• Can We Make a Sex-Ed Series Hosted by Stoya a Real Thing?

    Everyone’s talking about The Daily Show right now because Jon Stewart announced he’ll be leaving sometime this year.

    But today, we’re talking about The Daily Show because the pornstar you have the biggest crush on, Stoya, turned up in a tongue-in-cheek segment last night about sex education.  Continue Reading

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  • Don’t You Love It When Girls Do This During Sex?

    As much as we love seeing a girl’s pussy and ass in all its naked glory, we’ll never complain if a girl wants to just pull her panties to the side during sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Pick Your Favorite Threesome: MMF vs MFF

    Let me start by saying that I think we can all agree that the best possible threesome is a lesbian threesome. Why? Because who doesn’t like seeing three hot lesbians going at it?  Continue Reading

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  • Is Snapcash The Next Big Thing For The Adult Industry?

    Snapchat has already revolutionized the way we sext thanks its ephemeral nature while alerting users when their nudes have been screenshotted so you can keep track of who has your nude pics.

    But is Snapchat about to revolutionize the way pornstars make money while interacting with fans? It might thanks to Snapchat’s new Snapcash initiative.  Continue Reading

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  • Would You Ever Try To Hook Up With A Sexy Hobo?

    When I’m walking around the city, my head is on swivel because there are always babes roaming around town and it brightens my day to bask in the beauty of certain women with a quick glance as we pass each other on the street.

    I always try to be respectful and minimize my creepiness by only looking once, but sometimes I can’t help myself from double-taking when I spot a big rack or a particularly pretty face.

    The other day, I found myself in the downtown core amongst waves and waves of babes. My head was spinning from left to right so much from scanning all the hotties that I had to take a moment to pause and let the dizziness subside. That’s when I saw her. The most objectively beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She had a face like Irina Shayk, tits like Emma Glover and an ass that could rival Kelsi’ Monroe juicy booty.

    There was just one caveat…

    She was homeless!  Continue Reading

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  • Study Says Watching Porn At Work Is “Extremely Common”

    Earlier this month, America was up in arms when it was revealed that government officials have been spending most of their time watching porn. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise given how inert the government has been since…well…always, I guess.

    There’s nothing wrong with being pissed at the government for watching porn at work. You’d think that keeping the country running would be demanding, instead one special agent at the Environmental Protection Agency admitted to watching anywhere from 2 to 6 hours of porn at work a day while still collecting a $120,000 in the name of saving the environment. Let me put this into perspective…I work for a porn site and I don’t even watch that much porn on a daily basis. Plus, I make WAY less than that. AND! Think about all the Kleenex he must have used during his porn binges at work. Not very environmentally friendly, dog.

    Though this isolated case of watching porn at work is both ludicrous and frustrating, watching porn at work is extremely common according to a 2010 Nielsen survey.  Continue Reading

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  • Is Watching Porn Cheating?

    When I received my Google News alert for “Dr. Phil porn” this morning, I was so excited. “Finally,” I thought to myself in a dazed state after another restless night of not watching a Dr. Phil porn, “this virile, bald bear of a man will finally show the world his dominance.”

    Sadly, when I opened the news alert, it brought me a HuffPo article in which Dr. Phil outlines the dangers of watching internet pornography. And the wait for a Dr. Phil sex tape to leak…continues…

    Continue Reading

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  • Amber Rose Caught Wiz Khalifa In A Threesome With Twin Sisters

    When Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa split up, everyone was shocked that they are still considered news-worthy immediately blamed rampant infidelity as the reason why things didn’t work out. The details of their breakup were vague and unreliable, which is why Hot 97 host Pete Rosenberg took it upon himself to get the facts out there for all those Wiz Khalifa-Amber Rose fans out there.  Continue Reading

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  • Which Big Tit Centerfold Has Your Favorite Pair of Big Tits?

    Big tits-obsessed director Kevin Moore has just released another top-heavy collection of hardcore porn scenes with BIG TIT CENTERFOLDS #4.

