (with fancy strap) by Screaming O and if you’re only going to buy one sex toy this Movemeber, this should be the one.  Continue Reading

    November 9, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 1580