• 7 Steps To Having Sex Like A Pornstar

    It feels like every three months, Cosmo or some equally shitty publication puts out a list of ways to “Have Sex Like A Pornstar”. Why not? Slapping that on a front page would get me to buy it.

    That said, I’ve always been disappointed by the tips these hacks provide for having sex like a pornstar. It’s almost as though they’ve never seen porn before. Do I even dare accuse them of just making shit up so they can sell magazines?

    Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and I’m here to tell you how to really have sex like a pornstar in 7 easy steps. So pay attention!

    7 Steps To Having Sex Like A Pornstar

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  • Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody


    Miley and Ron Jeremy: World’s Best Couple?

    Our friends from have created something so shocking that it can’t be unseen: RON JEREMY IN A WRECKING BALL PARODY.

    Watch it right now:

    Well that was disgusting. You know how some people think that women age like milk and men age like a fine wine? Is it uncool of me to say that Ron Jeremy has aged like a hairy clump of unrefrigerated ground beef?

    Still, you got to admire that sense of humor. It almost makes me forget about his distended belly.


    January 29, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 1485

  • What If The Cable Guy In Porn Was From Time Warner


    Cable Guy

    CollegeHumor just released a new short that asks the question…”What if the cable guy in porn was from Time Warner?”

    It’s a nice way of showing how frustrating it is to deal with Time Warner. However, what I find most frustrating about this short isn’t how Time Warner treats people but rather not knowing the name of that hot blonde MILF getting fucked by the Time Warner guy.

    You guys know that you don’t need to cable, right?

    Everything’s on the internet now.

    January 28, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 1875