• Kenna James Rings in Spring with Some Poolside Masturbation

    There’s nothing I hate more than looking at pictures of gorgeous naked women in beautiful, sunny California during winter because it’s like the two things I want most that I can’t have wrapped into one. Beautiful naked woman and sunshine. But now that winter’s all but over, it’s time to get back into looking at beautiful women getting nude and playing with their pretty pussies in amazing weather!

    And what better way to get back into it than with the absolutely stunning Kenna James getting into some poolside masturbation courtesy of VIPArea.comContinue Reading

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  • Tired of Holding Your iPad While Simultaneously Using Your Fleshlight?

    Well young man, if that’s the case, then I certainly have some interesting news for you.

    No longer will multi-tasking while trying to jerk off to your favourite pictures and videos at be an issue for you. Laziness reigns supreme!

    It’s called the Launchpad and its basically an expensive holster for your iPad with grips on the side so you can furiously bang your expensive piece of technology.

    This new product allows you to rig up your porn-machine (iPad) with your fleshlight of choice, so now while you’re skyped into an important million dollar business meeting you can secretly fuck a plastic tube at the same time, you lucky devil you.

    Continue Reading

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  • Watch a Preview of Madison Ivy’s First Anal Scene!

    Madison Ivy, the petite and incredibly busty German-American pornstar, signed an exclusive Brazzers contract 11 months ago and it seems like it’s just been nothing but perks since then.

    Not only was Madison Ivy made the Twisty’s Treat of the Year runner-up instead of Vanessa Veracruz thanks to her Brazzers contract, but she also has the pleasure of starring in big budget Digital Playground porn movies. However, in exchange for the job security and having the biggest porn conglomerate in the world having her back, Madison Ivy had to give up one thing: her virgin ass.

    Yes, it’s hard to believe that a pornstar as popular as Madison Ivy has steadily gained notoriety and momentum in the adult industry over the course of the last 6 years has yet to do anal since nowadays it seems like new girls do anal right away. I mean, it’s 2014, I think we can all agree that anal sex is on the table.

    For Madison Ivy’s anal sex debut, Brazzers went all out. We find Madison Ivy losing touch with reality and existing primarily in her sexual fantasies. Her dreams have become more real than reality itself and thankfully for us, Madison Ivy only has super hot sex dreams.

    Her latest dream transports her to an ancient world where she’s been given as a gift to powerful man-stud Mick Blue. And what does Mick Blue want to do with his new sex toy named Madison Ivy? Explore her ass, of course.

    With incredible set design, costumes, live snakes and Madison Ivy doing anal for the first time ever, this is quite simply the porn event of the summer. Forget X-Men and Godzilla, Madison Ivy’s first anal scene is the only must-see blockbuster this summer.

    Click the image below these words to watch a three minute preview:

    madison ivy first anal trailer


    To see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in it’s entirety, you have to have a Brazzers membership. Luckily, you can get one here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

    And for all you skeptics that still aren’t convinced that Madison Ivy’s first anal scene isn’t the most important thing to happen in porn this year, enjoy these pictures courtesy of BRAZZERS.

    They’ll get you hyped to see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in full!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Do you see why you need to watch Madison Ivy’s first anal scene now?

    Get your Brazzers membership here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

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  • Is There A Nina Agdal Sex Tape Coming Soon?


    YES. See the full image below.

    As of late, Nina Agdal has been the Blog’s favorite babe. Why? Because she’s Danish. Oh and she’s sexy enough to make a living posing in a bikini pictures. The sad truth about modelling is that some babes just aren’t babely enough to get away with just posing in a bikini. They have to get undressed to get attention.

    Though personally I would love it if Nina Agdal had to get undressed to get attention, and though that may be the case in a few years (or months), you can’t help but respect her for being able to get by without getting totally nude. And though we’ve kind of seen Nina Agdal nude in Cover Man Magazine, I’m not counting it because when she did the old hand-bra trick to cover up.