    The fourth instalment in a series dedicated to showcasing the best big tits in the biz delivers yet again by assembling a cast whose big tits are utter perfection. Not since Stacked 2 have we seen a cast with big tits these fabulous. To celebrate this bonanza of big tits, I’d like to give you the impossible task of choosing your favorite pair of big tits featured in Big Tit Centerfolds #4.

    Though choosing your favorite pair of big tits may sound easy enough, I assure you that all five of these sexy centerfolds have some of the most breathtaking big tits the porn industry has ever seen. So while picking your favorite pair of big tits may sound easy, I think you’ll find it’s not easy to play favorites when it comes to these babes and their big tits. You’re going to have to take a good long look at their big tits before making a decision.

    Shall we begin determining which big tit centerfold has your favorite pair of big tits?  Continue Reading

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  • Red Velvet Answers: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I’m Bisexual?

    I got a very interesting question on Tumblr that I felt like I should answer here because we completely forgot to celebrate Bisexual Pride day on September 23.  Here’s the question:

    “I’ve been thinking about threesomes a lot lately and I realized I really want to try to bring up the idea of having one with my boyfriend and another girl, but I have no idea how to tell him. I haven’t even told him I’m bisexual because my last boyfriend was so uncomfortable with it. What do I do?”

    I think you already know the answer here but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Continue Reading

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  • Would You Fuck Your Friend’s Hot Mom?

    SEXUAL FANTASIES. We all have them and they are great. It’s harmless fun to let your mind wander into that depraved part of your imagination where you can fuck anyone and anything harder and better than anyone that’s come before you.

    I say it’s harmless fun because sexual fantasies are fantasy. It’s make-believe. It’s not real.

    Sexual fantasies cease to be harmless when they cross the threshold from imagination to reality. So what I’d like to know from you all is…what you would do if you were given an opportunity to make a sexual fantasy a sexual reality.

    The sexual fantasy in question: WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH YOUR FRIEND’S HOT MOM?  Continue Reading

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  • Would You Fuck Your Dad’s Hot Girlfriend?

    SEXUAL FANTASIES. We all have them and they are great. It’s harmless fun to let your mind wander into that depraved part of your imagination where you can fuck anyone and anything harder and better than anyone that’s come before you.

    I say it’s harmless fun because sexual fantasies are fantasy. It’s make-believe. It’s not real.

    Sexual fantasies cease to be harmless when they cross the threshold from imagination to reality. So what I’d like to know from you all is…what you would do if you were given an opportunity to make a sexual fantasy a sexual reality.

    The sexual fantasy in question: Your Dad’s Hot Girlfriend.

    Continue Reading

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  • How You Can Make The Sex.com Blog An Even Better Sex Blog

    By and large, I’m pleased with the quality of the Sex.com Blog. Gil Powers consistently cracks me up, Red Velvet has impeccable taste in lesbian sex scenes and I also contribute to this sex blog.

    But sometimes writers, such as ourselves, are primarily focused on writing what interests them, without being too concerned with their audience. And since the Sex.com Blog is a part of Sex.com, which we see as a community of sex-positive porn lovers, we want you to feel like you’re contributing to the overall quality of this sex blog.

    No, that does not mean we will be blindly accepting submissions. (Although, if you do want to submit something, we’re always interested. Just send us a pitch or a draft via the contact form.)

    Continue Reading

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  • Only 1 in 8 Canadians Admit to Watching Porn

    And from these findings, we have learned that Canadians are a bunch of no-good sexually repressed liars.

    Forum Poll polled a random sampling of 1624 Canadians, 18 years and older, asking them if they had purchased or viewed any form of pornography in the last year. Only 16% of people admitted to having watched porn – 26%, a quarter, preferred not to answer the question, and the rest denied having watched it.

    On top of that, about 50% of responses believe that pornography is harmful to society.

    These results are pretty shocking in my opinion.  I was always under the impression that Canadians were pretty liberal and open compared to their American counterparts.

