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  • Iggy Azalea Is So Fancy and Clueless In New Music Video


    Iggy Azalea

    Yesterday when I heard that Iggy Azalea had a new music video out, I thought to myself, “Damn! It’s been a minute since I seen that girl’s ass, which is a real shame because Iggy’s ass is spectacular.”

    Then I watched the music video for “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and I was very disappointed because Iggy Azalea’s ass is hardly in the video! Normally music videos directed by Director X are decent, but eschewing gratuitous shots of Iggy Azalea’s ass is just plain wrong.

    The most ass we get is in this gif of Iggy Azalea rocking her hips:  Continue Reading

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  • Abella Anderson Webcams In New Childish Gambino Video


    Abella Anderson

    Donald Glover is a pretty good comedian, but I’ve never been 100% sold on his rap career as Childish Gambino.

    It’s not that he makes bad rap music, it’s just that I’ll always think of him as an actor/comedian who raps in his spare time.

    But now, Donald Glover/Childish Gambino has finally given me a reason to truly respect him as an artist. He cast super sexy, retired Latina pornstar Abella Anderson as a webcam girl (or in other words: he cast Abella Anderson as herself) in his latest video 3005.

    Watch Abella Anderson webcam to the sounds of Childih Gambino right now:

    Who doesn’t want to watch Abella Anderson vibe to a pretty good rap son on webcam? I know I just wanted to see Abella Anderson on webcam. So I’m satisfied. The only problem with this video is that it doesn’t link you to a site where you can actually chat with Abella Anderson on webcam.

    Don’t worry, I’ve gone out and found that link for you:

    Click here to see Abella Anderson on webcam via Camster.

    Rap videos and webcams are one thing, but I just wish that Abella Anderson would do porn again.

    For those of you who don’t realize the void that Abella Anderson has left in the lives of men and women who love watching sexy Latina babes have sex on camera, just look at these 47 Abella Anderson GIFs and wish for a comeback:  Continue Reading

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  • How To Have Handstand Sex

    handstand nude

    Pop That Pussy in a Hand Stand

    This week, our favorite rapper Danny Brown dropped a new single from upcoming album OLD titled “Hand Stand”.

    The chorus goes, “Pop that pussy on a handstand”.

    You know what? I shouldn’t be talking about the new Danny Brown track. You should be listening to it:

    For those of you that don’t know, “Pop that pussy” is slang for “have sexual intercourse with that pussy”.

    When it comes to sex, there is no greater authority than Danny Brown. So when Danny Brown tell you to pop that pussy on a hand stand, you better have handstand sex.

    But you’re probably like, “Chico, how do I have handstand sex?” Don’t worry, I’m here to show you the way.

    How to have handstand sex:  Continue Reading

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  • Rachel Starr, Machine Gun Kelly Blowjob Video

    Rachel Starr penthouse

    Rachel Starr

    Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was performing in Dallas last Friday at the Monroe Lounge.

    Machine Gun Kelly’s sometime girlfriend, pornstar Rachel Starr, was also at that show.

    Everyone must have been having a pretty good time because during Machine Gun Kelly’s set, Rachel Starr pulled down his pants and gave him a blowjob on stage.

    As you would expect, someone filmed the Rachel Starr, Machine Gun Kelly Blowjob and put it on WorldStarHipHop.com. Let’s check it out:

    After the blowjob, MGK tweeted:  Continue Reading

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  • Watch Miley Cyrus Twerk For Juicy J

    Miley Cyrus Juicy J

    Bandz A Make Miley Dance via Juicy J’s Instagram

    How many fucks is Miley Cyrus giving these days?

    None at all.

    Ever since she cut her hair, she’s been wilding out. Earlier this summer we finally got a glimpse of Miley Cyrus topless and this past Saturday she was twerking for Juicy J.

    We’ve seen the top, now let’s see what Miley Cyrus’s ass can do: Continue Reading

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  • Bree Olson, musician?

    Recording artist Bree Olson

    Yesterday, Harmony Rose caused a splash with her volunteer EMT training. Today, we have another news story about a former porn star’s new career.

    Bree Olson stopped doing porn because her duties as one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses took up too much time. After their break-up over a year ago, Bree didn’t return to porn. The good news for her fans is that she’s back*.

    Well, she’s not back to shooting porn unfortunately. She’s back on the fringes of mainstream. Instead of joining Harmony Rose for the all ex-porn star Virginia life saving squad, she’s now doing music. The first single is called, “Hollywood Douchebag” featuring Mike Gonsolin.

    Check out the music video for Hollywood Douchebag:

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