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  • Sexy Canadian Girls

    Canadian Babe

    Canadian Babe

    In the past, I’ve been extremely critical of Canada.


    To be honest I’m not sure why.

    All things considered, Canadians don’t have it so easy. They have to put up with some brutal winters only to be forgotten by the rest of the world. They don’t need me ragging on them.

    Today (July 1st) is Canada Day, the most holiest of holidays in Canadian culture. As a peace offering to Canadians everywhere, I’d like to now shed some light on the sexy Canadian girls that have managed to escape the miserable winters and become beloved babes.

    So here you go Canada, theĀ Top 10 Sexy Canadian Girls: Continue Reading

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  • PETA.XXX unleashed

    Sasha Grey for PETA

    Activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for those of you who don’t know) has flirted with the “sex sells” concept many times in the past. I personally will never forget seeing Pamela Anderson pose in a lettuce bikini in support of vegetarianism. And then there’s the less fond memory of seeing Steve-o of Jackass and Wildboyz bare his ass against fur.

    PETA continues this tradition of using sex to generate awareness for their cause today by launching PETA.XXX. Continue Reading

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