• EA’s Girl of the Month: Casey Calvert

    Guys, you’re not supposed to know who Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month is until Tuesday when it’s April 1st, but something occurred to me…April 1st is April Fool’s Day, a day where prankster run a muck preying on the naive.

    If I were to tell you that Casey Calvert is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month on April 1st, you guys might get confused and think that it’s some weird prank I’m pulling on you.

    So to minimize confuse and suspicion, I thought the best thing to do would be to tell you straight up that Casey Calvert is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month April 2014. Way to go, Casey!   Continue Reading

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  • Skylar Green Is The Perfect Girlfriend


    Skylar Green

    There are a lot of qualities a girls can have to make them great girlfriends.

    Caring, honest, very hot. You know, the usual things I look for in a partner.

    But there’s just one thing that some girlfriends do that sets them apart from great girlfriends and makes perfect girlfriends…and that one thing is wake-up sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Guerlain’s Secret Garden



    Guerlain is a Russian glamour model that I see at least once a day because why wouldn’t be adding pictures of this beautiful babe to their Boards?

    Despite having the biggest crush on Guerlain, I know nothing about her and all my attempts to find out more have been totally fruitless. I think I know why she’s been so hard to reach thanks to this video that leaked online.

    Watch Guerlain in the garden and then I’ll offer my theory:

    Guerlain in the garden from Guerlain on Vimeo.

    Clearly Guerlain has been so difficult to reach and know more about because she’s busy enjoying her naked body in some sexy secret garden, hidden from pervs like you and me.

    I mean, if you looked like that wouldn’t you just relish in your own sex appeal all day long?

    I would.

    Thank Guerlain for sharing this video with us.

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  • Riley Reid is a Performer of the Year 2014

    Riley Reid

    Riley Reid

    As you all know, last week Elegant Angel announced their Performers of the Year 2014.

    To celebrate the achievement of being named Performer of the Year 2014, we’re giving each babe their very own Top 10 to show you exactly why they were bestowed this honor.

    We’ve already shown you why Remy LacroixMaddie O’Reilly, Bonnie Rotten and Skin Diamond are Performers of the Year 2014 and now it’s Riley Reid‘s turn.

    Obviously Riley Reid is totally sexy and one of the best pornstars in recent memory, I still feel like I need to show you why she was chosen to be a Performer of the Year 2014. So I’m going to do just that with the Top 10 reasons Riley Reid is a Performer of the Year 2014.  Continue Reading

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  • Ashlyn Rae Is For Dessert


    Ashlyn Rae

    In April, frustrated by the lack of new Ashlyn Rae pictures and videos, I wrote a blog post that questioned her status as an active performer. The conclusion I came in Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae? was that she had retired. Though recently, that particular post was getting a lot of activity. Mostly it was just fans of Ashlyn Rae calling me an idiot because Ashlyn Rae in fact is not retired, just not as active as she used to be.

    So yeah, I fucked up a long time ago. Do I care? No! I’m just happy that there are finally some new Ashlyn Rae pictures from our friends over at Twisty’s I can share with you! (Then again, they were released yesterday but for all we know they could have been shot in 2011…)

    Though it’s been a while, Ashlyn Rae looks as sweet as ever. Her kitchen striptease has me wanting her for dessert. Once you see that sexy, little ass and those 34A tits, I think you’ll want a couple of servings of Ashlyn Rae too.

    Before you do, I just want to remind you that for a limited time you can get a membership to Twisty’s for 50% off.

    $14.95 for a Twisty’s membership? That’s the best deal I ever heard.

    Anyways, on to dessert with Ashlyn Rae!

    Continue Reading

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  • Remy Lacroix is a Performer of the Year 2014


    Remy Lacroix – PotY 2014

    Elegant Angel just announced their Performers of the Year 2014 and they couldn’t have picked 5 hotter babes.

    The Performers of the Year 2014 are Remy Lacroix, Maddie O’Reilly, Bonnie Rotten, Skin Diamond, and Riley Reid. To celebrate their achievement, their overall hotness, and to assure you that they are 100% deserving of this honor, I’m going to be giving you a Top 10 for each babe!

    We start with none other than one of the best in business: Remy Lacroix. Are you ready to see the Top 10 reasons (porn GIFs) why Remy Lacroix is a Performer of the Year 2014? Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid

    Riley Reid

    Riley Reid

    Let me get one thing clear before this Babe of the Day post gets going.

    Technically this is a Riley Reid’s Babe of the Day, but in reality it’s not. I’m sorry to say that I’m just using Riley Reid‘s sex appeal to get you all to appreciate Van Styles’s photography.  Continue Reading

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  • Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae?

    Last week, The Blog teamed up with our friend Mr. Pink to try and find out what happened to one of our favorite pornstars, Nicole Ray.

    What we were able to determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult entertainment industry.

    Over the course of our Nicole Ray investigation (which you can check out here), we also encountered another one of our favorite missing pornstars: Ashlyn Rae. And that got us wondering…whatever happened to Ashlyn Rae? So we’re back with another Porno P.I. to hopefully answer some lingering questions about favorite pornstars that don’t do porn anymore. Continue Reading

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  • Remy Lacroix hula hoop tease part 2

    Remember the Remy Lacroix hula hoop tease in Elegant Angel‘s movie “Remy“?

    It was possibly the best tease we had ever seen in a video. Plus, it turned us into huge Remy Lacroix fans.

    In case you missed it, here is the original Remy Lacroix hula hoop tease:

    Elegant Angel is about to release Remy 2 and to get us all hot and bothered about it, they’ve released a brand new Remy Lacroix hula hoop tease. Now with electric hula hoop! Continue Reading

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