• Eva Lovia Wants Your Balls To Be Healthy

    Remember earlier this week when we wrote about Eva Lovia’s new Game of Thrones porn parody?

    If you only watched the clip of Eva Lovia’s new Game of Thrones porn parody that was embedded into that post, you may not have realized that it’s more than just the gorgeous Eva Lovia getting fucked hard in a cool costume.

    In the video, Eva Lovia takes a break from sucking her King’s dick to show the men of the world how to check themselves for signs of testicular cancer.

    Though this porn PSA may seem like a crazy idea, I’d argue that it’s ingenious because the men watching the video already have their hands around their junk in some form or another and what heterosexual man wouldn’t do exactly what a beauty like Eva Lovia told them to do?

    Watch a safe-for-work version of Eva Lovia’s testicular cancer PSA below.  Continue Reading

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  • Blog PSA: Don’t Fuck and Drive

    The holidays are upon us and so are the annual reminders not to drink and drive.

    But we at the Blog would like to remind you that drinking and driving isn’t the only danger to you this holiday season. It’s just as important to remember not to fuck and drive.  Continue Reading

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  • PSA: Don’t Upload The Leaked Celebrity Pictures To Our Site

    Now that the dust is settling on the leaked celebrity pictures scandal, we have something to request of our users: STOP UPLOADING THE LEAKED CELEBRITY PICTURES.

    Initially, we were swept up in the excitement, like all of you. Can you blame us? We’re all voyeurs at heart. And did you ever really think that you’d see the personal nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and more? We certainly didn’t. As time passes and the leaked celebrity pictures keep popping up on our site, we need to ask you to stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to

    Why should you stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to Isn’t the place where all the best site on the internet to see nude pictures? Well it is. But there’s so much porn on the internet that you could just as easily look at some other nude pictures that aren’t leaked celebrity pictures.

    Continue Reading

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  • Will This Hashtag Convince You To Pay For Porn?

    If you follow your favorite pornstars on Twitter, I’m sure you probably noticed a high-volume of them tweeting the hashtag #PayForYourPorn.

    Though the hashtag is pretty self-explanatory, allow me to explain it anyway. It’s a campaign within the adult industry urging porn consumers to start paying for their porn rather than pirating porn for free.

    Let’s take a look at some of the participation in this porn industry hashtag activism:

    #PayForYourPorn became a movement shortly after actor and bad motherfucker Samuel L. Jackson made a joke about Redtube, a free internet porn site, at an Avengers press conference. Some pornstars saw his joke as a winking endorsement of pirated porn, which needless to say didn’t go over well.

    Coincidentally, when Jackson made his Redtube joke, the anti-piracy campaign was initiated by the company Adult DVD Empire, which, as a porn DVD retailer, has obviously been hard-hit by the widespread availability of free online porn, which spawned a website and PSAs from two of our favorite pornstars, Chanel Preston and Tasha Reign.

    Watch those PSAs below:

    “The fans don’t understand: we get paid once for shooting the scenes and that’s it,” says Tanya Tate. “The fans are like, ‘don’t you make money from the sales? Don’t you make royalties?’ And you’re like, ‘No.’ But you still want them to pay for your product, because you want the companies to keep going and keep hiring you to shoot for them.”

    The aim of #PayForYourPorn is simple. Get fans to stop thinking of porn as something they’re entitled to. That sense of entitlement is hurting those behind the content. Performers, producers, distributors, and crew members all suffer from porn piracy.

    Getting people to start paying for porn is not a modest task: Given how ubiquitous tube sites are, it’ll require nothing less than a total paradigm shift, let alone a modestly popular hashtag. “The majority of the porn-consuming public thinks of porn as something that has a baseline value of ZERO,” says the adult performer Siri, a vocal anti-piracy advocate who has embraced the #PayForYourPorn hashtag. “[…] We have to change people’s minds about porn, and convince them that adult films ARE valuable and it’s worth it to support those performers whose work they enjoy.”

    Of course, things get more complicated when you consider the fact that MindGeek owns most of the major studios as well as all the prominent tube sites.

    “In the mainstream movie industry, a company like Warner Brothers, if they saw one of their films on a tube-like site, they would immediately get their lawyers and get the scenes taken down,” Tanya Tate told the Daily Dot. “But in our industry, the big players are also the ones behind the tube sites. They’re the ones that direct where all the traffic goes.”

