• Penis Numbing Spray Revisited


    Just over two months ago, I posted a review of Promescent Penis Numbing Spray.

    In fairness, my review of Promescent was formed entirely off of another review by Josh Gondelman. So when Promescent contacted me to try their penis numbing spray and write another review, I had no choice but to accept.

    So without further ado, this is the Promescent Penis Numbing Spray Review Part 2.   Continue Reading

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  • Penis Numbing Spray: Is it worth it?

    premature Penis Numbing Spray: Is it worth it?

    That terrible moment when she realizes that you came before you even put it in.

    Are you a man that suffers from premature ejaculation? There’s no shame if you are because the FDA has just approved the first ever penis numbing spray. It’s called Promescent and it’s supposed to help you cope with premature ejaculation and possibly make your dick smell like prom.

    The exact cause of premature ejaculation is unknown. It was once thought to be a completely psychological problem but recently doctors have determined that it’s caused by a mix of psychological and biological problems. Really though, it doesn’t matter what causes premature ejaculation because it sucks for everyone involved. Men get embarrassed and women are unsatisfied sexually. That’s why it’s our duty here at the Blog to investigate whether or not Promescent can really help with premature ejaculation. Continue Reading

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