• Kendra Sunderland’s New Penthouse Spread

    The Kendra Sunderland hysteria that swept the adult industry a few months ago after she was arrested and fined for camming in the OSU library has been progressively dying down. Which is why Kendra Sunderland’s new Penthouse pictures arrived just in time!

    Yes, just as we were all starting to forget about the sexy cam girl that captured our hearts with her adventurous cam shows, she comes back looking hotter than ever in a bunch of new photos from Penthouse.

    Remind yourself why you spent all winter pining over Kendra Sunderland’s sexy body below.  Continue Reading

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  • Layla Sin is the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2015

    Good news everyone! Penthouse has picked their Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2015 and it’s none other than exotic sex-pot Layla SinContinue Reading

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  • Porn’s Dirty Dozen (Penthouse Edition)

    Bonnie Rotten

    Definitely dirty…but in the best possible way.

    The November issue of Penthouse highlight 12 of porn’s naughtiest babes. Hence the name, “The Dirty Dozen” (not to be confused with the other Dirty Dozen or the Filthy Fifteen).

    These are the top twelve babes that Penthouse believes to down and dirty in the best possible way.

    So who made the list? Well, I’ll tell you! Here now is your Dirty Dozen preview:  Continue Reading

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  • What Goes Down At The Playboy Mansion? (80’s Edition)

    Terri Welles vintage playboy nude

    Terri Welles, 1980’s Playboy Playmate

    Don’t you wish you could go to the Playboy Mansion?

    I don’t. Why would I drive all the way up to Beverly Hills to hang out with Tommy Lee, Bam Margera, Brett Michaels, and some super hot babes? If I were picked up in some sort of Hummer-limousine, then I’d for sure consider it but I’m still waiting on the invite.

    Though I’ve yet to go to the Playboy Mansion, I feel like its best days have passed a long time ago. Before it was a sexy Utopia with cool parties and sexy babes dressed up like sexy bunnies, now I just picture a dirty pool and shag carpeting that’s in dire need of shampoo.

    I picture Hugh Hefner wandering through a large empty mansion, muttering to himself all long the way. Kind of like the way Orson Welles wandered through the empty halls of Xanadu in Citizen Kane, but a little sexier. You might say that the Playboy Mansion is Xanadu from Citizen Kane, but built on an empire of nude women instead of yellow journalism.

    My sad assumptions of the present day’s Playboy Mansion aside, if I could travel back in time to the 1980’s, the first thing I would do would be to warn the world about Paul Hogan. For sparing the world the horror of Crocodile Dundee, I’d get invited to the wildest and best Playboy Mansion parties of the 1980’s.

    Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. However, Vice has the next best thing.

    The September issue of Vice was put together from the archives of Bob Guccione Sr., the man who built an empire with Penthouse Magazine (which might be going under, by the way).

    One portion of the issue features an interview with a former Playboy Mansion butler. He was fired for “an intrusion on his personal life.”

    So let’s find out what went down at the Playboy Mansion in the 1980’s:  Continue Reading

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  • Is This The End Of Penthouse Porn Mag?

    Kagney Linn Karter penthouse

    Kagney Linn Karter on the cover of Penthouse porn magazine

    FriendFinder Networks has filed for has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today in order to cut its debt load as the company struggles to make loan payments.

    FriendFinder, which houses sites like,,,,, and and also has reportedly not turned a net profit since 2008, listed out estimated liabilities of $500 million to $1 billion and assets less than $10 million, according to a court filing.

    “Despite continuing member interest and high volume traffic, the debtors did not make certain payments to the holders of existing first lien notes and cash pay second lien notes which constituted a default under their respective indentures,” FriendFinder said in the filing.

    Why should you care about FriendFinder Networks filing for bankruptcy?

    Well if they don’t start to turn a profit, will go out of business and you’ll have to download Tinder to find casual sex.

    Worse, if they don’t start to turn a profit, this could mean the end of Penthouse. FriendFinder Networks operates and they publish Penthouse Magazine.

    Penthouse porn is consistently some of the best porn around. There’s a reason why Penthouse porn is such a trusted brand name with consumers.

    When you take your daily trip to the corner store to buy candy or cigarettes, I highly recommend that you pick up an issue of Penthouse porn magazine to do your part to help ensure its existence.

    To convince you that buying a Penthouse porn magazine is a good idea, here are some of the best porn pictures pinned from the pages of Penthouse featuring some of your favorite pornstars (Malena Morgan, Samantha Saint, Jenna Rose, Sunny Leone, Sasha Grey, Alexis Ford, Devon, Emily Addison, April O’Neil, Ash Hollywood, Whitney Westgate, Nicole Aniston, and many more!):


    Continue Reading

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  • Natalia Starr

    Natalia Starr sexy

    Natalia Starr

    Babe of the Day: Natalia Starr

    Place of Origin: Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland

    Age: 20

    Height: 5’8

    Measurements: 34D-26-34

    I remember a time not too long ago when the only Starr sister in porn was Natasha Starr. And then there were whispers of Natasha Starr’s hotter, younger sister, Natalia Starr, who was ready to leave her native Poland and make it in Pornland.

    If Natalia Starr isn’t already one of your favorite pornstars…I don’t know what to tell you. Without a doubt, Natalia has some of the best boobs in that I’ve ever seen. That’s including all the boobs I’ve ever seen on the internet and all the boobs I’ve seen in real life (sorry gals).

    Natalia Starr and Natasha Starr were both made Penthouse Pets (for July and August respectively). And oh my god does Natalia Starr ever look amazing in her Penthouse pictures!

    You should go buy the magazine but for the time being, here’s a little taste:


    You know what needs?

    A lot more Natalia Starr pictures and videos.

    Please do us all a favor and get pinning.

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  • Is Cosmopolitan Magazine pornography for women?

    The amount of text is pornographic

    Nicole Weider, a 26 year old former-model, launched a campaign last year against the Hearst Corporation called the Anti-Cosmo Mission.  The mission calls for Cosmopolitan Magazine to be packaged in a non-transparent wrapper and sold only to adults.

    This women’s magazine will get the same treatment as Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, etc.

    Weider’s Mission gained a powerful ally today in Victoria Hearst, one of the heirs to the Hearst publishing empire.

    Ms Hearst explained her decision to join the Anti-Cosmo Mission to FOX411’s Pop Tarts column:

    “About 12 years ago, before the Lord told me to found Praise Him Ministries in 2001, I noticed how pornographic the content of Cosmopolitan magazine was. I telephoned Frank Bennack, head of the company, and told him Cosmopolitan should not be sold to minors and that I would like to address the board about it. Continue Reading

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