• Pornstar Power Rankings: June 2015’s Top Pornstars

    There are hundreds of pornstars working hard to make hot new porn videos for you to fap to, thereby making the world a better place. But because there are so many girls putting out so much good stuff, it’s easy to miss or lose track of what some girls have been up to.

    That’s why every month, this free porn blog publishes the PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS, a monthly recap and ranking of the past month’s 15 top pornstars. We take everything into consideration for the rankings including: new porn videos, sharing sexy personal pics on social media, making news, etc.

    This list is highly subjective and is by no means scientific, so if you have a problem with it please discuss it with us on Twitter: @sexdotcom.

    So let’s see who the top pornstars were in June 2015!

    15. Skye West

    We first encountered Skye West in April 2015, but June 2015 is when she really blew up. With good reason too because she’s so dang cute! This past month, Skye starred in at least 7 new porn videos (possibly more), which is a solid output for a sexy newbie. And guess what? They were all great, especially her Team Skeet appearance at the very end of June which you can see a condensed version of her soaking wet blowjob scene below.

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  • Naughty America Premiers New Virtual Porn with Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor

    Just in time for the 4th of July, Naughty America is giving you the gift of a threesome with Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor with their brand new virtual porn technology!

    Yes. It’s true. The virtual porn experience is here, Naughty America-style. Continue Reading

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  • The 22 Best Barely Legal Babes of all Time

    2015 marks the 22nd anniversary of Hustler’s Barely Legal label.

    It all started in March 1986 when 21 year-old Gail Harris graced the cover of Hustler. A few years later (1993 to be exact), she went on to develop and produce the first nice adult magazine, Barely Legal, for Larry Flynt Publication. The magazine featured explicit photos of naked young women who were selected and photographed for their youthful appearance while interviews played up the fantasy that they were naive and inexperience.

    The brand not only enabled the popularity of teen porn with everyone trying to make their own copycat, it cracked the cultural consciousness and changed the lexicon.

    To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Hustler’s Barely Legal, our good friends from The Hareald made a list of the 22 best barely legal babes to have ever graced the magazine’s pages. Check it out now!

    The 22 Best Barely Legal Babes of all Time

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  • Treat Yourself To a Fleshlight Threeway Today!

    Guys, it’s 2015. If you’re still using your hand to masturbate rather than just springing for a Fleshlight, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Fleshlight has perfected the male sex toy and can even make your fantasies come true by letting you take home a piece of your favorite pornstar. For today only, Fleshlight is giving you a chance to fill your quiver with the signature sleeves molded directly from the sexy holes of your favorite pornstars!  Continue Reading

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  • Aidra Fox and Jillian Janson are the Best Damn Team in Porn

    We already know that Aidra Fox and Jillian Janson make a great team thanks to the Nubile Films’ scene “Cum Together” where the two babes shared a cock. We put it at #5 on our Top 10 Best Nubile Films of 2015 So Far and in retrospect that’s far too low. It should have been #1 or #2. Our bad.

    But we’d like to posit that Aidra Fox and Jillian Janson are the best damn team in porn. Check out this clip from Jules Jordan that pairs up these two stunners once again and just try to tell us these chicks aren’t perfect together.

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  • Team Skeet Behind the Scenes: Porn Star Spelling Bee!

    Can pornstars spell? It’s a question that’s plagued porn fans for far too long.

    Thankfully, our friends from Team Skeet decided to have some fun behind the scenes and answer this question by hosting the first-ever Porn Star Spelling bee with hotties Aria AlexanderRachael Madori, Jessie Young, Henley HartTiffany Star and Mia Scarlett.

    Find out which hot porn stars have brains and beauty by clicking play on the video below.

    Just like any spelling bee, Team Skeet’s behind the scenes Porn Star Spelling Bee reveals that spellcheck/autocorrect are the greatest inventions of our time. However, unlike regular spelling bees, this Porn Star Spelling Bee is significantly easier on the eyes.