    ANYWAYS, it appears that over the weekend Nina Agdal was filmed nude in bed. The footage hit Tumblr and Twitter according to, but all that I’ve been able to find is this single image of Nina Agdal nude in bed. Have a look:  Continue Reading

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  • Nicole Aniston Is The Twisty’s Treat Of The Year


    Treat of the Year Nicole Aniston

    You might want to file this under “old news” because I’m not sure if it’s been announced yet but Nicole Aniston is the Twisty’s Treat of the Year!

    I first realized Nicole Aniston might be the Twisty’s Treat of the Year when I noticed she was shooting in Costa Rica with Madison Ivy and Mia Malkova thanks to Holly Randall’s Instagram. When the voting opened, I had heard that the babe that won Treat of the Year would shoot their sets in Costa Rica with last year’s TOTY (Mia Malkova) and this year’s runner-up.

    I was all ready to write this big exclusive story about how the Twisty’s Treat of the Year had been narrowed down to either Nicole Aniston or Madison Ivy…but then I saw this banner:


    If the banner advertising Nicole Aniston as the 2014 Treat of the Year was already live, then so much for my exclusive scoop.

    But hey! Who cares about me? This is about Nicole.   Continue Reading

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  • Nude Yoga Instructor Is The Hottest



    Yoga is inherently sexy.

    Toned bodies bending in ways usually reserved for the Kama Sutra. Yoga pants. What’s not to find sexy about yoga?

    So yeah, we’re all agreed that yoga is super sexy. But wait until you see these pictures of a yoga instructor performing her favorite yoga positions totally nude.

    These pictures were taken by photographer Peter Hegre and posted on Reddit to highlight the muscle tone being worked in each unique position. As added bonus, it also documents the seduction of his wife’s perfectly toned body in these erotic yoga poses.  Continue Reading

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  • Bailey Blue is now Dahlia Sky

    Bailey Blue...I mean...Dahlia Sky

    Bailey Blue…I mean…Dahlia Sky

    Bailey Blue has changed her stage name! She is now Dahlia Sky.

    It’s not uncommon for pornstars to change their stage names but Bailey Blue Dahlia Sky is an established pornstar, so why change it now?  Continue Reading

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  •’s Top 25 Pictures of the Year 2013

    Pictures of the Year

    Pictures of the Year

    I’d like to thank every single one of you for your continued support of Our whole team works very hard but ultimately without you guys wouldn’t be what it is.

    So as a celebration to you, the user, I’d like to share with you the Top 25 Pictures pinned to this year (2013). It’s more like a thank you for pinning these pictures because the world loved them! And yeah, I know it says pictures but it includes GIFs too.

    Are you ready to see the Top 25 Pictures of 2013? It could be your pictures!  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Things To Do With A Mega Millions Jackpot


    Sex on a big pile of money is #11

    I know I should be talking about sex or porn but the Mega Millions jackpot is on my mind this morning because money is the only thing I love more than sex or porn.

    Two lucky bastards will be splitting the $636 million jackpot while at least 20 other lucky bastards have won 1 million dollars.

    Guys, I’m very sorry to announce that I did not hit the jackpot. I didn’t even buy a Mega Millions ticked. But at least for this morning, I’d like to pretend I did by showing you The Top 10 Things To Do With A Mega Millions JackpotContinue Reading

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  • Office MILF Julia Ann


    Julia Ann

    Can you believe anyone would be stupid enough to cheat on Julia Ann?

    Well it happened! Julia Ann’s husband has been sleeping with one of his employees. So being the sexy MILF that Julia Ann is, she decides to get back at her husband by sleeping with his mistress’s boyfriend.

    Two wrongs are oh so right.  Continue Reading

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  • Brett Rossi Finally Fucks A Man

    Brett Rossi boy/girl scene hardcore

    Brett Rossi

    Brett Rossi was one of my favorite glamour models.

    Her big, beautiful 32DD boobs haven’t just won her the hearts of men and women all around the world, they’ve also been able to win her many honors such as Twisty’s Treat of the Month (November 2011), Playboy Cybergirl of the Week (Decemeber 2011), and Penthouse Pet of the Month (February 2012).

