• Let’s Play with Danielle Trixie


    Danielle Trixie

    Since you guys loved showering with Danielle Trixie, I thought you might also like playing a game of pool with this beautiful blonde as well.

    Except Danielle Trixie has her own rules for pool. She gets to break then you have to sit back and watch as she takes off her leopard print shirt, her bra, her panties, and so on until she’s totally nude. Trust me, Danielle Trixie’s version of pool is way more fun than any other billiards game known to man.

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  • Sammi Jo Topless Pool Fun

    Sammi Jo

    Sammi Jo

    Just when I was getting over my post-summer blues, I had to find pictures of busty model Sammi Jo having topless pool fun.

    I know you’d like to see Sammi Jo’s amazing 34DD boobs pop out of her striped bathing suit, but just know that once you see them you’re going to feel sad that you won’t be able to have topless pool fun for another ten months.


    Is it summer again yet?

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  • Sex.com’s Pool Sex Guide

    Melissa Debling pool sex

    Melissa Debling is ready for some pool sex

    No summer is complete without accomplishing a goal of some kind.

    Whether it’s hitting a home run in your beer league or pinning 1,000 pictures to a single Sex.com board, summer is always better when you know you didn’t waste long days, warm weather, and vacation time just scratching your scrote.

    One goal you should all be looking to accomplish this summer is to have sex in a pool. Pool sex is just like regular sex but wetter and kind of out in the open (it depends on the pool), which means that it’s much more exciting than regular sex.

    Summer is your best chance to have pool sex because pools are open in the summer, you dunce. Good luck trying to have pool sex in the middle of January.

    However, before you jump in the water and start having sex, pool sex isn’t as simple as you might think. So let me break it down for you.

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  • Hot Babes in Sunglasses!

    sexy sunglasses


    Did you know that today (June 27th) is National Sunglasses Day?

    Why is today National Sunglasses Day? Because there’s an national day for everything else, so why not sunglasses too?

    Owning a pair of sunglasses isn’t very much fun. You can pay $10 for a pair of sunglasses that pinch your skull and don’t protect your eyes or you can pay $300 and lose them in a few hours after buying them.

    Even though owning sunglasses can be a real pain in the ass, the fact of the matter is a pair of sunglasses can make a babe almost twice as sexy.

    What can I say? I’m a sucker for hot babes in sunglasses.

    I’d like to now offer you two reasons why sunglasses make or break someone’s sexiness:

    1. Coolness. Sunglasses are just plain cool. Everyone knows that when you’re eyes are shaded, you look cool. Plus celebrities wear sunglasses a lot, so when a hot babe is wearing sunglasses she looks like a celebrity who just doesn’t give a care, which is sexy. 
    2. Sunglasses, especially big sunglasses, can sometimes cover up or obscure unattractive features on a person’s face, which then makes them more attractive. That’s just one theory I have for why celebrities are constantly wearing sunglasses. It’s also why I keep buying and losing $300 sunglasses. I just tell Sex.com to pay me in sunglasses.

    Sunglasses are sexy. Simple as that.

    So in honor of National Sunglasses Day, here are now the Top 10 Hot Babes in Sunglasses.   Continue Reading

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  • Chico Dusty’s Top 10 Pool Pics

    Tori Black takes a dip

    Today is officially the first day of summer!

    Good riddance to socks and sweaters. For the next three months, life is about sunshine, barbeques, bikinis, and good times. To celebrate the start of summer, I put together a little Top 10. This week’s theme for the Top 10 is “Pool Pics”. Is there any greater summer fantasy than chilling by the pool with a beautiful woman? Their soaking wet bodies emerging for the glistening water.

    See Fast Times at Ridgemont High if you don’t get my women in pools fetish. In the meantime, check out my Top 10 Pool Pics


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