    So with that in the way, it’s hard to see how the smaller guys and the performers can make a change, since we only have to look at the Twisty’s Treat of the Year controversy to see how MindGeek feels about its talent (that they’re expendable).

    It’s easy to criticize hashtag activism, since it’s trying to implement real change on something that’s fleeting by nature. But then again, at least people are exposed to the issue.

    Honestly, I feel like the concept that porn should be free is so entrenched in the minds of people all around the world that its too late to change the minds of the vast majority. Of course, die-hards and the technologically inept will continue to pay for porn, but what about everyone else?

    Will you start paying for porn now that you know your favorite pornstars want you to?

    Do you feel any guilt knowing that when you torrent porn, you’re taking food out of the mouths of hard working pornographers?

    Just think about and discuss in the comments.

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  • Two Pornstars vs One Banana


    History’s luckiest banana

    Our friends from SINN & SKINN were in Las Vegas last week for the AVN Awards and while there they challenged two hot pornstars, Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor, to put a condom on a banana without using their hands.

    The girls had their own idea.

    Rather than just put a condom on a banana, they decided to put on a show with the banana!

    Honestly, watching this video is the most fun anyone has ever had with a banana.

    Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor have skyrocketed up my list of favorite pornstars. Way to go, girls!

    Does it mean that I’m obsessed with sex if I think that Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor going HAM (hard as a motherfucker) on this banana was a more effective healthy eating PSA than the one that Michelle Obama shot with the Miami Heat?

    Big thanks to SINN & SKINN for getting Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor together to destroy that lucky, lucky banana.

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  • What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pornstar


    Stoya is the main reason I’d ever consider becoming a pornstar

    If you’ve ever looked at porn (and I’m guessing that you have because you are reading this on a porn site) then I’m willing to bet that you’ve considered becoming a pornstar at least once in your life.

    How could you not?

    There you are in your bedroom lit only by the fluorescent of your computer screen. You’re watching a sexy, young lady choke herself on a penis and you think to yourself, “That would be so tight if it was my penis she was choking on.”

    Getting paid to have sex sure sounds like everyone’s dream job. The only job I can think of that would be better than having sex all day is ice cream flavor taster.

    However, being a professional pornstar is much more complicated than just collecting a check for having sex all day.

    That’s why James Deen, Asa AkiraStoyaNina Hartley, Chanel PrestonCasey Calvert and several more of the porn industry’s top stars have come together for to tell you everything you need to know before you try becoming a pornstar.

    So if you’re seriously considering a career as a pornstar, please pay attention to this video. It will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a pornstar, because I’m sorry to say again that being a pornstar is more complicated than having sex all day.

    I hope that they show this video at Career Day in schools. It’s certainly very informative.

    The porn industry just needs more PSA’s like these. It’s easy to forget that pornstars are real people and not sexual objects. The humanizing effect this PSA has on its audience could definitely improve the porn industry’s image in the mainstream.

    Or maybe not, I don’t know!

    At least now you know all the in’s and out’s of being a professional pornstar.

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  • James Deen Stars in Graphic Condom PSA

    Condoms were exclusively used by sailors for the longest time because they would roam from port to port bedding strange, exotic women and men. And then the 80’s happened. Condom use extended to general public. Now whether it’s a one night stand or another night with your wife, condoms should be standard procedure by today’s standards.

    Though no one will contest that condoms can be frustrating because sex doesn’t feel quite as good or struggling with the wrapper can be a race against time, Brazzers has just released a PSA starring James Deen that reminds us all that the piece of mind makes condoms totally worthwhile.

    Seeing James Deen flatline in a hospital bed with sores all over his body will make you rethink every time you chose to forgo wearing a condom. The other side of the story where he gets married and lives happily ever after thanks to wearing a condom that first night does not work as well. A healthy relationship is a lot more work than rolling latex down the shaft of a penis. Good thing the fear conveyed in the other story is so effective.

    Get Rubber! is Brazzers’ first campaign of community outreach. The rationale for releasing this PSA, Brazzers explains, “As members of the adult industry, we take part in creating a fantasy for our viewers. Along with being leaders in what we do, comes the task of being responsible with our audience.”

    Because condoms are expected, they can often be overlooked. Let this be a reminder that STIs are a real threat, so if you’re going to have sex be smart and wear a condom. It’s not just for sailors.

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