    The findings part of the poll results are pretty skewed though, and obviously coming from a place of ignorance about the mass-consumption of porn.  Then again, I never would have assumed that so many people would deny watching it in the first place.

    “While uncommon among females, certainly, it must be assumed that more than one quarter of Canadian males have encountered pornography in the past year.”

    Not a big fan of the caveat that porn-watching is uncommon amongst females, because that’s simply untrue.

    So why did so many people lie about their porn-watching habits?  There’s absolutely no way that such a small percentage of Canadians watch it.  Perhaps it was in the way that the question was posed?

    It was pretty straight-forward.  The question asked: “How often do you watch porn?  Just press 9 if you prefer not to answer.”  The ability to simply press 9 probably swayed people, but I dunno.  The questions posed are so scientific and ‘official’ seeming, so maybe people simply felt uncomfortable answering in this capacity?

    The craziest thing here is that people responded to this poll under complete anonymity. I think AVN hit the nail on the head pretty well,

    Lauren Strapagie opened the article with a slightly more generous take, writing, “One in eight Canadians admitted to Forum Research that they’ve viewed or purchased pornography in the past year, but a more realistic analysis may be that we don’t like sharing our naughty habits with an automated phone call.””

    Who the fuck knows.  All I know is that y’all watch more porn than you’re letting on.  I truly thought that we had reached a point where porn-viewing had become a relatively accepted social reality.  Guess not!

    And with so many hot pornstars coming out of Canada, you gotta be supportive, you know?:

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  • Luci Ford Will Give You A Food Fetish

    Despite possessing a love of food that has done irreparable damage to my digestive system and a love of sex that will surely lead to early onset arthritis in my hips, I must admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of food play.

    You’d think that if a person loves food almost as much as he loves sex, combining the two passions would be a match made in heaven. However, sexy food play has always resulted in disappointment for me. Years ago, I was sexually involved with a lady that couldn’t get off without having food smeared all over her slender, nude body. So if we were going to have sex, we’d have to wait an hour or so to melt enough chocolate to smear all over her body. And while that may sound hot in theory, the reality of it was tedious, messy, and a colossal waste of chocolate.

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  • Sky Ferreira’s Music vs. Sky Ferreira Tits

    Things are just awkward in Brazil right now. This awkward atmosphere is probably due to the fact that the biggest soccer nation is now hosting the sport’s biggest tournament in the World Cup, but at the cost of the overall quality of life for most of the nation’s population. That kind of conflict can’t help but make things strange.

    Or at least that’s how I would explain why Sky Ferreira was asked one of the most awkward questions in television history yesterday. (Though truthfully, the awkward question is probably a result of the language barrier between Portuguese and English, but anyways.) Anyways, the translator unapologetically asked: “Do you think people like your music because of the songs or because of the tits?” Ferreira’s response: “The music, but it helps if you’re a pervert.”

    Continue Reading

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  • Tinder Adds Sexting Feature

    Officially, Snapchat is a photo messaging application that allows users to take photos, record videos and add text or doodle all over them before they’re gone forever in ten seconds or less. That’s how Snapchat would like to be known as.

    In reality, Snapchat is an app that facilitates safe-sexts. The only real use for Snapchat is to take pictures of your dick, or perhaps boobs if you’re a lady, and send them to people you know when you’re feeling real horny. The reason Snapchat is the most effective way to share your dick pics is because once opened, your dick pic will disappear forever within the time you selected for it to last. Therefore, the likelihood of you being blackmailed a la Anthony Weiner is lower than with email or text messages.

    I say “lower” rather than “eliminate” because it is still possible for the receiver of the dick pic to screenshot your dick pic before it disappears. At least Snapchat notifies the sender of the dick pic so they can at least anticipate a blackmail in the upcoming future.

    However, Snapchat’s status as the most effective way to send safe-sexts is now being challenged by popular hook-up app Tinder. Their ephemeral photo sharer is known as “Moments” and it could really change the way you send dick pics.

