• 4 Reasons Why Fucking Your Boss Might Be A Good Idea

    Office relationships are a lot like long-distance relationships in that everyone agrees that they should be avoided at all costs.

    Office relationships between co-workers can usually work out. But there’s no question that any office relationship between a boss and his/her subordinate is definitely a bad idea.

    Why? Because your co-workers will eventually find out and resent you, believing you are getting preferential treatment thanks to your awesome blowjob skills. If one of you believes it to be just a fling and the other is looking for something more, the awkwardness will be a distraction at work, and much weirder than your average break-up. You’ll never know if your performance evaluation is an honest assessment of your work or a tongue-and-cheek critique of your fucking ability.

    These are just three reasons why you should avoid fucking your boss…but by not fucking your boss…you’re, presumably, not fucking anyone, which is totally unacceptable. Rather than have you endure a dry spell, here are 4 reasons why fucking your boss might be a good idea!  Continue Reading

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  • Breast Cup Sizes, Ranked

    TITS! Who doesn’t like tits?

    If it weren’t for tits, we would have starved to death just days after we came out of the womb.

    Of course, after tits kept us alive in the early days, they became a source of unlimited fun. You can suck on them. Lick them. Motorboat them. Use them as make-shift pillows. Squeeze them. Push them together and fuck them. Shoot hot loads of cum all over them. Seriously, you’ll never be at a loss for fun when you have a pair of tits to play with.

    But the best thing about boobs, in our opinion, is that they come in all different shapes and sizes, so you’ll never get tired of seeing new tits! Though new two pairs of breasts are identical (unless you go to the same plastic surgeon as everyone else), tits can more or less be classified by Breast Cup Sizes.

    In the interest of upsetting literally everyone (because no one is going to like or agree with our ranking), we decided to rank the various Breast Cup Sizes. So if you’re ready to see some tits and get pissed off by sweeping generalizations about the types of breasts in the world today, then enjoy the Blog’s Breast Cup Sizes, RankedContinue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: October 17th, 2014

    What’s that? It’s already the weekend? Great! For many of us, the weekend is our only chance to blow off the steam that’s built up over the past week. And what better way to blow your load off that steam than with the Blog’s WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLIST?

    For the initiated, the Blog’s Weekend Free Porn Playlist is where you can find our top 7 favorite free porn videos from the past week so you don’t have to spend your entire weekend browsing for free porn. You might see some hot girl-on-girl action. You might see a naughty amateur get fucked on webcam. You might see a BBW that’s the hottest woman in the world. No two Weekend Free Porn Playlists are the same, so make sure to check the Blog every Friday to see the best free porn the internet has to offer.

    Now, let’s get down to business and watch the top 7 free porn videos from the past week! Enjoy the October 17th, 2014 edition of Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist. 

    1. Whitney Westgate pleasures her man

    Continue Reading

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  • The 4 Hottest Pornstars That Like To Call You Daddy

    Back in August, the Blog’s resident lesbian and authority on all things sexy Red Velvet was asked by a distressed reader, “Why do some girls call their S/O ‘Daddy’?”.

    While referring to a lover as “Daddy” is common and has been known to cause explosive orgasms when said with the right inflection, the good people at New Sensations have released a new Tabu Tale that puts you in the POV of a daddy that gets to fuck 4 hot step-daughters who just also happen to be 4 hot pornstarsDad’s Point of View takes being called “Daddy” to strange new places and it’s impossible to resist once you take the plunge into this quasi-incest POV fantasy.  Continue Reading

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  • Youtube Twerk Sensation Tiff Bannister Is Also A Pornstar!

    Does the name Tiff Bannister ring any bells? Well it should because Tiff Bannister is the star of this infamous twerk video that was once featured on Tosh.0 and ads for porn sites around the world. In case you don’t know Tiff Bannister’s twerk video, watch it below.

    While twerking purists will probably hate with Tiff Bannister’s twerk video because it’s not really twerking, there’s no denying that this girl’s ass and tits (seen briefly at the start of the video) are absolutely perfect. So perfect that you wish she’d star in a porn movie already so that we could see THAT ASS and those tits look when she’s getting fucked. Her twerk video certainly gives us a pretty good idea that watching her big ass bounce on a big cock would be one of the best things in porn this year.