    Yep, Brett Rossi sure was one of the best glamour models ever.

    The reason I keep saying “was” instead of “is” is because Brett Rossi isn’t a glamour model anymore.

    Don’t worry, she’s not retired. I’m happy to announce that Brett Rossi is now a pornstar! Continue Reading

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  • Silvie Delux Has Anal Sex With Her Ex-Husband

    Silvie Delux

    Silvie Delux

    Silvie Delux first X-Art appearance came right after she married Jake when they shot a scene together in Ibiza.

    Shortly afterwards, Silvie and Jake divorced.

    Sucks but it happens.

    Now, X-Art has reunited these two divorcees to do what divorcees do best: experiment with anal sex.

    Have a look at Silvie Delux’s perfectly proportioned body as she makes Jake reconsider his decision to divorce her:  Continue Reading

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  • Holly Michaels Is Free!

    Holly Michaels

    Holly Michaels

    Yesterday, your favorite pornstar Holly Michaels announced that she is now a free agent. Continue Reading

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  • Teacher Could Lose Her Job Over Playboy Pics

    Cristy nicole deweese coed playboy

    Cristy Nicole (aka Cristy Nicole Deweese)

    Dallas high school Spanish teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese, could be in danger of losing her job just because she was Coed of the Month in February 2011.

    It’s common for teachers with pasts in the adult industry to lose their jobs over nude photos, but Cristy Nicole is fortunate enough to have the school board view it as a “murky situation”.

    “It wasn’t an illegal activity, but it raises the question about whether that action violated the Educators’ Code of Ethics,” said Debbie Ratcliffe, a Texas Education Agency spokeswoman. The ethics standard, which Ms Ratcliffe is referring to states: “The educator shall be of good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of this state.”

    Why don’t we look at Cristy Nicole’s pictures from when she was Coed of the Month to see if they make her unworthy to instruct or supervise the youth of Texas:  Continue Reading

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  • Nurse Julia Ann

    Julia Ann sexy nurse costume

    Nurse Julia Ann

    Yesterday in our Top 10 Sexy Halloween Costume IdeasI put the “Slutty Nurse” costume at number 10.

    That was before I saw Julia Ann dressed up as a slutty nurse.

    After seeing Nurse Julia, I realized that “Slutty Nurse” should probably be number 1.

    I think after seeing Julia Ann dressed up in a slutty nurse costume, you’ll agree:  Continue Reading

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  • Elizabeth Olsen Avengers Babe!

    Elizabeth Olsen cute sexy

    Elizabeth Olsen

    Remember the first time you saw the trailer for Martha Marcy Mae Marlene? I remember thinking, “Is it Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?”

    Turns out it wasn’t one of the Olsen twins at all! It was a younger, hotter Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen.

    Samuel L. Jackson just confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen will be in the Avengers 2.

    Now, I didn’t see the Avengers. As far as I know, there’s no nudity, so why would I see it?

    But Elizabeth Olsen is sexy so I’m just going to go ahead and share some of her sexiest pictures with you.


    I can already tell you that the Avengers 2 is going to be a huge disappointment because there will not be an Elizabeth Olsen-Scarlett Johansson lesbian sex scene.

    What a waste of an opportunity.

    Get your head in the game, Joss.

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  • Perfect Lesbian Couple: Emily Addison and Spencer Scott

    spencer scott and emily addison busty lesbian couple having sex

    Spencer Scott (blonde) and Emily Addison (brunette)

    What happens when you put a busty blonde like Spencer Scott in lingerie, blindfold her, and tell her lesbian lover Emily Addison that she can do whatever she wants with her?

    Magical lesbian sex happens.

    Though we’ve all imagined the day when Spencer Scott would get fucked by Emily Addison, the good people behind Twisty’s new lesbian site When Girls Play have finally made it happen. Have a look at this new perfect lesbian couple:


    Spencer Scott and Emily Addison, if there is room for one more please let me know immediately!


