• Porn Addiction Is A Product of Religious Beliefs


    It’s all apart of God’s plan

    Are you addicted to pornography?

    If you said yes, then I’m willing to bet that you believe in God because new research shows that religious people are more likely to believe they are addicted to X-rated pictures and videosContinue Reading

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  • Holly Randall’s Rape Fantasy

    If you like sexy pictures, then you’re a Holly Randall fan. It’s a known fact that Holly Randall is not just an erotic photographer, she takes better erotic photos than anyone else in the whole wide world.

    It’s also a known fact that Holly Randall used to write for, before it became the site that it is today.

    While Holly Randall is beautiful and talented, she’s also cool as hell. How cool? She’s letting us rerelease some of her old articles for the old 

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  • Porn stars are happy. More women watch porn. Everybody’s a winner!

    Unfortunately, the amount of women who enjoy putting on sexy lingerie to watch porn is stagnant

    In 1992, when women were polled about their pornography habits, only 23% admitted to watching it. That number went up to 73% in 2006.

    A study by the French Institute of Public Opinion polled 1,101 people over 18 to see where porn stood with women today. Of the 579 women surveyed, 80% watch porn. The progress we’ve made in ten years…it’s great, isn’t it?

    Men are still porn’s main consumers, obviously. 99% of men who participated said that they watch porn (Great job, guys!). But still, everyone in the porno biz pat yourself on the back on a job well done. No one thought it could be done!

    So how did us lecherous pervs finally convince more women to watch porn?

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  • Sex addiction is officially real and not just elaborate hoax for philandering celebrities

    You can often tell if you’re a sex addict if you have a semi-nude photo of yourself in your wallet

    It seems that after years of late-night mockery, it is the sex addicts who will have the last laugh (which is good because when you ruin your life, you need to laugh at something). Sex addiction, the condition we love to scoff at, is now a legitimate mental illness.

    Research psychologist from UCLA, Rory Reid, lead a team of doctors and marriage and family counselors to figure out what the criteria for hypersexual disorder so that it can be properly diagnosed.

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably obsessed with sex. Before you diagnose yourself with hypersexual disorder because you want to bang Simpson’s David Duchovny, let’s go over the criteria for the condition:

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