• Fleshbot’s 20 Questions with Marley Brinx

    It’s not easy picking the top new pornstars of the year, but there’s no shadow of doubt in our minds that sweet, new Canadian pornstar Marley Brinx needs to be on everyone’s list of best newcomers.

    Hailing from The Six (aka Toronto), Marley Brinx is a tall, lean stunner that when you see her fully clothed, your first thought is: “There’s no way this chick does porn.” But it’s true! She is a pornstar! Marley Brinx is as filthy as she is pretty, which makes her impossible to ignore.

    We really hope that Marley Brinx is in it for the long haul because we’re never going to get tired of watching this raven-haired sex bomb fuck. Never ever. By this time next year, don’t be surprised if she’s one of the biggest stars in the adult industry.

    Her latest porn movie is The Innocence of Youth 8 from New Sensations, and in it, Marley has the honor of getting hot and bothered with porn superstar James Deen. Our friends from Fleshbot were lucky enough to catch up with Marley on the heels of the movie’s release. Find out everything you need to know about your new favorite pornstar Marley Brinx with their exclusive interview:

    20 Questions with Marley Brinx


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  • Must-See Video of The Day: Karlee Grey’s POV Sex Tape

    We are men of simple pleasures here on The Blog. We like hot babes in bikinis. We like hot babes with big tits and a big ass to match. And we also like POV sex tapes featuring hot babes in bikinis with big tits and a big ass to match.

    Karlee Grey is the prototypical hot babe with gorgeous big tits and a big ass that we’re helplessly attracted to. So when she donned an itty bitty bikini only to pop them out for a POV sex tape for MOFOS, we had no choice but to make it the MUST-SEE video of the day. Enjoy!


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  • Stoya Hits the Red Light District for TRENCHCOATx

    The 2nd instalment of Stoya‘s new travelogue-porn series Around the World in 80 Ways premiered today on TRENCHCOATx. In it, Stoya explores Amsterdam’s notorious red light district.

    In anticipation of the 2nd instalment’s release, Stoya sent us her first-hand account of experiencing and shooting in Amsterdam’s red light district. Enjoy!

    The center of Amsterdam’s tourist area is beautifully tacky. Stores hawk sexy spandex versions of every costume a person could possibly want. I bought a condom with a blue mushroom shaped like a teapot on it. It was marked with a warning: not for insertion.

    About a month before this video was shot the women who work in the red light district were protesting the continued closing of their windows. One of the signs said “Don’t Save Us, Save Our Windows.” According to Felicia Anna—a window worker who maintains Behind the Red Light District in both English and Dutch—the windows are a dutch sex worker’s best option for self-employment. Continue Reading

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  • Rachael Madori on her Sex Symbols

    Our friends from Airerose Entertainment have a new all-inked girl movie coming out soon titled Sex Symbols 2.

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, “sex symbols” doesn’t necessarily connote tattooed girls. Sure, tattooed girls are super sexy but tattoos are not a pre-requisite for someone to be a sex symbol. So while the title is a bit of a stretch, they nailed it with the cast they brought in for the second instalment.

    Sex Symbols 2 stars Bonnie Rotten, Kleio Valentien, Lolly Ink and Rachael Madori. I think it’s safe to say that all 4 four of these girls deserve to be considered sex symbols and that it’s just a matter of coincidence that they all have tattoos. Close call, Airerose.

    To get you psyched for the upcoming alt-girl fuckfest coming soon to, our friends from Fleshbot caught up with sex symbol and our #1 crush Rachael Madori to talk about the five reasons she loves her “sex symbols” (read: tattoos). If you’re like us and have a compulsion to follow and praise everything Rachael Madori does, this will be right up your alley. Her concise and articulate writing style only succeeds in making her that much sexier.

    And hey! If reading words written by your favorite pornstar doesn’t do it for you, you can take solace in the fact that Fleshbot’s got a bunch of exclusive pictures from Rachael’s upcoming Sex Symbols 2 scene, which features her dressed in an homage to Rosie The Riveter. It’s hot! Go check it out now!