    According to Tinder CEO Sean Rad (nice name you fucking loser), Tinder Moments should make it easier for people to star conversations on the app. Because when you can’t muster the courage to type “Yo”, at least now you can just take your pants off and snap a pick of your flaccid penis.

    Now I know what you’re thinking…”Why should I take a picture of my flaccid penis?”

    Easy. You start by showing your flaccid penis to open the conversation. Then, if the person you’re sexting on Tinder hasn’t already blocked you, they’ll write something like, “Yo, is that your dick?”

    Then you come back with, “Yeah it is. And if you like the look of my flaccid penis, then wait until you see my erect penis!”

    Whether or not you proceed with sharing a picture of your erect penis or try to entice them to see it in person is totally up to you. The point is not to give it all away. Just like a job interview. The person who gets hired is not the person who begs for the job, or the most docile candidate. The people that get worked the hardest to snag are the candidates who knew their own value. Simple as that.


    Tinder’s Moments feature not only allows users to take a photo but also add a filter, doodle all over it, write a message and broadcast it to all their Tinder matches. Meanwhile, your Tinder matches will be able to view and like the photos for 24 hours before they disappear.

    What’s interesting about Tinder’s sexting feature is that the person who took the photo can keep their own gallery of “moments” forever. So rather than taking a new picture of your flaccid penis every time you get a new Tinder match, you’ll be able to amass a collection of your most flattering flaccid penis pictures and send the ones you feel are the most appropriate for your latest match.

    While I do think it’s cool that Tinder has added a new sexting feature, I wonder whether or not Sean “Nice Name You Fucking Loser” Rad is right about sending pictures being easier than writing a message.

    So what do you think?

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  • French Women Prefer Chocolate Over Sex

    What do we think of when we think of French women?

    We think of full lips painted with bright red lipstick.

    We think big round, black sunglasses that compliment their face but still leave enough mystery to know that we’re attracted to them but we’re curious to see more.

    We think of unkempt armpit hair, that would normally be shocking and kind of gross, but somehow they pull it off.

    Mostly what we think of when we think of French women is that they have historically been the world’s best lovers, just oozing with sex appeal solely because they speak that sweet, sweet language.

    Unfortunately for us, and all French men, a new survey has concluded that French women just aren’t that interested in sex anymore.

    When asked to rate sex and food as catalysts for well-being, French women and men both gave food a 7.1 on a scale from 0 to 10.  Makes sense because your diet can affect your mood, energy levels and overall well-being. And if you don’t eat any food, you’ll die of starvation. So 7.1 is a fair rating.

    However, when rating sex, French men gave it a 7.5 whereas French women only gave sex a 6.7.

    Chocolate, cheese and foie gras topped the league table of happiness, the poll found. Women proved more likely to cite chocolate or strawberries and men more often plumped for meatier options like foie gras and steak.

    On top of that, the Harris Interactive poll found that when given the option of cutting back on either food or sex, French women were more willing to cut back on sex than food. Of course, French men didn’t hesitate for a second on cutting back on food.

    And it gets worse. 72% of French women said that it’s worse to have a sexual partner that’s bad in bed than a partner that’s a bad cook.

    So not only are French women not all that interested in sex anymore, they especially don’t like it when men are bad at sex. What are we supposed to go? I guess keep the house stocked with chocolate? According to the poll, it’s the only thing that they want.

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  • Amy Schumer Explains Why Women Don’t Watch Porn


    Yes, it’s time to once again open this awful can of worms that is: Why don’t more women watch porn?

    Though the industry has tried time and time again to get more women watching porn, none of their harebrained schemes ever seem to stick.

    Lately, I’ve been watching Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, because Amy Schumer is fabulous and funny. If you’re not watching Inside Amy Schumer, get it together and start watching the show because it’s awesome.

    Continue Reading

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  • Could Nikki Benz Really Be The Mayor Of Toronto?

    Three weeks ago, Nikki Benz announced that she would be running for mayor in Toronto’s upcoming municipal election. For those of you who might have missed this news, you can see the original story here: Nikki Benz is Running Against Rob Ford to Become Toronto’s Mayor.