    Well done, girls! You’re all winners in our book.

    See these babes in action on now!

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  • Top 10 Best Nubile Films of 2015 So Far

    The Blog’s premature Best of 2015 coverage continues with a countdown of the best porn that captures the essence of sensuality!

    Yes, these are the Top 10 Best Nubile Films of 2015! These porn films keep it classy without skimping on arousal factor. We personally recommend watching these videos with your significant other because Nubile Films makes the most couple-friendly porn we’ve ever seen. And should you be looking at this solo, don’t worry. These videos are still just as good.

    So let’s see the best sensual porn videos from Nubile Films in the first half of 2015! And if you like what you see on this “Best of” list, why not join Nubile Films and support sensual erotica videos?

    10. Megan Rain, Presley Hart “I Kissed a Girl”

    Not only does this lesbian sex video remind us of one of our favorite songs, it also features two slender beauties in Megan Rain and Presley Hart making cunnilingus look so good that you’re going to get vagina-envy.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Porn Cameramen Should Be Worried About Their Jobs

    Since robots are going to eliminate a lot of human employment options sooner than we think (we already have drive-less cars!), it’s high time everyone start fretting about their job security a little bit more, especially in this economy.

    One line of work that doesn’t have to worry about being replaced by robots are porn cameramen. No matter how well programmed they are at filming humans having sex, robots will never be able to capture that visceral excitement of watching two or more hot bodies come together simply because they won’t understand the excitement that comes from people swapping fluids.

    That doesn’t mean that porn cameramen need not worry about their job security. In fact, they’re jobs are in jeopardy as we speak! Why? Continue reading and you’ll find out the 5 reasons why porn cameramen should be worried about their jobs…

    1. Alli Rae is damn good at filming her own sex scenes

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  • Top 10 We Live Together Videos of 2015 So Far

    This post initially started as the “Top 15 Reality Kings Videos of 2015 So Far” but then we had to stop ourselves as 10 out of the 15 videos we picked for the Top 15 were We Live Together videos. Since publishing a Reality Kings “best of”-list dominated by hot lesbian sex would be a disservice to Reality Kings’ 37 other sites, we decided to save our Top 15 Reality Kings list for another day once we figure out our favorite Reality Kings videos that aren’t from their lesbian sex site We Live Together.

    In the meantime, please enjoy this plethora of the hottest lesbian porn the internet has to offer that we call the Top 10 We Live Together Videos of 2015 So Far!

    10. Vanessa Veracruz, Chloe Amour and Jenna Sativa “Fantasy Girls”

    A true lesbian fiesta of Latina sex pots. Jenna Sativa speaking Spanish is pretty much all we need to blow our load. But watching her snuggle up with the busty Vanessa Veracruz and then share Chloe Amour, well that’s just lesbian porn perfection.

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  • Watching Porn with Pornstars

    Watching porn with someone else is weird. You want to whip it out and start jerking it to the video but you don’t if the other person/people in the room would be into the idea of a circle jerk so you end up just sitting there awkwardly trying to something with your hands in plain sight so everyone knows you’re not jerking it.

    But can you even begin to imagine how awkward it would be to watch porn videos with the stars of said videos right next to you? Well you don’t need to imagine it because BuzzFeed has made it a reality!  Continue Reading

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  • Are These 4 Chicks Really 2 Cute 4 Porn?????

    Evil Angel has a new movie out. It’s called 2 Cute 4 Porn. The Manuel Ferrara directed effort promises 4 scenes with 4 adult starlets all who share sweet faces, natural bodies and wholesome sexuality.

    Essentially, the type of girl you’d normally associate with being too cute to do something as naughty and depraved as having really rough sex on camera.

    Seeing as how we’re the #1 adult industry watchdog blog, we wanted to put Evil Angel’s boast about their new movie to the test.  Continue Reading

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