    Five Reasons I Love My “Sex Symbols” by Rachael Madori

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  • Violent Video Games Make Gamer Girls Feel Sexy Says Study

    Have you ever felt a tingle in your dingle or a quiver in your sliver when you nail some stupid n00b with a headshot from the other side of the map? Thankfully, you’re not alone! Especially if you’re a gamer girl.

    Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson from the University of New South Wales conducted research with two groups of 500 games and found that violent video games tend to make people feel sexy.

    Interestingly enough, getting aroused off virtual violence applies more to female gamers than male gamers. Continue Reading

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  • Sunny Leone Has Been Dethroned

    For as long as this incarnation of has been online, “Sunny Leone has been one of the top 10 search terms along with “lesbian”, “big tits”, “anal”, “mom” and “ass”.

    However last month, “Sunny Leone” took a huge drop. It’s now only the 40th most popular search term on between “sex with mom” and “hardcore fucking”.  Continue Reading

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  • Must-See Porn Video of the Day: Jade Nile Gets Blacked

    Hey guys, do you like Jade Nile? We don’t give a crap whether you like her or not because:

    A) How could anyone not like Jade?

    B) We like Jade Nile a lot so we’re going to post about her even if you don’t like it.

    That said, today’s MUST-SEE porn video is Jade Nile’s first-ever interracial porn scene from! You already know that makes the best interracial porn videos and that Jade Nile is the hottest, so this is just a match made in heaven. Enjoy this free preview! Get the full version here.

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  • Karla Kush’s First Anal is Coming to

    Since our initial review, we’ve been totally head over heels with the site.

    Not only do they have the most visually stunning anal sex videos you’ll ever see but they’re also getting some of the industry’s top pornstars to do exclusive first time anal scenes.

    The latest girl to take it up the ass for a exclusive: KARLA KUSH.
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  • 5 Things Jenna Ivory Loved about “Lex’s Point Of View”

    Platinum blonde bombshell and porn star Jenna Ivory stars in porn legend Lexington Steele’s lastest POV movie for Evil Angel (through Lexington Steel Productions), Lex’s Point of View 3.

    There are only a handful of things in porn that seem more daunting than taking Lexington Steele’s big black cock in any sort of scene. However, because she’s a natural, Jenna Ivory loved every last minute of it.

    We know that Jenna loved shooting her latest interracial POV scene because she confessed her love for Lex’s big, black one-eyed monster to our good friends from Fleshbot in a new piece titled: “Five Things I Loved About Lex’s Point of View by Jenna Ivory“.

    Quite frankly, if you’re not feeling Marilyn Monroe’s porn doppelgänger Jenna Ivory, you’re sorely missing out. Hopefully this exclusive piece by the curvy cutie herself will make you come around.

    Five Things I Loved About Lex’s Point of View

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  • Text Nicole Aniston For Free!

    This is not a drill people! We were just browsing around, a new site that lets you connect with your favorite adult starlets, and this is what we saw:

    Holy shit. That’s Nicole Aniston.

    And at the time we’re writing this, you can get Nicole Aniston’s phone number and text her for free. FOR FREE!

    Well, not exactly for free. Here’s how it works.

    Once you sign up for Dream Lover, buying pornstars’ phone numbers will cost you a certain number of coins. The number of coins you need to unlock a specific star’s phone number varies pending on the star.

    For example, to get Remy LaCroix’s phone number, you’ll need to spend 52 coins (which is just over $52.00).

    Meanwhile you can get Mia Malkova’s phone number for just 15 coins (or approximately $15.00).

    Why such a huge discrepancy between the prices of Remy LaCroix’s and Mia Malkova’s phone numbers? Who knows! Who cares! Dream Lover doesn’t need to know that I would have given them my life-savings to get either of their phone numbers. But that’s besides the point.

    For a limited time only, when you sign up for Dream Lover and upgrade your account for a dollar (that’s $1.00), you can get Nicole Aniston’s phone number without spending any extra coins!

    So while you can break the bank and splurge on Remy LaCroix’s phone number, spending $1.00 for Nicole Aniston’s phone number is a steal and a half.