    Well, at 12 o’clock Eastern standard time, Nikki Benz registered to run in the election.

    That’s dope. She’s doing it! She’s really doing it!

    Unfortunately, there may be some complications…

    There may or may not have been some complications with Nikki Benz’s registration. I’ve been trying to find some more information on whether or not she was successful, but there is a chance that Nikki Benz may not actually be running for mayor of Toronto.

    What kind of “paperwork issues” could keep Nikki Benz from registering to run? Perhaps it’s because she splits her time between LA and TDOT, which therefore makes her status as a resident of Toronto somewhat questionable. It’s more likely that election services are taking matters into their own hands to keep sex workers out of office.

    And if that’s the case, then I won’t stand for this kind of sex worker discrimination. So what if her tits are almost as big as Rob Ford’s? She has every right to run for mayor as any other yahoo.

    If I may, I’m going to give you 9 reasons why Nikki Benz might be a good choice for Mayor.

    1. Public transit is a big issue in Toronto, and if elected, Nikki Benz plans to fast-track a relief line Downtown. Not a bad idea.

    2. She’s also suggested equipping the transit system with vibrating seats and sex toys. Though that might make taking Toronto public transit extremely dangerous, at least it’ll be good for tourism. Who wouldn’t travel to Toronto to see their sex toy themed trains?

    3. She supports gay rights and wants Toronot to be “an open-minded city promoting equality year-round.” Can’t hate on that. Anyone who doesn’t support year-round equality is definitely fucked in the head.

    4. She wants to bring the adult industry to Toronto, which is undeniably good for the city’s economy. Though most citizens probably don’t want to hear it, the adult industry is a huge industry that can create jobs and generate tax revenue.

    5. If elected, Nikki Benz promises to make National Masturbation Day a civic holiday, which is great because masturbation makes people healthy and happy. It also might Torontonians chill the fuck out, because based on the Torontonians I’ve met, they’re all super uptight.

    6. Emphasizes transparent and honest government. When said by a politician, it’s hard not to roll your eyes at that. But as a pornstar, surely those aren’t empty words.

    7. Nikki Benz, if elected, would donate half of her annual salary to a charity chosen by the citizens of Toronto. Now that’s a promise I’d like to see the other candidates match.

    8. Nikki Benz does not smoke crack cocaine. She doesn’t even smoke cigarettes. Normally, that should go without saying for a mayoral candidate, but that’s Toronto for you.

    9. Nikki Benz is fine as hell:

    Source: hot.self.shot.girls.ebook-review.net via selfshothotgirls on Sex.com

    Source: fhg2.brazzers.com via mrlopez on Sex.com

    Source: natour.naughtyamerica.com via sexyboyposter on Sex.com

    Source: glamourimages.net via BoobLove on Sex.com

    Source: facebook.com via lonewolf1996 on Sex.com

    Source: nikki-benz.org via pornstarblogs on Sex.com

    Source: nikki-benz.org via pornstarblogs on Sex.com

    Source: pinsexual.com via babemagnet on Sex.com

    Source: wholikespornstars.tumblr.com via crz on Sex.com

    Source: sexy-img.com via Sexy Images on Sex.com

    Source: nikki-benz.org via pornstarblogs on Sex.com

    Source: erexxxion.blogspot.com via kashaza on Sex.com

    Source: html.sxx.com via rockcumminxxx on Sex.com

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, the idea of bestowing political power onto this busty blonde pornstar just makes her even hotter.

    I suppose a 10th reason to vote for Nikki Benz is the hope that one day (preferably during her term as mayor of Toronto), she’ll star in a series of porn movies wherein she plays the mayor of the third largest city in North America and uses her sexual powers to bring prosperity to the city.

    Seriously, is there anything hotter than a woman with political power? I don’t think so. That’s the main reason I hope Nikki Benz wins this election, or can even run in it. That said, her policies thus far aren’t bad either.

    So what do you think?

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