• Who Uses More? Men or Women?

    sexy woman on computer has this affect on people

    It’s been a whole year since our team of skilled individuals transformed from a shitty site with tons of banners and internet garbage to a legitimate free porn site with millions of amazing sexy pictures and free adult movies and possibly the best sex blog ever written.

    Though there are a lot of imitators, is the only site for pinning porn videos and pictures. But after a year there is a question I’d like to ask all our users and the people visit that haven’t yet made account (which by the way, accounts are free and if you don’t have an account you’re not using to its full potential so click here to make one).    Continue Reading

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  • Pinterest: The Pinterest of Porn

    The other day, I read an article on Gizmodo called “Not Safe For YouTube: How Google Draws the Line Between Porn and Art (NSFW)“. As the title suggests, the article addressed the fact that there is plenty of nudity on Youtube and it examined the way Youtube dealt with NSFW content.

    Essentially, Youtube guidelines say that any video that’s “intented to be sexually provocative” will most likely be removed. Before it’s removed, the video featuring inappropriate content must be flagged by an offended user, then reviewed by Youtube employees in different countries. If the Youtube employees decide that the nudity’s artistic merit outweighs a sexually provocative motivation, then an age gate will be put in place. Only when the nudity crosses the artistic line does the video get removed.

    This mature and sensible way of dealing with nudity on what is generally considered to be a SFW site made me want to revisit how nudity was being handled on another SFW site: Pinterest. Continue Reading

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  • banned from Pinterest

    Pinterest hates us

    Since our relaunch in May, has often been dubbed the “Pinterest for porn”. To be fair, the two sites are similar the main difference being that is focused on sex and Pinterest is focused on cute crafts, cute shoes, cute mittens, cute cupcakes, cute babies, cute motivational posters, and other things that people find cute.

    Over the summer, our web team noticed that users were pinning adult content to boards on Pinterest. We were worried at first thinking that Pinterest’s official policy didn’t allow for anything that would not be deemed cute by the general public. However, there is a vibrant but hidden adult community on Pinterest that users were participating in.

    Our website was not only excited to see some users crossover, especially a female audience. A few days ago our crossover was shutdown by Pinterest. They have banned, declaring our site to be spam.

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