    Well, I got great news for anyone who likes to see cute girls with big asses bounce on big cocks… Continue Reading

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  • Big Tits Galore In “Rack City Titty” Starring Siri!

    The other day, we were lucky enough to receive a huge box of porn in the mail. Needless to say, it’s extremely awesome and somewhat unsettling to have that much porn on DVD, but it gives us plenty of porn to watch and review so I ain’t complaining!

    At random, I pulled out our copy of AireRose Entertainment‘s Rack City Titty starring busty porn stars Siri, Alison Tyler, Summer Brielle and Missy Martinez and asked Siri on Twitter if I should review it.  Continue Reading

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  • 25 Places To Masturbate Ranked From Worst To Best

    Masturbation! We all do it and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. To make sure that you’re making the most of your masturbation, we decided to rank all 25 places to masturbate from best to worst. So let’s get straight to it!

    25. The beach


    Continue Reading

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  • Porn Stars Give Relationship Advice

    PORN STARS! You either love them or you hate them. But because you’re currently reading‘s illustrious Blog, I’m willing to guess that you love porn stars simply because this is a blog committed to covering porn stars as often as possible (and whatever else that might be considered sex news).

    No matter how you feel about the stars of the adult world, you have to admit that they always bring a fresh perspective to relationships. After all, what is often considered to be the worst possible that can happen to a relationship? Unless you’re down with hotwifing, seeing your partner get fucked by another person is almost unanimously the shittiest that can happen in a relationship.

    But that’s what porn stars do for a living (sorry, spoiler alert). They have a relatively small pool of talent to fuck on camera, meanwhile their partner has to stay at home or watch from the sidelines. So how do you make a relationship work when at least one of you is fucking strangers all day? You’d think that an all-consuming jealousy would eventually take over and ruin the relationship? The old rhetoric is that, “The sex is strictly professional.” But still. It must be hard right? I don’t think I could date a porn star without our relationship being consumed by jealousy. However, I’m willing to try. So all porn stars interested in dating me, hit me up on Twitter: @CDustySexBlog.

    Relationships are a struggle. And given their unconventional nature, porn star relationships can be a bit more complex than the relationship you and I would have. It’s definitely part of the reason why I shoe-horn a question about into all my porn star interviews.

    Thankfully, to get a better understanding of how porn stars make their personal relationships work, BuzzFeed sat down with porn stars James Deen, Allie Haze, Paris Kennedy, Danny Wylde and Milcah Halili to pick their brain about relationships. Their unique perspective on relationships could just provide you with some insight that might save your relationship!  Continue Reading

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  • The 23 Different Kinds Of Facials Ranked For #FacialFriday

    Finally! Friday! Oh excuse me. I mean…

    Finally! #FacialFriday!

    After we found out that Emma Watson’s nude photos were a lame-ass hoax, this week has slowed to a crawl. While time was moving at snail’s pace, I took the time to review and rank all  kinds of facials.

    So in honor of #FacialFriday, here are the 23 different kinds of facials ranked from worst to best.  Continue Reading

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  • Seduction 4 Reviewed + Save More Than 80% on Memberships

    Elegant Angel’s Seduction Series is back with a bang for its fourth instalment of the wildly popular line of videos. Much like the three prior feature films, this flick does not disappoint.

    This feature series is not unfamiliar to most porn aficionados as it has featured some of the best talent that the industry has to offer like Asa Akira, Casey Calvert, Alexis Texas, Remy Lacroix and has even brought back Dani Daniels for a second time on this volume. The fourth installment, a 170 minute feature, leaves little to be desired as Seduction is proving to be the benchmark for feature porn films.

    What makes this feature immediately stand out from the rest is the way the scenes are broken down and divided with different directors all taking the helm with different stars. Even Tori Black, who has a very successful on screen career, takes the directing reigns on a scene with Dani Daniels. Each scene is a standalone project and they all carry very different tones and with it; a different brand of eroticism.

    That kind of user freedom is hard to find in a good feature porno as most will try to mingle a story line in with every scene, which can often compromise the realism or the feel of the scene.

    Alright, enough about the poetic shit – let’s get down to the fucking.  Continue Reading

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