    What the hell can you get for a dollar anyways? One can of soda? Yeah, I’d rather spend my $1.00 on getting Nicole Aniston’s phone number, thank you very much. Besides, Nicole’s a big health nut so she probably wouldn’t be down with big soda drinkers.

    And as a bonus, Nicole Aniston’s phone number isn’t the only pornstar phone number you can snag for free once you sign up and upgrade.

    You can also get Bridgette B’s phone number, Tanya Tate’s phone number, Nina Elle’s phone number, Romi Rain’s phone number, Alura Jenson’s phone number, Alexa Pierce’s phone number, Eva Notty’s phone number, Karmen Karma’s phone number, Kota Sky’s phone number and many more without spending any additional coins!

    So what are you waiting for? Text Nicole Aniston now!

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  • Act Fast and Get an Exclusive Video from Jessie Volt!

    Would you like to receive an exclusive porn video made by and starring sexy French Canadian pornstar Jessie Volt? Of course you do! We’re talking about a free, can’t be seen anywhere else video straight from Jessie Volt to you!

    It sounds too good to be true, so here is some proof:

    Just to review: retweet that tweet, send an email to [at], download the video, enjoy jerking off to it.

    Having downloaded the video more than once, we can assure that this is safe. Jessie Volt is merely trying to thank you, her fans, for the love and support with a little video just for you that may or may not involve her fucking herself in the ass with a massive plastic cock.

    Oh no. Have I said too much? Just send her an email, show your love for Jessie and reap the rewards of being a fan of such an appreciative pornstar!

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  • All Access to Abella Danger Comes Early to

    The reigning Best New Pornstar of 2015 So Far Abella Danger is set to be the subject of Airerose’s latest All Access showcase. While we have to wait until August 27th to see Abella in four scenes that are sure to give your prostate the workout of a lifetime as it tries to keep up with all your cumming, there is some good news.

    Airerose is releasing an exlcusive boy/girl anal scene with Abella Danger and Mr. Pete on July 1st! Continue Reading

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  • Adriana Chechik AMA from Nubile Films

    You know Adriana Chechik as a sexy pornstar with dark features and willingness to push her own sexual boundaries…but what else do you know about Adriana Chechik? Do you know where she likes guys to cum on her? Do you know her favorite sex position? Her favorite sexual act? Her favorite books? Her favorite hobbies? Where is her favorite place to eat in Philadelphia?

    Nubile Films caught up with Adriana Chechik for the latest instalment of their on-going pornstar AMA series to answer all these questions and more. Get to know the very sexy Adriana Chechik a little bit better by click play on the video below.

    I’m swooning over here! As if Adriana’s penchant for deepthroat blowjobs and anal poundings wasn’t enough to make us love her but she also loves H.P. Lovecraft books? Love it!

    To date, Adriana has only appeared in one video for Nubile Films. It was “Cum Kisses” and you can click that to watch a lil preview of it. Here’s hoping that there’s more Adriana Chechik to come on Nubile Films because we certainly want to see her get fucked out of that sexy lingerie she’s wearing in the AMA.

    And finally, a request for Nubile Films. For your next AMA, can you get Staci Carr? And also can you book Adriana Chechik for a lesbian sex scene with Staci Carr? Thanks.

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  • 20 Questions with Cassidy Klein

    If Cassidy Klein isn’t already one of your favorite porn girls, she will be soon. She’s got sex appeal in spades and is an absolute joy to watch in any sexual situation. Whether she’s solo, with another hot babe, with a big cock or rounding out a threesome, Cassidy brings an energy and enthusiasm that only true nymphomaniacs are born with.

    You heard it here first, the future of porn isn’t gimmicks and gizmos. It’s Cassidy Klein. She is the future of porn. Give her a few more years and all the new up-and-comers are going to be emulating what Cassidy does. We couldn’t be happier about it.

    Our friends from Fleshbot were fortunate enough to get a hold of hot new starlet Cassidy Klein and ask her 20 questions. We literally can’t imagine anyone who is sexually attracted to women not liking Cassidy Klein and that’s especially true once you’re through reading this interview. Don’t wait a second longer. Peruse through Fleshbot’s 20 Questions with Cassidy Klein and fall in love with the future of porn.