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  • Is This The End Of Penthouse Porn Mag?

    Kagney Linn Karter penthouse

    Kagney Linn Karter on the cover of Penthouse porn magazine

    FriendFinder Networks has filed for has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today in order to cut its debt load as the company struggles to make loan payments.

    FriendFinder, which houses sites like,,,,, and and also has reportedly not turned a net profit since 2008, listed out estimated liabilities of $500 million to $1 billion and assets less than $10 million, according to a court filing.

    “Despite continuing member interest and high volume traffic, the debtors did not make certain payments to the holders of existing first lien notes and cash pay second lien notes which constituted a default under their respective indentures,” FriendFinder said in the filing.

    Why should you care about FriendFinder Networks filing for bankruptcy?

    Well if they don’t start to turn a profit, will go out of business and you’ll have to download Tinder to find casual sex.

    Worse, if they don’t start to turn a profit, this could mean the end of Penthouse. FriendFinder Networks operates and they publish Penthouse Magazine.

    Penthouse porn is consistently some of the best porn around. There’s a reason why Penthouse porn is such a trusted brand name with consumers.

    When you take your daily trip to the corner store to buy candy or cigarettes, I highly recommend that you pick up an issue of Penthouse porn magazine to do your part to help ensure its existence.

    To convince you that buying a Penthouse porn magazine is a good idea, here are some of the best porn pictures pinned from the pages of Penthouse featuring some of your favorite pornstars (Malena Morgan, Samantha Saint, Jenna Rose, Sunny Leone, Sasha Grey, Alexis Ford, Devon, Emily Addison, April O’Neil, Ash Hollywood, Whitney Westgate, Nicole Aniston, and many more!):


    Continue Reading

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  • Carissa White

    Carissa White sexy pictures

    Carissa White

    Babe of the Day: Carissa White

    Place of Origin: Los Angeles, California

    Age: 23

    Height:  5? 3?

    Measurements: 34A-23-35

    Do you like pin-up girls?

    I for one love them. They’re the bees knees.

    Sorry I was channelling a 1950’s version of myself.

    You have to appreciate pin-up girls on some level because without the popularity of the pin-up girl, we wouldn’t have erotic photography or porn today. It’s a domino effect. We wouldn’t have rock n roll music without country and blues. Pin-up girls and porn has the same relationship.

    It’s especially great when modern babes get all dolled up like pin-up girls. It’s the best of both worlds. (Err…time periods?)

    Today’s Babe of the Day is modern pin-up girl Ms. Carissa White.


    Can you guess who shot these photos?

    Of course it was Holly Randall.

    I don’t know if Carissa White always looks like a sexy pin-up girl but that doesn’t matter. She is a bonafide babe no matter what she’s wearing (or not wearing for that matter).

    Congratulations Carissa! You’re the Babe of the Day.

    And if those super sexy pictures weren’t enough for you, enjoy this SFW striptease:

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  • Miley Cyrus Sexy Pictures by Terry Richardson

    Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson

    Terry Richard & Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus’s hipster-slut makeover is now complete.

    She was finally photographed by notable hipster-slut photographer Terry Richardson.

    Now, you might think that I’m being too harsh by referring to Miley and Terry as “hipster-sluts” but I think Miley Cyrus is really pulling it off. She’s at least committed to this new “Bad Girl” persona rather than a half-heartedly trying it out.

    I never understood why people thought Miley Cyrus was so hot before her transformation. Yes, she’s always been a petite, country girl but now she’s got some freaking attitude!

    Alright, let’s look at these new Miley Cyrus sexy pictures shot by Terry Richards:


    Two things:

    1. How cool and sexy is that Rap Music sweater Miley’s wearing?
    2. What are her lips made of? Flubber? (If you don’t get the reference, you’re not old enough to be on this site)

    While these new Miley Cyrus sexy pictures are very sexy, I’m looking forward to seeing how she plans to out-do herself.

    Every month, Miley Cyrus does something a little racier. Before you know it, she’s going to be fully nude. Maybe more?

    August 20, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 3542