• The Pro’s and Con’s of Sauna Sex

    Over holiday break, I was lucky enough to have a new sexual experience: sex in a sauna.

    Sauna sex is something I’ve long fantasized about because porn videos set in saunas are always super hot.

    Wet bodies cumming together in a steamy room without the inherent risks of slipping like shower sex (which is criminally overrated, by the way). How can the idea of sauna sex not turn you on?

    But while the fantasy of sauna sex can be a turn-on…how is the real thing? Here are the Pro’s and Con’s of Sauna Sex now that I’ve lost my sauna sex virginity.  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Places To Have Sex In The Office

    Office sex! Everyone’s doing it! Or at least 54% of people are doing it, according to an office sex study by Business Insider that came out in May.

    For those of us who are more accustomed to working in an office as opposed to banging in one, office sex seems daunting. For example, if I were to have sex in the office, I wouldn’t know where to do it because my office is an open concept loft with lots of windows. It’s a very nice office but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having sex in the office because there’s no where to go for privacy. Sorry I’m such a sensitive lover and not a crazy exhibitionist.

    If you’re like me and you don’t know where you would have sex in the office should the opportunity ever arise, then today’s your lucky day. EliteSingles, a UK dating service, has just published a study that examines the most popular places to have sex in an office.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn’s future: L.A. or Vegas?


    Email me if you’re selling tickets to Cirque de Soleil

    Last week, the entire adult industry made its annual trip to Las Vegas to hand out some awards and put the wheels in motion for new business deals. Why I was “banned” from the “event” is beyond me. If my friend’s future brother-in-law Alan didn’t roofie us by accident, we would have found my friend Doug on the roof of the hotel a lot sooner…but that’s a story for another time.

    This year’s trip to Las Vegas had a different connotation. Since Measure B passed in November, people have questioned whether or not the core of the industry will move from Southern California to Las Vegas. After all, the industry’s biggest conventions and award ceremonies are held in Las Vegas. It would be like moving out of your regular house to live at your beach house.

    Industry heads are currently trying to appeal Measure B. If a move were to happen, it wouldn’t happen until the appeal was rejected. That didn’t stop the Las Vegas Sun from weighing the pros and cons of moving the multi-million dollar industry to Las Vegas.

    Continue Reading

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