    20 Questions with Cassidy Klein

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  • If You Like Petite Porn, You Need To Watch These Skye West Videos

    Petite porn is one of our favorite genres because we’ve got a real thing for petite girls. Despite their small stature, petite girls tend to be firecrackers in the sack, which is why they’re so much fun to watch in petite porn videos.

    If you’re also a fan of petite girls starring in petite porn videos, then we’d like to call your attention to new girl Skye West. Some of you may already be familiar with Skye West because we’ve written about her before (see: HOT NEW PORNSTAR ALERT: SKYE). Since she was last featured on the Blog, Skye West has put out two MUST-SEE porn videos and we’re sure that if you like petite porn, you’re really going to like what you see.

    1. Skye West “Glasses Gal Sucks Dick”

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  • “My Hotwife’s Gangbang” Is The Gangbang Movie of the Summer

    If you like watching three or more men engage in sexual intercourse with a single, willing woman (otherwise known as a “gangbang”), then you get your hands on a copy of New Sensations’ My Hotwife’s Gangbang because it’s simply the best gangbang video you’ll see all summer long.

    2 scenes of married women getting gangbanged with their husband’s approval. 2 pornstars, Britney Amber and Hope Howell, that have never been in a gangbang before. 1 hour and 19 minutes of male camaraderie and female domination. What more could you ask for?

    So how did first-time gangbangers Hope Howell and Britney Amber fair in their first gangbangs? Keep reading to find out!

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  • Get 25% Off on All Stoya’s Signature Fleshlights

    If you’ve been procrastinating buying one of Stoya’s Signature Fleshlights, the time for you to get off your butt and have a little piece of Stoya hiding in your home somewhere is now!

    Fleshlight is celebrating Stoya’s birthday (June 15th) by knocking 25% off the price of any Stoya Fleshlight your heart desires! Stoya’s vagina, Stoya’s ass and Stoya’s mouth can all be yours for $71.95 a pop (regular price $94.95).

    We personally recommend picking up Stoya’s vagina with the “Destroya” texture. We assume it’s called “Destroya” because it’s so much fun to fuck that it will destroy your desire to be with a human woman as it is so much better than any real vagina you might encounter in the wild. Say so long to splurging on date night because you’ve got Stoya’s vagina with the “Destroya” texture. But you also can’t go wrong with Stoya’s ass since its “Forbidden” texture is tighter than the girdle of a baptist minister’s
    wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.



    If owning one of Stoya’s sexy holes for your personal use isn’t enticing enough, watch how Stoya uses her holes in the video below and you’ll see that this birthday discount is the gift that keeps on giving.


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  • Woud You Pay $130 To Drink a Whiskey That Tastes Like Tori Black?

    Stop me if this sounds all too familiar. You’re drinking whiskey with your bros and you’re like, “Yuck. This whiskey tastes worse than the Devil’s dick. If only it was made by a beautiful woman and it tasted like her.”

    Well now there is such a thing! Whiskey By X is a new and exciting party whiskey that is created and made by beautiful women for the men who love them. They claim that this magic beverage allows us to “experience the perfect combination of premium quality whisky and the most coveted women.” It comes in two flavors: Tori Black & Joy Van Velsen. And it only cost $130 per bottle!  Continue Reading

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  • MUST-SEE Video of the Day: Rachael Madori’s Angelic Ass

    Rachael Madori, the all-natural beauty with an alt-twist, has an ass which can only be described as angelic. And if you need an incentive to watch today’s MUST-SEE video besides the fact that Rachael Madori’s angelic ass gets fucked in it, then maybe porn just isn’t for you.  Continue Reading

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  • Kaylani Lei Steals The Spotlight at This Digital Playground Sex Party

    Hey! What are you doing right now? You want to attend a sex party? Digital Playground is inviting you to vicariously attend a sex party featuring adult super starlets Abigail Mac, Eva Lovia, Katrina Jade and one of our personal favorite Asian girls Kaylani Lei! To RSVP, simply press play on the video below!  Continue Reading

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